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Cyprus is a small island served by only three international airports. There are other airports, but they are used exclusively for military purposes. The "entrance gates" of Cyprus keep in touch with almost all corners of the world: millions of tourists visit the sunny island every year.

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Larnaca airport

Larnaca Airport (LCA) is located about 4 km southwest of the city. This is the main "air gate" of Cyprus, where the majority of international flights from different parts of the globe arrive. The airport is located near the city and close to the beaches. It is operated by Hermes airports.

  • Previously, this place housed a military airfield.
  • In 1975, it was opened to receive civilian aircraft.
  • In 2009, the airport was overhauled and brought to European standards.
  • The airport receives about 5.5 million passengers annually.
  • Flights to Larnaca are operated by 42 leading airlines.
  • The airport operates around the clock.
  • Website: hermesairports.com

The airport terminal is small, located in a three-story building: on the first floor there is an arrival area, on the second and third - a departure area.

A number of airlines - Aegean, Lufthansa, EL AL and others - offer the possibility of self-check-in for a flight through self-service terminals. Convenient if you are traveling without luggage.

The passport control area is divided into 2 parts: service for EU citizens and citizens of other countries.

Representatives of travel agencies meet guests at the exit in the lobby. Restaurants operate throughout the airport with varying schedules.

Interesting fact: the runway is located next to Mackenzie Beach : one of the attractions for tourists is to take a selfie in a swimsuit against the backdrop of taking off planes.


Larnaca airport infrastructure

  • Parking
  • Restaurants, bars
  • Bank branch
  • Currency exchange
  • Offices of tour operators, cafes
  • Ticket office
  • Information bureau
  • Offices of car rental companies
  • Food courts
  • Play area for children
  • First aid post
  • Free WiFi
  • Shops _ Free
  • Luggage packing


  • Registration of compensation Tax Free form. Before departure from Cyprus, you can return about 10% of the purchase, compensating part of the VAT for purchases. To do this, when buying in a store, you need to require a special Tax check. Free Form or Refund check. It contains data about the buyer, the amount of the purchase (over 50 euros), the date, the amount of the VAT refund. At customs, you need to present checks and a passport.
  • Duty free shops are located both at takeoff and departure from the airport. If you plan to return to the airport, you can leave your purchases at the store. They will be stored free of charge until returned.
  • Premises for breastfeeding (there is a high chair, a socket for charging breast pumps).
  • Fast track. You can avoid queues when passing control by using a special service. When booking online, the cost is 3.50 euros.
  • VIP waiting areas. There are two paid VIP waiting areas at the airport: Swissport Executive Lounge (open to all passengers) and Aegean business lounge. They are on the third floor. At Swissport Executive Lounge comfortable upholstered furniture, TVs, children's playroom, large aquarium, outdoor terrace with sea views, free snacks, dessert, drinks, coffee, free Wi- Fi. Swissport VIP zone Executive The lounge is open around the clock, the estimated time of the guest's stay is up to three hours, it is not allowed to appear in beachwear. Aegean business lounge offers snacks, drinks, mobile chargers and computers for passengers. Location: 3rd floor. Opening hours: The hall is open intermittently during the day, but usually opens as early as 1:30. If you are traveling in First Class or Business Class, lounge access may be free.
  • Luggage storage. Items can be stored for 4 days. The cost of storing things in a cell up to 3 hours - 8 euros, up to 96 hours - 38 euros. If we are talking about oversized baggage - at least 16 euros.
  • Porter service - 10 euros.
  • Express Spa. In the departure area there is a massage parlor and a beauty salon.
  • A large parking lot is located near the airport. Payment is made at parking meters. Larnaca International Airport has 2440 parking spaces. Parking reservations can be made online.


How to get to / from the airport in Larnaca

The LCA airport is practically located on the outskirts of the city. The road from the airport to the center of Larnaca takes about fifteen minutes, and to the nearest cities - Nicosia, Limassol, Ayia Napa and Protaras - more than forty minutes. If you are planning a vacation in Ayia Napa or Protaras, you should fly to Larnaca.

  • Public transport. The bus stop is located immediately on the left, near the exit. There are also intercity buses.

The easiest and cheapest way to get into the city is to take the city bus. The cost is 1.5-2 euros depending on the time of day. There are 6 routes from the airport to the center of Larnaca. It is optimal to use routes No. 417, 429, 425. Transport runs from 6:00 to 22:45. The journey takes about 30 minutes. Payment in the cabin to the driver.

