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Cyprus in May is the start of the season and the first sea month, when the sun is not yet incinerating with heat and vacation prices are cheaper than the summer season.

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Weather in Cyprus in May

The weather in Cyprus in May is stable, warm, and not too hot. A mass vacation on the island has not started yet, so Cyprus is quite free. The beginning of May is somewhat windy, with a fresh spring breeze blowing from the sea. By the end of the month, summer takes its toll and it becomes summer-like warm.

  • The average maximum temperature of the month is +24°C on the west coast, +27°C on the south coast and +30°C on land.
  • The air temperature in Cyprus in May can rise up to +30°С, but rarely falls below +25°С.
  • The heat in May is bearable and almost imperceptible, but you still shouldn't forget about safe tanning.
  • It is cooler in the mountains: the maximum temperature is around +21°C. However, nighttime temperatures may drop slightly to spring temperatures.
  • The average minimum temperature is +15°C for the west coast and central part, +16°C…17°C for the south coast and +11°C for the mountains. The chance of rain is very low. Meteorological statistics show that on average it rains only 1-2 days in May. If rain happens, it is short-term.


Ayia Napa

  • Daytime: +25.7°С
  • Nighttime: +21.0°С
  • Sea temperature: +21.2°С


  • Daytime: +27.0°С
  • Nighttime: +20.3°С
  • Sea temperature: +20.9°С


  • Daytime: +25.8°С
  • Nighttime: +18.7°С
  • Sea temperature: +20.6°С


  • Daytime: +24.8°С
  • Nighttime: +18.9°С
  • Sea temperature: +21.0°С
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Swimming in the sea in May

May is the first month after winter when you can comfortably swim in the sea. The season opens in Cyprus Resorts from May 1, and the beaches spread their “blue flags”.

  • According to meteorological observations, the sea temperature in Cyprus Resorts is +19°С…+20°С. From the very first days of May, warm, sunny weather sets in at all resorts. The water in May near the coast becomes noticeably warmer by noon.
  • Sea water warms up by mid-May: even children can swim. And at the end of May the water temperature is already +23°С. But it is important to remember that sometimes the wind rises which also drops.
  • Cyprus has an endless number of beaches with warm turquoise waters and fine white sand. In May, beach restaurants and open-air bars, closed for the winter, begin to open their doors to visitors. From the first days of May, the entire coastal infrastructure begins to operate. On equipped beaches there are changing rooms, rental of umbrellas and sunbeds, often playgrounds. It's time to see the popular beaches of Cyprus: Sunrise Beach, Fig Tree Bay, Konnos Bay Beach in Protaras, Nissi Beach and Makronissos Beach in Ayia Napa, Mackenzie Beach in Larnaca, Coral Bay in Paphos.


Where to stay in May in Cyprus

Holidays in Cyprus are not cheap, so if you want to have an affordable holiday, go at the very beginning of the season. Compared to summer prices, holidays on the island in May are 20% cheaper. The exception will be May holidays, during which the cost of tours rises.

The increase in the number of tourists only begins during May holidays, when most resorts are already open, so you will not have any problems finding suitable accommodation.


The cost of hotels in Cyprus in May


  • Apartments - from 40 euros for two per day
  • 3* Hotel - from 90 euros
  • 4* Hotel - from 170 euros
  • 5* Hotel - 200 euros
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  • Apartments - from 30 euros for two per day
  • 3* Hotel - from 60 euros
  • 4* Hotel - from 80 euros
  • 5* Hotel - 230 euros
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  • Apartments - from 35 euros for two per day
  • 3* Hotel - from 60 euros
  • 4* Hotel - from 100 euros
  • 5* Hotel - 250 euros
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What to do in Cyprus in May

