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The Republic of Fiji Islands is a tropical region of the Pacific Ocean located in the eastern part of Melanesia. Fiji consists of 333 islands, a third of which remains undeveloped by civilization. Tourism is one of the main economic sectors of the country, thanks, of course, to the fabulous nature.

Fiji is first and foremost exotic. Pristine coral reefs, volcanic islands with evergreen tropics and pristine landscapes, authentic cultures, historical monuments of the colonial era - all this is about Fiji. Due to its geographical location remote from major continents, a trip to these distant shores can be one of the most memorable adventures. Incredible excursions among centuries-old jungles and waterfalls, romantic cruises along the Pacific backwaters, authentic Fijian settlements and a sea of impressions await you. Choose an island and go!

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Viti Levu

The main group of islands within the republic. The largest, Viti Levu , contains 8 of Fiji's 14 provinces and the main cities - the capital Suva and the city of Nadi . If you go to Fiji, you will find yourself first of all on Viti Levu , since there is an international airport on the island. Tourist centers are well developed here, including the legendary Coral Coast and Denarau , where comfortable hotels are concentrated.

Things to do on Viti Levu

  • Snorkeling .
  • Kayaking .
  • Sea cruises to the nearest islands.
  • Visit to the capital of Fiji.
  • Rafting on the Navua mountain river .
  • Entertainment centers for the whole family.
  • Natural and archaeological monuments.
  • Swimming with sharks.
  • Natural pools with healing mud.
  • Nightlife center in Suva : clubs, restaurants, pubs.
  • Fiji Ecological Reserve Tours .
  • An incredible selection of excursions for all skill levels.

Be sure to check out the Pacific Harbour, near Suva . This place is called the adventure capital of Fiji. Adrenaline entertainment for every taste, from rafting to water skiing.


What to see in Viti Leva

  • Port Denarau Marina .Part of Denarau Resort Island Resort ​Beautiful marina for walks overlooking the ocean. Departure point for sea cruises. A lively and modern center with shops, souvenir shops, cafes and a spa center .
  • Garden of the Sleeping Giant of the Sleeping Giant ) . A stunning botanical garden in Nadi , at the foot of Mount Nausori . More than 2 thousand varieties of orchids are collected here. The observation deck at the top offers views of the city and port of Denarau .
  • Wild Adventure Park Kula Wild Adventure Park ) . You will need to set aside a whole day to visit this place. The adventure park in Singatoka not only offers encounters with rare animals and birds, but also exciting zip lines , water slides, swimming pools and lots of fun for the whole family.
  • Fiji Museum . The main cultural site on Viti Levu . Small but informative Fiji History Museum 5 minutes drive from Suva . The best place to discover the culture and history of the Fiji Islands. Archaeological finds are exhibited here, as well as household items, traditional clothing and artifacts from various eras. Before going to the museum, it is better to check the relevance with tourist guides.
  • Suva Municipal Market . The colorful market of the capital, where you can admire the variety of tropical fruits, vegetables, flowers, herbs and spices, try something exotic and enjoy the original atmosphere.
  • Sabeto Hot Springs . An unusual place for healing with the healing powers of tropical mud and underground waters. Located near Nadi . Massage services are available at the springs for an additional fee.
  • Natadola Beach ​The picturesque coastline in Singatoka is considered one of the best in Fiji. The beach features snow-white coastlines with beautiful shady trees. On the plus side it’s also excellent snorkeling​ Natadol a is a cereal place for residents of neighboring settlements. They go out to the beach to sell coconuts and delicacies to tourists, and offer horse riding and massage services.


Vanua Levu

The second largest island in Fiji. Less touristy in terms of infrastructure, but no less attractive. Vanua Levu , formerly known as Sandalwood Island, is for nature lovers. Amazingly beautiful mountainous terrain with rivers, waterfalls, thickets of tropics and sandalwood trees. The island has two main cities - Savusavu in the east and Lambasa in the west. Vanua Levu's main attraction is that it has not yet been fully explored. It is full of wild places, and the indigenous people observe ancient traditions.

