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One of the most memorable Maldivian resorts is Hard Rock Hotel.​ It is imbued with modern and classical musical rhythms, and seems to have its own living spirit. This means that the philosophy of a 5-star resort creates an atmosphere unlike any other in the Maldives .

Hard Rock The hotel is part of the Crossroads integrated complex , unique to the Maldives , which includes three islands. On the second there is another no less luxurious resort SAii Lagoon Maldives , and the third island is an exclusive marina, The Marina@Crossroads is an entertainment center for guests of two resorts . It is connected to the hotels by platforms on which you can stroll on Maldivian evenings. On the pier there is a whole avenue with boutiques and restaurants, health centers and an abundance of water activities. Symbolic for the hotel is an exclusive boutique for fans of rock music, in the center of the island Marina .

Hard Rock Hotel Maldives
Hard Rock Hotel Maldives

Where is Hard Rock Hotel

Iconic Hard Rock Maldives located on one of the three islands of the picturesque Emboodhu Lagoon , South Male Atoll . Convenient and fast transfer from the International Airport is one of the advantages of the hotel. By speedboat the journey takes no more than 20 minutes.

Hard Rock Hotel Maldives
Hard Rock Hotel Maldives

Why choose Hard Rock Hotel

If you need a complete reboot, be sure to try Hard for yourself Rock Hotel ​Here we are convinced that high-quality music can work unimaginable miracles in matters of spiritual and physical recovery. This is a wonderful philosophy, thanks to which the hotel has gained many regular guests and well-deserved popularity. From the moment you reach the pier and throughout your subsequent vacation, you will be haunted, in a good way, by inspiring rhythms and the special charm of the rock island .

An unusual surprise awaits guests - a Fender guitar and a Crosley audio system right in the villa. Even if you are very far from creating original music, or have never even held a guitar in your hands, once you make the decision, your world can change. At the very least, you will acquire a wonderful hobby. The playlist in the villa will be selected individually. The main thing is not to miss the moment and experience rock therapy for yourself.

Choose and book a stylish villa in Hard Rock Hotel

Legendary discovered on the island Hard Rock Cafe . This is a place where parties and concerts of Maldivian and world performers take place daily. The resort gives you the opportunity to feel like a rock star, hear the best performers, enjoy your favorite hits and new rock music, interesting meetings and the dynamic atmosphere of the resort.

Hard Rock Hotel Maldives
Hard Rock Hotel Maldives

Entertainment in Hard Rock Hotel

In addition to music, a 5-star resort can offer extensive opportunities for a fun holiday in the Maldives .

Water sports and diving

Water Sports and Diving Center Best Dives is located at Marina @ CROSSROADS. The team of instructors and underwater guides has extensive experience and helps everyone choose an activity to their liking. Entertainment available in the center:

  • diving
  • Water bike
  • seabob
  • banana and tubing
  • wakeboarding
  • snorkeling
  • kayaking
  • water bicycle

Best Dives offers a visit to several popular scuba diving sites in the Maldives - Vadhoo Caves , Emboodhoo Express and Christmas Rock . Here you will find reef sharks, rays, turtles and many other ocean creatures. The resort offers PADI certified diving courses that cover all levels, including absolute beginners and children.

Hard Rock Hotel Maldives
Hard Rock Hotel Maldives

Rock Spa

Innovative The spa complex offers classic treatments accompanied by extraordinary musical accompaniment. Spa rooms are located on the ocean shore and have stunning sea views. Be sure to try our signature synchronized massage using coconut and argan oils. Rock Spa recommends!

Hard Rock Hotel Maldives
Hard Rock Hotel Maldives

Roxity Kids Club and Teen Spirit

Rest on Hard Rock The Maldives is not only exciting for adults. Evaluate the level of services and variety of leisure activities for young guests. The resort has a children's camp where kids and teens can enjoy fun games and creative activities. Professional babysitting services are available upon request, and families with infants enjoy a range of benefits.

Roxity Kids Club will be relevant for children from 3 to 11 years old. In Teen Spirit children from 12 to 17 years old will find many interesting locations and exciting events.

Hard Rock Hotel Maldives
Hard Rock Hotel Maldives

Food and establishments

There are two restaurants open on the island - Sessions and The Elephant & The Butterfly . Both offer an excellent selection of global specialties. Additionally, meal plans in Hard Rock Maldives includes visits to establishments on all three islands of the Crossroads complex . Thus, the culinary journey during your holiday will be no less eventful than all the others.

Legendary Hard Rock The cafe is located a few minutes from the hotel. This is a symbolic establishment that matches the resort style . The atmosphere here is incredible, there is always live music and a great selection of snacks and drinks.

Hard Rock Hotel Maldives
Hard Rock Hotel Maldives

Hard Rock Romance

Wedding ceremonies, renewal of vows or celebrating romantic dates in style Hard Rock Hotel will definitely not be standard and monotonous. Creative coordinators will create for you an exceptional holiday, full of surprises and pleasant moments. For a honeymoon at the resort, you should choose a romantic vacation package that includes special offers. For example, a secluded water villa overlooking the lagoon, private dinners on the beach and massages for two.

Enjoy music and a carefree holiday in a unique Hard Rock Hotel Maldives !

Hard Rock Hotel Maldives
Hard Rock Hotel Maldives


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