  • Transfer from the airport. It should be ordered in advance - for example, when booking a hotel in Cyprus in the Wiotto catalog. And then the driver with a name plate will meet you near the exit from the airport.
  • Taxi. Located in the car park to the left of the arrivals terminal. The night rate is 15% higher than the day rate. Its duration is from 20:30 to 6:00. There are private and public taxis in Cyprus. The average cost from Larnaca airport to the city is 20 euros, to Limassol - 60-70 euros.
  • Intercity buses. From the airport you can easily get to other resorts, for example, to Limassol. Limassol bus leaves from Paphos Airport express. The fare is 9 euros, departs 16 times a day. On the way, about 45 minutes to Larnaca airport. The ticket counter is located in the arrivals hall on the left. You can get to the center of Larnaca by city bus and make a transfer to Limassol (4 euros). Shuttle to Paphos runs from Larnaca: 15 euros one way, Kapnos Airports Shuttle departs 2-4 times a day depending on the season. On the way 1.5 hours. You will have to go to Ayia Napa with a transfer: first to the center of Larnaca, and then transfer to an intercity bus or suburban bus number 711.
  • Rent a car. In Cyprus, it is most convenient to travel by car. It is advisable to rent it immediately at the airport: this way you will save on a taxi to your destination. Larnaca offers some of the lowest car rental prices, starting from 15 euros per day. The cheapest way to book a car is online. You can return it on the day of departure, upon return. Low price car rental offices are not located in the airport building. They are located a few kilometers from the airport: customers are delivered free of charge.
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Paphos airport

Paphos International Airport (PFO) is slightly smaller than Larnaca Airport. But it offers all the features and amenities for travelers. Located at a distance of 6.5 km from the city of Paphos, the airport has become a hub for low-cost companies. The location of the airport makes it a popular destination for travelers arriving on the island. Before the pandemic, the small airport received up to 3 million tourists annually.

  • The airport in Paphos is the oldest on the island. It opened in 1983.
  • Since 2006, passed under the control of Hermes Airports, which also manages the airport in Larnaca. The old airport terminal in Paphos was very small, so a new one appeared in 2008. The airport in Paphos has been modernized, the runway has been reconstructed.
  • The impetus for the development of the airport was the signing of an agreement with the Irish low-cost airline RyanAir. The airport began to serve as one of the bases for the low-cost airline: 15 new routes appeared, funding for development was received. This made it possible to modernize the infrastructure of the airport.
  • Paphos Airport is served by 9 leading airlines with routes to 20 countries with over 735 flights.
  • Website: hermesairports.com

During the peak summer months, the departure area can be busy due to the high number of flights. It is worth preparing for flight delays and arriving at the airport in advance.

Despite the fact that Paphos is considered an elite resort town, Paphos airport is quite simple. The range of services is modest: there is everything you need to wait for your flight, but nothing more.

Paphos Airport is a two-story building, and the departure and arrival area are located on the same level. The airport lobby is decorated with sculptures in antique style: this is a reference to the antiquity of Paphos.

By the way, in the lobby of the airport there is a "mini-museum" of the confiscation. You can see what smuggled goods the passengers tried to smuggle: antiquities, weapons.

Parking at Paphos Airport is designed for 800 cars. Booking available.

At Paphos airport, as well as at Larnaca airport , you can get a VAT refund for purchases (if its amount exceeds 50 euros). Contact the Global Desk Blue or Premier Tax Free, you need to present checks and a passport.



  • Duty Free Shop
  • Bank branch
  • First aid post
  • ATM
  • Cafes and restaurants
  • Disabled facilities
  • Baby changing tables
  • Parking
  • VIP waiting room
  • ATMs
  • Currency exchange
  • Information bureaus
  • Air carrier offices

How to get to / from Paphos airport

It is worth flying to Paphos if you are planning a vacation in the city itself or nearby. For example, you are going to Limassol, Coral Bay, Polis.

Paphos Airport is located just 20-25 minutes from the city center. From here it is convenient to get to small resorts such as Latchi or the Troodos mountains. A little further away are Larnaca, Ayia Napa and Protaras: the journey will take more than 2 hours.

