About us

WIOTTO - World of Islands Online - is the first specialized online platform for booking luxury hotels and villas in the Maldives, Seychelles, Mauritius and other exotic islands. The site wiotto.com was created by an expert in the field of luxury travel - Swiss travel company Premium V.I.P. with headquarters in Geneva.

In addition to the benefits of a vacation on the paradise islands, the planning of such a trip raises many questions: how to get to the islands in the ocean, whether you need to book a transfer in advance and whether it is included in the price, what is the difference between a water villa and a land villa, what type of meal to choose... how to choose a villa so that vacation brings happiness and a lot of nice memories. At wiotto.com you will find expert assistance in all matters of choosing and booking hotels on exotic islands.

Some country specific facts can spoil your vacation if you hadn't read about them by yourself or your travel agent hadn't advised you on. For example:

  • There are almost no taxis in Seychelles (you need to book transfer in advance).
  • If you arrive to Maldives after 3pm you can not fly a seaplane transfer (you will have to pay from your own pocket for the overnight stay in Male, where international airport is located).
  • Many online platforms do not include the price of a transfer from the international airport to the selected island, as well as taxes, including them later, for the final payment of the stay or upon arrival at the hotel itself. So, the cost of staying on the islands can rise by $1,000 or more. Important point: the prices on wiotto.com already include transfer and taxes.

WIOTTO platform connects you directly with destination management companies on Maldives or Seychelles while offering convenient online interface to choose hotels, transfers and special ground service with total prices available online 24/7.

Besides exclusive prices, discounts and benefits you will enjoy our bespoke island-specific functionality:

  • Filtering hotels by type of transfer (Maldives).
  • Wide range of transfer options (i.e. seaplane or speedboat or helicopter etc).
  • Size of an island in Maldives - helicopter transfers in Mauritius and Seychelles.
  • Amount of bedrooms - standard room or villa only accommodation view.
  • Overwater or beachfront villa. 
  • Last but not least, our team together with our destination management partners are committed to assist you via online chat with any questions you may have during surfing through our accommodation options.

And finally, with WIOTTO will be your best support to:

  • plan a honeymoon (our exclusive honeymoon discounts will make you happy!);
  • plan a wedding ceremony or official marriage on the islands;
  • book SPA or underwater restaurants before you arrive to ensure full stop sales at these popular facilities do not ruin your holiday.