All about COVID-19 in the Maldives: what you need to know before visiting

Why us

WIOTTO - World of Islands Online is the first dedicated online platform for booking luxury hotels and villas in the Maldives, Seychelles, Mauritius and other exotic islands. WIOTTO was created by the luxury travel expert - the Swiss company Premium V.I.P. headquartered in Geneva.

WIOTTO connects you directly with local management companies while offering a convenient online interface for selecting hotels, transfers and special ground services with final prices available online 24/7. This is why WIOTTO is able to offer very competitive prices compared to everyone else on the market. In addition, we receive special discounts provided to us by our partners, which further reduce prices.

Many other online platforms do not include transfers and taxes in the cost of the vacation at the very beginning, and they surprise you only when you pay for your stay or upon arrival directly at the hotel. This increases the cost of living on the islands by more than $ 1,000 on average. WIOTTO prices already include transfers and taxes, and there are no hidden fees.

Our experts know about all the pitfalls and are ready to help you choose the best resort that meets all your requirements. There is no need to worry about inconsistencies during the trip - we have taken care of all the important points of the route in order to get you to the resort without any unpleasant surprises.

Some country-specific facts can ruin your vacation if you don't prepare properly or your agent informs you in advance. For instance:

  • There are almost no taxis in the Seychelles (transfer must be booked in advance).
  • If you arrive in the Maldives after 15:00, the seaplane transfer will not operate on the same day (you will have to pay out of pocket for an overnight stay in Male, where the international airport is located).
  • All spas and underwater restaurants are fully booked by residents staying 5-7 nights. Thus, if you do not reserve your seats in advance, you may end up with no spa sessions at all if you are on a short 3-4 night trip.

In addition to exclusive prices, discounts and benefits, you will enjoy our bespoke island-specific functionality:

  • Filtering hotels by type of transfer (Maldives).
  • Wide range of transfer options (eg seaplane, boat, helicopter, etc.).
  • Filtering by island size in the Maldives; helicopter transfers in Mauritius and Seychelles.
  • You can choose the number of bedrooms, standard room or villa with a view.
  • You can filter overwater villas or seaside villas.
  • Our team, together with partners in the islands, are ready to help you online chat with any questions you may have while browsing accommodation options on WIOTTO.

With us, you can:

  • plan your honeymoon (take advantage of exclusive discounts for newlyweds);
  • plan a wedding ceremony or official wedding on the islands;
  • book a spa or underwater restaurant in advance so that the lack of free tables does not spoil your holiday.

In Summary:

  • WIOTTO prices are on average 20% lower than those of our competitors;
  • We have already included transfers, as well as taxes, in the presented value on the website, so that you will not be surprised by the additional costs;
  • We offer you personalized support to ensure that your trip goes exactly the way you want it;
  • Our team provides all the instructions to make sure you know everything about travel before you set foot on any exotic island.