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As a rule, hotels in Cyprus are chosen only with breakfast. But you can also order “full board” or “half board”, as well as, choose an apartment with a kitchen. But the all-inclusive system is rare and only in luxury hotels.

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What categories of hotels in Cyprus and what kind of food do they offer? Most of the cheaper hotels and guesthouses in Cyprus work only on the B&B system: just breakfast. More reputable hotels provide several food options to choose from. It is also common in Cyprus to rent villas and apartments with a kitchen where you can cook on your own. But all-inclusive hotels are less popular on the island than in Turkey or Egypt. They also cost an order of magnitude more expensive.

  • Room Only. In this case, only accommodation is included in the price. Perfect for tourists who plan to be out of the hotel all day, travel around the island, leave early in the morning and return late in the evening. In this case, it is better to choose resorts where there are shops and markets nearby. If you are staying in a room without meals, as a rule, there is a small kitchen where you can cook everything yourself. This is often found in apartments and villas.
  • B&B. The food system includes only breakfast, which is most often served as a buffet. This is a convenient option for those who just want to have breakfast in the morning and run away to explore the island. After breakfast, you can go to the beach or excursions. And during the day, look into one of the many cozy taverns. But even here there may be a time reference if you are planning an early check-out. Breakfast is usually served from 8 am to 10 am. If you are planning an earlier departure, this option will not suit you. Also pay attention to taverns and supermarkets nearby the hotel: useful for lunch and dinner. They should be nearby so you don't have to spend a lot of time looking for food.
  • Half-board (HB). Half board system, which includes breakfast and dinner or breakfast and lunch. Best suited for those who are going to spend a lot of time at the hotel, but also take excursions. You can have breakfast, go to explore the island, and upon returning to the hotel, have dinner. Or spend the day at the hotel, have breakfast and lunch, and in the evening go to the promenade and dine in the tavern. Lunch can be bought ready-made in the supermarket, find snacks on the beach, have a snack in a tavern, or just skip a meal. This also happens due to heat.
  • Full board (FB). Full board - the same three meals a day, which is usually offered in sanatoriums. It differs from the all-inclusive system in that alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks must be bought on their own. Even mineral water can be offered for a surcharge. This is suitable for tourists who prefer to stay mainly in the hotel. They are not going to go on long excursions and love lazy beach holidays. Such a system "binds" to the hotel, because food is served according to the schedule.
  • All inclusive. In Cyprus, "all inclusive" is a three-time meal, which includes local drinks in the price. Convenient for those who are not going to arrange trips around the island. For example, in Limassol in July the cost of a room in a four-star hotel for two is 250 euros, the cost of a similar room, but all-inclusive is 350 euros per day. The difference is about 100 euros.
  • Ultra All Inclusive. In addition to three meals a day of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks of local production, you can also drink imported drinks without restrictions. Cyprus is not the Maldives, where in addition to meals, such packages include discounts and additional services.

By the way, lunches and dinners can always be paid on the spot. This is somewhat more expensive than buying a package when buying a tour, but this way you will have a more meaningful choice.

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What type of food is right for you?

To make the right choice in the matter of food, think about how many times a day you need to eat.

  • If you are going to stay in a hotel, then half board may be a convenient option for you. It is quite flexible: dinner can be changed for lunch. And order lunch to go on an excursion in the form of a lunch box. On your return, have dinner at a city restaurant.
  • For active tourists. If you want to explore the beauty of the island and plan to go on excursions, take breakfast. This way you are not tied to a food serving schedule. In the afternoon - a small snack during the tour. You can also dine at local restaurants.
  • Beachgoers. For lovers of a beach holiday, breakfast + dinner is suitable. You can change it for breakfast + lunch, and dine in restaurants. In summer, it is not always hot and dense to dine. You can completely have a snack with fruit or go to a cafe to intercept a salad. This approach is optimal from the point of view of economy. After all, you still want to try a variety of dishes of national cuisine, without becoming attached to hotel food.
  • Very lazy beach goers. If you like a lazy beach holiday and absolutely do not want to burden yourself with leaving the hotel, take the all-inclusive. Then you will have everything at your fingertips. Although, there will still be a desire to visit local restaurants, to try authentic Cypriot cuisine. And then you have to pay. But alcohol - in unlimited quantities at any time of the day.
  • Budget vacation. If you are not ready to spend extra on whims - see the boarding house. So you will definitely understand the budget of your trip.
  • Savers. If you are looking to save on food, then hotels is not for you. Take an apartment with a kitchen and cook yourself. Settle near a developed infrastructure with shops. If you want to go to the hotel, but you take it without food or only for breakfast, check the location. Cafes should be nearby. Or you will have to buy lunches and dinners in a not cheap hotel restaurant, because it is difficult to get to other establishments.
  • With small children. If you are traveling with a small child who has a lot of “Wishlist”, the best option is all inclusive.
  • For car travelers. In this case, it makes no sense to spend money on food at the hotel. Consider taking B&B, because you are constantly changing location.


Why you should not take All-inclusive in Cyprus

The all system inclusive is very developed in hotels in Turkey and Egypt, which cannot be said about Cyprus. And the food in Cyprus outside the hotel is much more varied and attractive. The menu of a hotel restaurant will be inferior to a hotel in Turkey at a similar price. But you will want to try new dishes in taverns and restaurants. But after all already paid "all inclusive." In hotels, food can be taken without restrictions on the principle of "buffet". However, it is strictly forbidden to take it out of the restaurant. All-inclusive makes sense if you want a variety of alcohol. Only in this power system it is included in the price. In all other respects, for the same money you can taste Cypriot dishes in restaurants.


What is fed in Cyprus

For breakfast, the main dish is eggs in all their manifestations: fried, boiled, scrambled eggs. They offer sausages, bacon, pasta, potatoes with vegetables, legumes. The standard breakfast includes cheese and sausage, sliced fruits and vegetables.

Juices, several types of bakery products. Of course, it all depends on the class of the hotel, but you will not experience great gastronomic pleasure in a standard inexpensive hotel. And you will want to try all the goodies that are served in local taverns, especially seafood.

In order not to overpay for bought and not eaten dinners and lunches at the hotel, immediately think about how often you need to eat during the day and whether you are ready to become attached to the hotel. And local cafes and restaurants will satisfy the demand and gastronomic needs of even the most spoiled tourist.

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