  • Diving in the underwater museum. Opened in 2021, Museum of Underwater Sculpture (MUSAN) in Ayia Napa is an underwater park with 130 sculptures. This is an important new tourist attraction: the underwater museum was created not only to attract divers, but also to help the marine environment. All sculptures are made of eco-material, which will eventually become covered with corals. This will attract marine life here. The Museum of Underwater is a new tourist Mecca for divers.
  • Go to the mountains. The Troodos Mountains occupy the central part of the island and are cool during the hot summer months. Perfect place for hiking. Whether you want to go on a several-day hike or take a short morning walk, Troodos is the best choice. Cyprus has many well-marked nature trails that are easy to follow. Route examples: from Pano Platres to Caledonia Waterfall (1 hour). Although you have to walk uphill, the slope is not steep, and the view of the waterfall is worth the effort. Top of Mount Olympus: This hike is more difficult and it takes about 7 hours. From the top, a panoramic view of the island opens up. Prastio - Akamas Ridge: This hike is also difficult and takes about 8 hours. A fascinating view to Akamas Peninsula opens up.
  • See the birthplace of Aphrodite. The most romantic place is Aphrodite's Rock near Paphos. According to myths and legends, Cyprus is the birthplace of Aphrodite, and just near Petra tou Romiou, she emerged from the foam. Greek mythology says that if you swim around the rock, you will find true love.
  • Pamper yourself with thalassotherapy at the Cypriot Spa. Thalassotherapy is the use of sea water and marine plants for the treatment of various diseases. They say that this technique helps to relieve stress, solve problems with skin, SARS and joint diseases.
  • Water activities. Diving, parasailing, snorkelling, water skiing, catamarans - water leisure centres already start working on Cyprus Beaches in May. Cyprus is a world famous diving destination thanks to its variety of sea life, interesting wrecks and perfect visibility. Those who are looking for a more relaxing time can take a boat trip to swim in the open sea and go snorkelling. Take a look at the village of Lari, from where boats leave for Blue Lagoon. If the weather is right, the bay is perfect for parasailing and kitesurfing.
  • Tour holiday. Before the heat comes to Cyprus, go around the island. See the remains of ancient cities and natural beauties. The historical part of Paphos, the royal tombs, St. Solomon’s Catacombs, churches with medieval frescoes, the archaeological museums of Larnaca and Limassol.
  • Traditional villages. A trip to Troodos Mountains, to the traditional Cypriot villages is a very special experience. The most popular village is Lefkara, famous for its lace and jewellery. The village itself is like an open-air museum. By the way, there is a delight factory here called Aphrodite Delights.
  • Walks. In May, be sure to visit Cape Greco National Forest Park. Walk along the Aphrodite Nature Trail. At the beginning of May, when it is still not hot and the vegetation has not yet been burnt by the sun, it is good to enjoy nature and explore the surroundings. When walking in the countryside, be careful of snakes as May is their mating season, which means you may see more snakes.
  • The CyHerbia Botanical Garden is a magical place. With a dozen themed gardens, a huge variety of plants. Exactly in May the park starts to transform. Try to get out of the green maze, one of the main features of the park.
  • Aquaparks. Aquaparks are already open for May Holidays, including WaterWorld in Ayia Napa. This is one of the largest water parks in Europe. Modern slides are inscribed in the ancient Greek scenery. This water park has 4 play areas for children and 35 water slides, and the wave pool is great fun for the whole family. Fasouri Watermania Waterpark in Limassol opens from the first days of May. Its special advantage is a big concentration of vegetation, which gives shade and coolness on hot days. There are also good water parks in Paphos and Protaras.
  • Boat trips. In May it is already warm for a sea holiday. The group of friends can get out to sea on a boat, see the different shades of emeralds of the sea, mysterious grottoes, and observe the still green shores from the sea. You can ride a catamaran with a transparent bottom through which you can see fish and turtles.
  • Visit Nissi Beach. This is the most famous beach on the island. It is located in Ayia Napa, within walking distance of the city centre. Imagine a crescent-shaped beach with golden sand, shallow waters and plenty of activities. Water sports, bars, restaurants and nightlife - this is the most party place!
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Things to do with children in Cyprus in May

Set sail on a pirate ship for an adventure that will cause excitement!

  • Luna parks. The most interesting attractions await in Ayia Napa: there is a large amusement park called Parko Paliatso. And in Larnaca there is an indoor game center - WOW Action Park, as well as an amusement park Lucky Star. In Lucky Star - you can go karting, have fun in the pool for water racing, try to keep your balance in the rope town.
  • The Cyprus Land Medieval Theme Park in Limassol is a whole medieval town for children, where you can try on knight's armour.
  • Ice skating rink Cyprus On Ice - an option for those who misses the ice already in May.
  • The zoo is located in Paphos and Limassol. Exotic animals, birds, places for games and picnics await little guests.
  • Planet Adventure - children's entertainment center with bowling and play area in Paphos.
  • Masterland and the Children’s City of Craftsmen is located in Limassol. Children can try on occupations of adults and can create their own opinion about each one of them.


Holidays in Cyprus in May

In May, there are many interesting events where you can take a lot of pictures and they will put a smile on your face.

  • May 1 - Labour Day in Cyprus. Day of concerts and entertainment events.
  • May 27 is the day when the island says goodbye to spring and all cities celebrate Flower Festival, filling the streets with festive parades and flower fairs. The main festival takes place in Paphos, which turns into a garden city. This day is dedicated to plants that grow in Cyprus. After all, a small island contains more than 2000 species of flora, and 150 of them grow only in Cyprus.
  • Street Life Festival in Limassol. Comes to Cyprus in early May and gathers street artists who make graffiti.
  • Strawberry Festival, Deryneia, end of May. A small village near Ayia Napa and Protaras is a famous venue for the most delicious festival in Cyprus. After all, the island is famous for growing this berry. There is a tasting of strawberry ice cream, jam, marmalade, pies with sweet filling. 60% of Cypriot strawberries are grown in this village!
  • Flood Festival, Kataklysmos. It comes the day after Trinity. It is associated with the memory of the Flood. Kataklysmos is celebrated in all cities of Cyprus with performances and fireworks. It is accepted to pour water on each other. Yachts and ships line up in a parade on the sea.
  • Aphrodite Rally with classic racing cars from Limassol to Paphos. Romantic trip with a stop near the ancient sanctuaries and temples associated with Aphrodite.

What to bring to Cyprus in May

  • In May, light and summer clothes come in handy: dress, T-shirt, shorts.
  • Warm clothes. For the evening, take a long-sleeve sweater or windbreaker: evenings can be chilly.
  • Comfortable shoes. Going on excursions and walks in May? Make sure you have something to conquer mountains.
  • Hat, sunscreen, glasses. In May, it can already be hot: do not forget about UV protection.
  • Swimsuit. Be fully prepared during the start of the swimming season.


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In May, it is already warm in Cyprus, but not hot yet. The sun has not burned the green fields yet, but you can already swim in the turquoise of the Mediterranean Sea.


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