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Holidays on the paradise islands are not necessarily fabulously expensive. In order to economize, instead of luxury resorts, choose the islands where the locals live. How much a budget vacation in the Maldives costs, is discussed in this article. We will give tips that will help you construct an inexpensive trip to the paradise islands.

A common myth is that holidays in the Maldives cannot be cheap. But this is a false statement. A budget vacation on the paradise islands is in no way inferior to a vacation in luxury hotels. After all, the turquoise sea, crystal clear water, white sand and the wealth of the underwater kingdom is available to everyone!

Ibrahim Mushan
Ibrahim Mushan

Which season is the cheapest in the Maldives

Everyone knows perfectly well: to make your vacation economical, you should go to any resort in the low season. But this common truth is not necessarily relevant for the Maldives.

Summer is seen as the worst time to visit the paradise islands. The sea becomes cloudy and one can only dream of beautiful pictures with crystal clear water. But at the same time, the cost of rest is in no hurry to decrease: excursions and food are just as expensive as in any other season. If you decide to stay at a luxury resort, then you can expect on a hotel discount of about 20%.

But it is worth looking at the options in May and September-November. While on the paradise islands the rainy season comes, they are short-lived so not a huge loss. You can count on a decrease in the cost of flights, something that is always a huge part of the budget

An article on the weather in the Maldives will provide more information about staying on the islands in different seasons.

Lanju Fotografie
Lanju Fotografie

How to fly to the Maldives inexpensively

We have to disappoint: in fact, there are no cheap flights to the Maldives because low-cost airlines simply do not fly to the paradise islands.

There are direct charters from some countries to the Maldives, but, as a rule, places in them are take by tourists purchasing a package tour.

Alternatively, you can fly to the nearest ``hubs'' and make an independent connecteion. For example, flights are made from:

  • Istanbul (from $ 300)
  • Dubai (from $ 200)
  • Doha (from $ 250)

It is worth noting that the largest companies in the world fly to the Maldives providing comfortable aircraft and high service:

  • Emirates
  • Qatar Airlines
  • Etihad
More details on how to get to the Maldives.

Emanuel Alexandru

Tips for Finding Low-Cost Tickets

To buy a cheaper ticket to the Maldives, you need to monitor promotion companies making flights. Good news: such promotions take place all year round.

  • Use aggregator sites. They compare airfare from different airlines, help to track price changes, provide an opportunity catch the most profitable option.
  • Sign up for the newsletter of airlines flying to the Maldives in order to not miss the discounts.
  • Get your ticket in advance: regular flights get more expensive closer to the departure date. It is worth it to book tickets to the Maldives at least six months in advance.
  • Plan your vacation based on the date of the upcoming trip: first purchase a ticket and then take your vacation for the dates upcoming.

Andrea Piacquadio
Andrea Piacquadio

Where to live inexpensively in the Maldives: islands

The Maldives are like scattered pearls in the turquoise of the Indian Ocean. They have more than a thousand islands, of which about 200 are inhabited. The cost of the rest directly depends on the island on which you plan to spend your leisure time. If the island is not expensive, this does not mean that it is not suitable for recreation. Maldivian islands can be divided into three categories:

  • Resorts. The so-called island hotels, which were specially turned into luxury hotels. Only one hotel can be located on one island. For example, the 4-star Kuredu Island Resort & Spa or 5-star Lily Beach Resort & Spa. Holidays on such islands cannot be budgetary.
  • Local islands. They are inhabited by local residents, so there is all necessary infrastructure for life and recreation: budget housing, hotels, cafes, shops, hospitals. It is these islands that are worth paying attention to when choosing a place for a budget vacation. By the way, they are not inferior in terms of water purity or the quality of the sand to luxury resorts. For example, a guesthouse on Dhigurah Island.
  • Uninhabited islands. Part of the Maldives archipelago remains untouched. On some islands tourists just make excursions. Often uninhabited islands are dwarf or have no vegetation.
Read on for the 9 most attractive atolls in the Maldives.

Kuredu Island Resort & Spa
Kuredu Island Resort & Spa

Budget Islands Maldives

For a budget holiday, it is better to choose an island that is located nearby the capital of the Maldives, Male. In this case, the cost of transfer to the island from the airport will be minimal. They decrease in proportion to the distance from the island to capital.

Please note that not all islands are comfortable for tourists. Swimming in bikinis on the islands where the locals live is prohibited. It's connected with religious beliefs of the local, because the Maldives is a Muslim country. Now there are special beaches for tourists called bikini beaches. When choosing a place to stay, you need to check if there is such a beach on your island.

