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The Maldives consists of 1,190 islands scattered across the Indian Ocean, of which less than 200 are inhabited. Since the Maldives is an island state, the country experiences a certain shortage of fresh water and is vulnerable to climate-related hazards such as floods, heavy rainfall, sea level rise and drought.


Desalinated water is mainly used to meet the needs of the population, and rainwater is actively used in some rural areas.

The country pays considerable attention to the issues of water supply and sanitation, but a particularly important task is to ensure the uninterrupted and trouble-free operation of desalination plants.

Thus, a fire that occurred at one of these stations in the city of Male in 2014 led to the fact that the capital experienced an acute shortage of drinking water. Sri Lanka, China and India assisted in the supply of bottled water to the Maldives.


Currently, there are installations equipped with reverse osmosis systems for desalination of water in the country, so there is no need to worry about the safety of water on the resort islands.

If you have chosen an “all inclusive” vacation, then you do not have to worry about anything anymore. For guests who choose a different type of food, some hotels provide bottled drinking water as a compliment.

For information on whether free bottled water is included in the room rate, whether you can drink from the tap or you will have to buy water on the island yourself, it is better to check with your chosen hotel or when buying a tour, since hotel policies on this issue may vary...

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When planning your trip, it should be borne in mind that there are usually no grocery stores on the resort islands, and the cost of a bottle of water in a hotel can be about $ 5, while in a store its price is about $ 1.5.

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