  • Public transport. It is easy to get from the airport by public transport. The fare is 1.5 euros one way. Until 4:00 in the morning there is a night rate: travel from the airport to the city is 2.5 euros. Buy your ticket directly from the bus driver.
  • Three main routes follow from the airport to Paphos: No. 612, 613 and 643. Route No. 613 reaches the Karavella bus station Bus Stop, which is located in the center of Paphos. Here you can transfer to a bus to Larnaca, Limassol and other cities. No. 643 goes to Polis to the resort town. The city center can be reached by bus number 612. The journey takes about 30 minutes. The work schedule depends on the season: from April to December, transport runs more often than in the off-season. Buses to Limassol also run from Paphos airport. Ticket price - 15 euros.
  • Taxi. Taxi is located right at the exit of the terminal. The cost of a trip to the center of Paphos from the airport is about 30 euros. Taxi to Larnaca - from 110 euros, to Limassol - from 60 euros.
  • Transfer. Transfer services are provided by many companies. Book a transfer when booking a hotel in the Wiotto catalog. A company representative will meet you at the airport with a sign. Prices vary depending on the distance and the number of people in your group.
  • Car rental. Although there is a regular bus service, getting to remote places by public transport can be difficult. If you want to get to resorts like Protaras and Ayia Napa, you'd be better off renting a car. You can rent a car right at the airport: it is more convenient than spending a taxi to the city. On average, the cost is from 15 euros per day, but during the peak season, prices can be higher. It is better to book the service in advance: upon arrival, there may not be a car of the required class. You can leave Paphos Airport on the main road B6. The A6 motorway connects Paphos and Paphos Airport to other major cities and resorts on the island such as Limassol, Larnaca, Ayia Napa and Protaras.
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Ercan Airport (Northern Cyprus)

There are two airports on the territory of Northern Cyprus, but one of them does not operate. All flights are accepted by Ercan Airport (ECN), located 25 km from Nicosia, Ercan International.

It is located near the small village of Timvu. To the popular resorts on the coast of Northern Cyprus from the airport no more than an hour.

The peculiarity of the airport is that it only accepts flights from Turkey. After all, the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is an unrecognized state with all the ensuing consequences. Therefore, you can fly to Northern Cyprus only from Turkey: planes from other countries do not fly to the airports of an unrecognized state.

Every week the airport receives about 90 flights from Turkey. Flying Pegasus, Turkish Airlines, Atlas global. Departure is carried out from such Turkish cities as Istanbul, Antalya, Ankara, Izmir, Adjana and others.

The airport receives charter flights from various countries, such as Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria and the Netherlands. However, they follow with a stopover in Turkey, as they cannot fly directly due to international law. Flights from Europe are operated by Freebird Airlines. From Istanbul to Ercan, the flight takes 1 hour 15 minutes, from Antalya - 45 minutes.

  • Ercan Airport was opened on the site of the old British military airport Timvou, becoming the main airport in Northern Cyprus.
  • Before the pandemic, it received about 2 million passengers a year.
  • The old operating airport terminal is one-story and small, has 2 runways: 1.7 km and 2.5 km. Their parameters make it possible to receive only small aircraft.
  • In 2013, the reconstruction of the airport began at a cost of 300 million euros.
  • A new terminal has been built, it was planned to open in 2021, but has not yet been put into operation. The new terminal has 4 floors and will be able to receive up to 8 million tourists a year. There are also plans to build a railway line to the airport.
  • Official website: ercanhavalimani.aero

If you flew into the island through Northern Cyprus, the trip to its southern part is complicated. You have entered unrecognized territory. Whether or not they will let you in when crossing the border of the Republic of Cyprus, whether they will put a stamp on departure from Larnaca and Paphos is a big question. The authorities are loyal to tourists, but for violating the rules of crossing the border, they can hold out "by the letter of the law." And then visiting the southern part of Cyprus will be closed, and you need to fly back through Turkey.


Airport infrastructure

  • First aid post
  • Free WiFi
  • Cafe
  • The shops
  • Currency exchange
  • Fast track
  • Waiting hall
  • Mother and baby room
  • Luggage storage
  • Children's area
  • Duty Free Shops
  • Cafe
  • Currency exchange points
  • Information bureau
  • Car rental

How to get from / to Ercan Airport

There is a parking area right next to the airport. Parking up to 20 minutes is free, you can book a place in advance.

  • Public transport. Near the airport there is a bus stop operated by the bus company Kıbhas. The carrier's shuttle buses depart for various cities in the Turkish part of Cyprus: Kyrenia, Nicosia, Famagusta, Lefke, Guzelyurt. The fare is approximately 20-30 Turkish liras. There is no direct communication with the cities of the southern part of Cyprus. First you need to get to Nicosia, then make a transfer to your destination. Small minibuses do not run to the airport: only large regular buses that leave every two hours.
  • By taxi, Nicosia can be reached in just 20 minutes, Kyrenia - in 30. Taxis stand near the exit of the terminal. You can drive them to any location. The cost of a trip for 30 minutes is about 25 euros. Online applications for calling a taxi in the northern part of Cyprus do not work.
  • Car rent. It is convenient to rent a car right at the airport. But there may be nuances if you plan to drive it to the southern part of Cyprus.


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The island of Cyprus is small: you can choose Paphos or Larnaca as your "entrance gate", and from there, in a couple of hours, get to anywhere in the island by bus or car. But be careful if you arrive in Northern Cyprus: plan your trip wisely!


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