  • Maafushi. The island is famous among budget lovers because it is easy to reach from the airport: only half an hour by speedboat or an hour and a half on a ferryboat. It is also distinguished by a good infrastructure: hotels, supermarkets. One of the disadvantages are the crowdedness and constant construction sites. The island will do for snorkeling lovers. There is a small bikini beach.
  • Hulhumale. An exotic island that is one of the most convenient for the budget travelers. It is convenient to get to it by bus from the airport, because the island is connected by a bridge. Of the minuses - you can swim only in clothes: there is no bikini beach on the island.
  • Guraidhoo. Can please with relatively inexpensive hotels for about $ 40 and convenient road from the capital. No bikini beach on this island but can be found at nearby island: just cross the bridge. The disadvantages are shallow water and not the richest underwater life.
  • Todd. The island resembles a fruit plantation and is in demand among tourists. The cost of a ferry to this island is about $ 10. Hotels start from $ 50 per day. Fairly developed infrastructure. Suitable for snorkeling, good tourist beaches.
  • Ukulas. It boasts one of the best and widest bikini beaches. Developed infrastructure, a large number of guest houses, costs which starts at $ 40. Disadvantages - ferries run only two or three times a week, and the cost of a one-way speedboat is from $ 50. Travel time is one and a half hours.

Veligandu Island Resort & Spa
Veligandu Island Resort & Spa

Tips for choosing islands

  • The Maldives has many islands for a budget holiday. Choose a place, the rest follows according to your preferences. Decide what you want to do: snorkeling, diving, and sunbathing in a bikini. When you decide on your preferences, it will be easier for you to choose the appropriate island.
  • When choosing a place to stay, you need to check if there is a beach on your island.
  • You will find good bikini beaches on the following islands: Toddu, Fulada Ukulas, Digurah, Tinada.

Asad Photo Maldives
Asad Photo Maldives

How much is budget accommodation in the Maldives

Holidays in Maldivian resorts cost from $ 300 to $ 1000 per day for two people. However, on the islands for the locals, the cost of living is ten times cheaper. To find budget accommodation in the Maldives, consider offers from local residents: modest guest houses and apart-hotels.

  • The minimum cost of a vacation in the Maldives starts at $ 35 per night per room. Such a price is a rare piece of luck and should be caught in advance. Booking in season, you are left with only expensive options.
  • $ 45-$60 - the standard price of a vacation on the local islands of the Maldives. For this money you will have at your disposal a clean tidy room. Usually, breakfast is already included.
  • If you are going on vacation to the Maldives with a large group, pay attention to the proposals for renting villas. You can save if you divide costs.

When booking a room, don't forget about taxes. Maldives live off tourists and there are three taxes on the paradise islands: VAT, service and eco-tax. Therefore the cost of one night can be one third higher than the stated price tag. Consider this when booking: make sure all taxes and fees are already included in your cost. Otherwise, upon arrival, you will have to pay a substantial amount.

At WIOTTO, all taxes are already included in the price shown on the website. Choose hotel in Maldives is here!

Asad Photo Maldives
Asad Photo Maldives

Transport question: how to travel in the Maldives inexpensively

In the Maldives, water transport dominates, connecting the islands. Since there are practically no large islands, taxis in the Maldives are exotic. It can be found only in the capital. It is not expensive. Standard cost for one trip - up to $ 2 since the distances are small.

Cost of water transport

  • State ferry. The most budgetary option. The cost of the trip - up to $ 10 depending on distance. However, check the schedule ahead of time so that you can correctly calculate the time of arrival on your island. To some islands it works several times a week. Please note that the ferry may change the schedule due to bad weather. Friday is a day off.
  • Generally, to get to their islands and resorts, tourists use a speedboat. Such transport is much faster than a ferry. However, it is more expensive: from $ 25 to nearby islands. Both ways the trip will cost from $ 40-50.
  • Comfortable and fast, but not a budget option. It will cost from $ 250 per person.
  • Air. There are 11 airports in the Maldives, of which four are international. The cost of the flight is $ 200-400 round trip.
  • Ferry crossing from the airport to Male will cost $ 7. The journey takes 10 minutes.

The owners of hotels or guest houses usually help to organize the transfer to the island.

Adapt to the ferry schedule of the selected island. If you fail, then get stuck in the capital longer than planned, while you have already paid overnight stays in a hotel. For ferry timetables, ask the owners of your future place in advance.

Read more about transport in the Maldives in this article.

State ferry in the Maldives

Food in the Maldives: food prices and cafes

In the Maldives, almost all products are imported. Therefore, their cost is fairly high, and the choice is not varied. If possible, choose a hotel with breakfast. You can also book a guest house with three meals a day: up to $ 30 in addition to the cost of the room. You can decide to buy additional lunch or dinner on the spot.