Things to do in Vanua Levu

Diving . A significant feature of Vanua Levu is its underwater world. Diving is on the list of musts here. Mast du . Local operators offer training and all kinds of diving safaris with swimming among fabulous coral gardens, feeding sharks, watching turtles, dolphins, long-sunk schooners and even an airplane from World War II. It is not surprising that a resort and diving center is open on Vanua Levu , owned by explorer Jean-Michel Cousteau , son of the legendary oceanographer Jacques-Yves Cousteau .

Roads . For lovers of road trips Vanua Lev will love it. There are several scenic dirt routes that can be considered a separate attraction of the island. The Hibiscus Circuit stretches along the coastline through coconut plantations for more than 100 kilometers, passing luxury resorts and stunning tropical landscapes. The Savusavu - Labasa highway is surrounded by wild, fairy-tale-magical forests.

Activity . If you like an active holiday, then in addition to diving on Vanua Levu you can enjoy river rafting, cycling , sea cruises, fishing, helicopter rides, hikes to waterfalls, excursions to remote corners of the island and meetings with the local population.


What to visit in Vanua Levu

  • Mount Nasorolevu .​​ ​The highest peak on the island, 1032 meters above sea level. Exciting trekking routes have been created on its slopes . Most of the peak remains unexplored due to very dense thickets.
  • Waisali Rainforest reserve . An amazing reserve with wild tropical nature. About an hour of walking along steep paths through the rain jungle and swimming in the Vaisali waterfall . The forest area is about 100 hectares. Be sure to have suitable trekking shoes with anti-slip soles.
  • Temple of the Snake . Located 20 kilometers from Labasa . A sacred place for the Hindu world, where you can experience the religious traditions and authentic echoes of Fiji. Gifts are brought to the temple to favor the gods. Usually this is coconut milk, turmeric and various incense.
    Floating Island Island ) . Located on a lake in Labasa . Considered a local natural phenomenon. The island is constantly moving through the water, and naturalists have no logical explanations. It is considered a symbol of the city.
  • Savusavu . Founded in the 18th century to import sandalwood, on the shores of the picturesque harbor of the southern part of the island. The cozy center of Savusavu is hidden behind green hills and consists of one main street, on which all the main infrastructure of Vanua Levu is concentrated . It is a business and cultural center, with offices, shops, a hospital, banks and post offices. There is a farmers market, a local amusement club and a yacht club. Savusavu famous for its hot springs.



Taveuni , located to the east of Vanua Levu , is best suited for tourists seeking authenticity and wildlife in Fiji. It is called the garden island for its lush jungle with beautiful waterfalls. It often rains in Taveuni , so the tropical greenery amazes with a riot of colors. The incredible wildlife of Taveuni can be seen in the film Return to the Blue Lagoon starring Milla Jovovich .

What to do on the island :

  • Walking through the jungle.
  • Lavena hiking trail , about 5 kilometers along the black sand coast.
  • Rafting on wild rivers on bamboo rafts.
  • Swimming in pristine waterfalls.
  • Hiking in the mountains (peak Uluigalau , 1241 meters above sea level).


Diving and snorkeling in Taveuni

People fly here not only for ecotourism , but also for the impressive underwater world. The local reefs are home to more than 1,100 species of fish, almost 300 different species of hard corals, giant clams, turtles, sharks and rays. Diving and snorkeling in Taveuni are a priority. The most scenic swimming and diving sites: Rainbow Reef and Waitabu Marine Park .


Bouma National Park​ National Heritage Park )

Not just a park, but more than 150 kilometers of tropical forests, with rare plants and huge populations of birds. One of Fiji's most spectacular natural sites. The dense tropical forest is home to the picturesque Tavoro Falls , with cascades ranging in height from 10 to 25 meters, and Lake Tagimuchia , home to the endemic plant of the same name, the famous wild flower of Fiji.


