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Bali is a diver's dream. There is something exotic about a tropical island. The underwater world off the coast of Bali is fantastic! The coral reefs are home to thousands of colourful fish, giant rays, starfish and octopuses. But the most long-awaited encounter is with the biggest fish - Mola-mola. Maybe you will be lucky enough to see this beauty.

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When to go diving in Bali

Diving in Bali is one of the best in the world. The water temperature off the coast of the island is optimal for diving. In Bali, there are no distinct dive seasons. You can dive the whole year. But experienced divers tend to come to the island in November. There are more chances to catch a moonfish or a mola-mola. She prefers cooler waters.

It can also be considered that the best time for diving is the dry season from April to November. Because when the rains come, the visibility under water gets a little worse. And the best thing you can do is go to see the local attractions.


Where to dive in Bali

Diving in Bali is possible both in the ocean and in the tropical sea. Every diver who comes to Bali dreams of seeing the wobbegong shark and the moonfish. And there are plenty of such places.

But where to dive in Bali depends on the level of training. Therefore, it will be most interesting for advanced divers with Advanced Open Water Diver Certificates. Although beginners will also be satisfied. Dive sites for both beginners and experienced divers can be found.

There are dive sites in Bali both when diving from the coast and from nearby small islands.



In a small black sand village is one of the most beautiful dive sites in Bali. North Bali is interesting for diving. Calm currents and a colourful underwater world that can be seen already from 5-10 meters. This coast is admired by beginners.

The diving depth on the sites is from 5-25 to 60 meters, visibility is within 10-30 meters. The current is weak or moderate.

Not far from the village, the ship Liberty sank, which is attractive for lovers of underwater treasures. An American ship was damaged by a Japanese torpedo during World War II. The ship stayed off the coast until the 60s, but the volcanic eruption completely swept it away into the water.

The ship is located 30 meters from the coast and is overgrown with corals, and 400 species of fish swim around, including barracudas, napoleons, triggerfish, sea angels, etc. There are many passages in the ship's compartment that are of interest to divers. The visibility is 15-20 meters.

By the way, you can explore the ship from the depth of 2 meters, so the dive occurs straight from the coast.

Coral Garden Reef. A 70-meter sheer reef wall that has become home to a variety of corals. They call it Drop Off. It was created due to a volcanic eruption in the 60s.

Sea lilies, sea mice, sea ruffs, clownfish live on the reef. And exactly here divers come to meet the hammerhead shark.

The Coral Canyon Wreck. The main attraction of this site is the perpendicular canyon, you will descend between 2 drops at 6 and 24 meters to arrive on this hidden Coral Wall parallel to the shore. You will also explore a secret little cave at approximately 30 meters West of the canyon. Excellent site with a visibility of 10 to 30 meters. Possibility of snorkelling on the site, above the wall and the canyon on the East reef.

Batu Kelebit - two underwater rocks, where which pelagic fish, sharks and tuna can be found. Sometimes you can also see mola-mola here.

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Amed is a small village with black volcanic sandy beach. A favourite place among divers due to the variety of sites.

There is a sunken ship on Amed Bay, which lies at a depth of 6-12 meters. It is overgrown with black, soft corals. The reef goes down the slope up to 30 meters. Near the resort there are several snorkelling sites suitable for advanced divers. Diver depth - from 5 to 50 meters, and visibility - within 15-30 meters. The current is weak, moderate or strong. All dive sites are nearby.

  • Bunutan Reef is known for "Eel gardens" which live at a depth of 10-18 meters. They hide in the sand and look like
  • Jemeluk Reef is famous for its sculptural park at the bottom of the bay. These are heads of Ganesha, Hanuman and a small child. Divers love this site for original and memorable
  • Pyramids is a hand-made reef that was created next to the original one by sinking 50 concrete pyramids. The height of each is 2.5 meters.
  • Gili Selang is a site where the reef goes down at a 45° angle and reaches a depth of 50 meters. Beware, there are dangerous currents.


Menjangan Island

Menjangan is part of the Western National Park and one of the most famous diving spots in Bali. Visibility is simply incredible: it reaches 40 meters! And there is practically no current, which makes this area perfect for beginners. There are several dive sites at once, and you can dive from 3 to 55 meters. Caves, crevices and grottoes are located around the island. It will be interesting for hunters for sunken "treasures": at a depth of 7 meters, the sunken Anker resides, which whale sharks and barracudas love. The place is great for night diving.


Gili Tepekong

The site has excellent visibility up to 40 meters and here you have an opportunity to meet bright and rare fish. For example - hammerhead fish, giant turtles, barracudas, stingrays and other inhabitants of the underwater kingdom.

