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Imagine an idyllic vacation on a snow-white tropical beach, swimming in the azure ocean waters, a delicious dinner accompanied by the rustle of the waves... Imagine an incredibly beautiful sea of ​​blue twinkling stars, along which you can walk in the dark, holding your soul mate by the hand and leaving glowing footprints on the sand...

A similar description can often be found on the Internet when it comes to the Maldives island of Vaadhoo, which attracts tourists from all over the world who want to admire this unique phenomenon known as the "Sea of ​​stars". Is this phenomenon really so unique and unique? Moreover, what is his secret? Let us figure it out!

Vaadhoo is one of the inhabited islands of the Raa Atoll and is located a little over 140 kilometers from the Maldives capital, Male.

The main attraction of the island is its beach, the waters and coast of which are lit up with millions of bright neon lights at nightfall.


Scientifically glowing beach

From a scientific point of view, this natural phenomenon is explained quite simply: the local waters are filled with bioluminescent phytoplankton (known as dinoflagellates). The movement of waves and contact with oxygen causes these microorganisms to generate neon blue light, which acts as a kind of defense mechanism against larger marine life that feed on plankton.


When can you see the glowing beach

This sight is quite unpredictable and it is impossible to say with complete certainty on which day you should visit the island in order to enjoy it. However, most often the glow effect is observed during the period from late summer to January-February, especially on moonlit nights.

This mysterious and romantic phenomenon attracts lovers of romantic walks, photographers, and just curious tourists. Nevertheless, because the island is located far enough from the main international airport, the beach cannot be called congested, and everyone has a great opportunity to walk and take breathtaking photos.

In fairness, it should be noted that this natural phenomenon, although quite rare, is not absolutely unique and is found, albeit not so clearly expressed, on some other Maldivian beaches (for example, on the islands of Rangali and Mudhdhoo) and even in other countries (for example, on some California beaches, as well as the beaches of India).

Going to Vaadhoo just for the sparkling beach may not be the best idea as there is no guarantee that you will be there at the right time. Nevertheless, if you are lucky, you can take amazing photos for your friends and social networks, as well as form your own opinion about this undoubtedly noteworthy tourist location.

Therefore, book a villa in one of the luxurious resorts of the Maldives and, perhaps, it is on this beach that you will be lucky to walk on the glowing sand under the moonlight.



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