Mamanuca Islands

To the west of Viti Levu , an hour's ride by boat, lies a wilderness of 13 small islands surrounded by crystal lagoons and coral reefs of unprecedented beauty.

The Mamanucas in Fiji are among the best islands in the South Pacific. On most of them you will not find a hint of modern civilization. Often this is exactly what is needed for a complete reboot. On the wild Monuriki coast of the Mamanuca island group they created the famous film "Cast Away", with Tom Hanks . This is a local landmark - Tom Hanks Castaway Movie Island .

Yachts and catamarans ply here, with different routes and travel durations - three, four or even seven nights. All tours include swimming, diving , fishing, picnics on the islands, visits to authentic villages and unique natural sites. An ideal opportunity for a romantic getaway. There is decent housing in the Mamanuca Islands. Several boutique hotels offer both classic apartments and bure - traditional Fijian huts.

Not far from the Mamanuca chain is the world famous surf spot Cloud Break , where professional surfers flock . This place is included in the list of the 10 best spots in the world.


Yasawa Islands

To the north of the Mamanuca group is a scattering of Yasawa Islands . The distance from Viti Levu is about 40 kilometers. 7 islands - Yasawa , Waya, Waya Laitai , Naviti , Yaketa , Natula and Tavewa are considered large, besides them, more than a dozen small islands belong to the Yasawa chain. Remote, almost untouched by civilization places, a cruise through which will leave an indelible impression. A masterpiece of cinematography about lost islands was once created here. In 1980, The Blue Lagoon with Brooke was filmed on one of the Yasawa coasts Shields .

The western islands of Fiji have several hotels and facilities for water activities. We especially recommend making time for scuba diving. The main marine attraction is the Sawa-I-Lau Caves , limestone depressions carved by water over millennia.



The remote group of Kadavu islands is located 100 kilometers south of Viti Levu . This is another oasis in the ocean where jungle wildlife is preserved to the fullest. Tourist infrastructure is practically non-existent, with the exception of only a few eco-resorts on the coast. Most popular - Matava Fiji's Premier Eco Adventure Resort and Papageno Resort​

  • Diving . You can go here for fantastic diving the Great Astrolabe Reef, one of the four largest barrier reefs in the world.
  • Trekking . Another reason to visit Kadava is the spectacular hiking trails to the highest point of the island, Mount Nambukelevu .
  • Trips . Kadavu has a couple of authentic villages and the opportunity to get acquainted with the exotic culture of the Fijians, the local arts of cooking and fishing.


Ovalau Island

Belongs to the Lomaivici group of islands . Ovalau is located 20 kilometers east of Viti Levu . This is an ancient island in terms of geology and the historical region of Fiji. Since 2013, Ovalau has been a natural UNESCO World Heritage Site. Be sure to visit Levuka , Fiji's colonial capital, which lies on the east coast of Ovalau . The city was founded in the 18th century and became a gateway for Europeans.

In the historical center of Levuka, ancient buildings from that era have been preserved. For example, the oldest Pacific hotel from the mid-19th century, which is still open to guests today . Ovalau is not Fiji's main tourist destination, but contains the history of the island nation's development and path to independence. This is the place where you can see all the beauty of nature and the architectural heritage of Fiji in one bottle.

Wakaya Island

Wakaya is located 30 kilometers east of Viti Levu . This is a private island with no other infrastructure other than the only luxury resort Wakaya Club & Spa . The hotel accommodates only 12 guests. A luxurious corner surrounded by pristine ocean nature. There are a wide variety of activities for a fun holiday, including our own 9-hole golf course. If you're looking for absolute privacy, Wakaya is a great option.

You can also see the island during a boat excursion. Tour operators offer trips to Wakaya divers ​There are several good sites with coral walls that are home to many Pacific species.


The Fiji Islands are witnesses of the prehistoric times of our planet. A paradise for ecotourists , divers and true adventurers. Travel and discover new islands!

 . We will help you find the best option.


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