You can only dive from a yacht. It’s difficult to do it near the island because of the currents. Therefore, the location is more suitable for advanced divers.

Gilimanuk Bay

This is a major port that has a Secret Bay dive site with a diving depth of up to 12 meters and a visibility of up to 10 meters. Good for beginners and macro photography enthusiasts.



At this point there are 4 interesting dive sites, the maximum diving depth is up to 40 meters. An great location for experienced divers due to the constantly changing currents.

In the blue lagoon you can meet reef sharks, look at the starfish gatherings. It is easy to see giant tortoises in Padangbai. But be careful – currents prevail here.

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Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Ceningan

The best place for drift diving. All islands are located in the southeastern part of Bali. The dive sites have good visibility and many spots for experienced divers.

  • Reef sharks live in Crystal Bay. And you can also meet the very big mola-mola fish.
  • Manta Point is famous for the giant manta rays that are found here during the whole It is enough to dive to 4-6 meters to see these incredible creatures that are not only not afraid of divers, but also love to play with them. There are big waves at Manta Point, so be careful.
  • Blue Corner Dive on Nusa Lembongan has strong currents. But it is worth to see because of the slope, which is covered with corals, rich underwater life, pelagic animals and reef sharks.
  • Sekolah Dasar is the best place for drift diving, where reef sharks, sunfish and manta rays are found.


Bunutan Reef

Located near the village of the same name. This is an interesting place for experienced divers because it has strong currents. But the water is warm. There is also an underwater sandbar and reef. The reef is full of abundance: shrimp, lionfish, clownfish, Napoleon fish and other colourful inhabitants.

Lipah Beach

The location is famous for the sunken Japanese ship, which is located at a shallow depth. The site is located on the east side of the island. The frame of the ship is covered with gorgonians and a variety of corals, which are inhabited by bright fish.

Diving and swimming in this place is always a pleasure: the temperature is kept at 30 degrees.



Great diving on a reef with soft corals and colourful fish. Have you met golden pike or blue lobster? Have you seen the ocean sunfish? This is where this opportunity arises. You can dive up to 40 meters from the yacht. But this is a place for experienced divers: the current is tricky which means that calm waters can suddenly turn into a trap, especially during low or high tide.

Blue Hole

A fascinating dive site where exotic fish such as snapper, Napoleon fish live and reef sharks swim by. Active marine life can be found in a hollow of the cave. Caution: the current is unpredictable, it can carry away.


If you want to meet reef sharks, then this site is their home. The reef near the coast reaches a height of 28 m, and on the opposite side - a sandy bottom and a depth of 40 meters. But besides sharks, there are many different living creatures on the reef. The temperature in this place is about +27°. Be careful, during high tide and low tide, - the current comes. This place is suitable for drift diving.


Kubu Monkey Reef

A small village known among divers for the fact that a ship of 55 meters long sank near its shores. It is accessible to many beginners because the first point is at a depth of 12 meters. The deepest, on the other hand, is 30 meters.

Batu Belah

The site is captivating because there is a wandering freshwater spring that appears on the surface once every 4 years. The rest of the time it is hidden in the ocean. The reason for its appearance is a volcanic eruption.

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Diving cost in Bali

Prices for diving in Bali are not the same, and that’s because the northern part is more attractive for divers. And it is more expensive: the difference in prices services can double.

  • On average, a dive costs $40-50.
  • Equipment - $30.
  • The course for a beginner will cost from $200, for advanced - from $250.

All diving centers have trained instructors to help you dive into the underwater world or improve your diving skills.


Which diving courses are there in Bali?

Discover Scuba Diving is for dummies who are taking their first steps. The maximum depth is 12 meters. A certificate will not be awarded after completing this course.

Referral Open Water Diver. Basic course for beginner divers, which consists of several parts: 4 mandatory dives, issuance of an international dive certificate OWD PADI.

Scuba Diver - the certificate allows you to dive to a depth of 12 meters with an instructor. Once certified, you can dive at any PADI Dive Center. And then get an even higher level of Open Water Diver, Diver and Advanced Open Water Diver.

In Bali, you can try the following types of diving:

  • Deep Diver (deep dives)
  • Multilevel Diver (multilevel dives)
  • Night Diver (night dives)
  • Underwater Naturalist (underwater naturalist)
  • Underwater Navigator (underwater orientation)
  • Drift diving - for certified AOWD, Drift Diver
  • Wreck Diver - for those who like to explore sunken objects
  • Children's diving - first steps to the underwater world


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Explore Tulamben Bay with a sunken American ship, meet giant stingrays at Manta Point and take with you the most unforgettable memories, new experiences and colourful photos of the underwater world of Bali!


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