Prices in supermarkets

If you decide to cook on your own, in supermarkets you will find approximately such prices:

  • Bananas - $ 3
  • Apples - $ 2.5
  • Oranges - $ 3
  • Potatoes - $ 1.50
  • Coconuts - $ 3-5 per piece
  • Milk - $ 1.6
  • Bread - $ 1.5
  • Rice - $ 1
  • Eggs - $ 1.5
  • Chicken fillet - $ 3-4

The cost of groceries in supermarkets is higher than the average price tag than in most countries.

Magda Ehlers
Magda Ehlers

Prices in cafes and restaurants

  • Lunch for two at an inexpensive restaurant - $ 30-45
  • Snack at McDonald's - $ 10
  • Fried shrimp - $ 10
  • Salads - $ 5-10
  • Soup - $ 5-6
  • Cappuccino - $ 2-3

Kurumba Maldives
Kurumba Maldives

Budget entertainment in the Maldives

We will disappoint: entertainment and excursions in the Maldives are quite expensive. On local islands, they are a little cheaper, but not significantly. Average cost - $ 30-100 per person. For example:

  • Swim with mantas - $ 150 for two
  • Diving - $ 70
  • Canoe - $ 15 per hour for two
  • Banana ride - $ 15 for 15 minutes

How to get rid of these prices? Be sure to bargain. If you behave correctly, then you can count on a discount of about 10-20% of the cost of the excursion. However, even without additional costs, a mask and a snorkel is enough adventure. In several days you can see a lot of tropical fish of all kinds of colors, swim with turtles and even a shark. See mantas that swim close to the shore.

The main attractions of the Maldives are the gorgeous landscapes of the islands and the rich underwater life. Also, in the Maldives, they offer excursions to expensive island resorts.

  • Rest on the best "bounty islands" it's expensive. Alternatively, you can settle on the inexpensive island next door. From there you can drive to the beach at an expensive resort if they allow guests to enter the territory for an additional payment. The transfer cost is about $ 25.
  • You can pay for all-inclusive on the resort island and spend a day there (from $ 75).
  • As a leisure option, go to a desert island to taste the spirit of adventure. Don't go to speedboats. Look for a local fisherman. They will take several times cheaper than official carriers.
  • Look at the map: there are islands from which you can walk directly across the ocean.

Ayada Maldives
Ayada Maldives

Tips for a Budget Vacation in the Maldives

  • To pay less for travel between the islands, opt for islands close to Male. It is obligatory for them to run state ferry. Find out about the ferry schedule by adjusting to it in advance.
  • Do not fly to Male on Friday. This day is a day off in the Maldives, and ferries between do not go islands. You can just get stuck. Or else you will have to contact owners of private motor boats and pay much more.
  • Don't stay in Male. The capital of the Maldives cannot boast beauty and purity. It is densely populated, there is no beach for tourists.
  • The Maldives has its own currency - the rufiyaa. The exchange rate against the dollar is 15.4. Do not withdraw money at an ATM: so you will lose $ 7-10 due to commission, regardless of withdrawal amount. You can pay by card or in dollars.
  • Do not change money at the airport: unprofitable rate. Ideally, change them at the shop or guest house.
  • Avoid large sums of exchange. If you have any rufiyaas after your trip, you will not be able to exchange them back for dollars. The bank will not accept them back from you, unless you provide a certificate that you bought money from a particular bank.
  • Mobile communications in the Maldives are expensive. We advise you to check the availability of Wi-Fi in guest houses or hotel. To always stay in touch, upon arrival in airport buy a local sim card. The cost of 5 GB is $ 24 + $ 11 for a SIM card.
  • A budget vacation in the Maldives involves giving up alcohol, it is a Muslim country where the use of alcohol is prohibited. Bringing alcohol from abroad is prohibited. Alcoholic drinks can be drunk only in expensive resorts and on cruises at sea.
  • Choose a hotel with breakfast or meals. Search nearby for inexpensive cafes.
  • Do not go on expensive excursions: you can go water skiing in cheaper countries.
  • It is beneficial to combine visiting Sri Lanka and the Maldives. If you arrive in Sri-Lanka, from there it is inexpensive to fly to the Maldives. You can find tickets for $ 150 round trip.
  • Avoid traveling to the Maldives during the holidays: Easter or Christmas. Prices for flights and hotels have traditionally been increasing.
  • Choose islands with bikini beaches.
  • You can bargain about prices everywhere: this is the practice in the Maldives.

On average, a budget vacation for two for a week, excluding air travel, will cost $ 700-1000 for two, subject to refusal of expensive water entertainment.

Saud Edum
Saud Edum

And remember that a budget vacation in the Maldives differs from a luxury format only in high service that hotels with high price tags provide their guests. A rich underwater life and paradise beaches are available to everyone, regardless of how much you are willing to spend.


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