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Rest on the magical islands of Asian countries is a dream worth realizing. Indonesia is the perfect place for an action-packed trip to a tropical land of endless jungles, pristine beaches and ancient cultures. The islands of Indonesia can hardly be called the most popular tourist destination in the world, due to their remote location and vast opportunities that cannot be fit into one trip. Nevertheless, it is definitely worth seeing and getting to know Indonesia. Nowhere in the world is there such a unique nature and Asian culture within one state. Which side of Indonesia to go to soak up as many impressions as possible? Let's try to understand this issue.

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Where is Indonesia

The Republic of Indonesia is the world's largest island nation located in Southeast Asia. It includes the islands of the Malay Archipelago and the western part of New Guinea. The islands of Indonesia are washed by the Pacific and Indian oceans. They are subdivided into the Large and Small Sunda Islands, which are separated by the equator line. Thus, Indonesia occupies territories in two hemispheres at once.

Learn more about where Indonesia is located.


Indonesia tourism

Tourism occupies an important place in the country's economy and is gaining momentum every year. The main asset of the Indonesian islands is the ancient ecosystems of the equatorial jungle with incredibly diverse flora and fauna that have survived to the present. The interest of tourists is fueled by volcanoes, of which there are about 400 on the islands, of which 150 are active. In addition, in the lagoons of the southern islands, coral reefs are full of variety, which are very attractive to divers . Among the main activities on many coasts of the islands is also surfing. And an incalculable number of tourist routes, culture and national flavor will make you return to Indonesia more than once.


Why you should spend your holidays in Indonesia

  • Pristine beaches of volcanic origin.
  • Virgin lagoons with stunning underwater scenery.
  • Ancient temples and Asian royal palaces.
  • National parks that belong to the natural sites of UNESCO.
  • Mountain climbing, hiking, biking and car routes.
  • Eco-tours to mountain peaks and authentic settlements.
  • Waterfalls, natural lakes and volcanoes.
  • Unique flora and fauna.
  • Gastronomic variety.
  • Exotics of island cultures and nationalities.
  • Warm weather throughout the year.


Holidays in Bali

According to statistics, the first time they fly to Indonesia is to Bali. And this is the right choice. Bali is the main tourist island from which it is worth starting your acquaintance with Indonesian nature and culture. It is the center of Judaism, creativity and crafts. This is the place where people come for a complete psychological reset. This is facilitated by nature and the general atmosphere. The main city in Bali worthy of special attention is Ubud, which is considered the heart of the spiritual life of the island. Health, yoga and meditation centers are open here and there is a well- established ecotourism.

Bali has an international airport Ngurah Rai, from which it is convenient and quick to get to the most popular resort areas in the south of the island:

  • Kuta
  • Seminyak
  • Canggu
  • Legian
  • Uluwatu
  • Jimbaran
  • Sanur
  • Nusa Dua


Vacation in Lombok

Lombok is a resort island in Indonesia. Much like Bali, but not so oversaturated with vacationers and noisy entertainment. Lombok is located in the neighborhood, 100 kilometers from Bali, and also belongs to the group of Lesser Sunda Islands. The island has its own international airport, with the advent of which the popularity of Lombok has increased significantly.

What to eat in Lombok:

  • Quiet bays with clean sandy coasts.
  • Comfortable beach holiday on the west coast, with hotels and restaurants.
  • Wild beaches for secluded relaxation.
  • Dense jungle with scenic hiking trails.
  • Unusual local culture and authentic villages inland.
  • Good choice of accommodation.
  • Organized tours to the natural attractions of Lombok (Rijani Volcano surrounded by Lake Segara Anak, Sendang waterfalls Gil and tiu Kelep).

Lombok is convenient to visit as a change if you are vacationing in Bali. Several flights run daily between the islands. For a quick introduction, visit the Pura Meru Temple Complex and the Narmada Water Botanical Garden.


Holidays on the island of Java - what and where to see

Holidays in Java will be full of an incredible variety of events. The large island is famous for its green peaks, ancient volcanoes, urban centers, Indonesian outback, natural and architectural places that are worthy of the attention of tourists.


Java is often associated with the capital of Indonesia. The major economic center of Jakarta is a modern metropolis, one of the busiest and most dynamic Asian capitals. Near Jakarta is located Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, the starting point to resort centers in western Java. Jakarta will be interesting to see for a change and acquaintance with modern Indonesia. The capital borders West Java.


West Java

  • Bandung. Real Europe in Indonesia. Bandung is called Javanese Paris for its characteristic architecture and atmosphere, preserved from the time of colonization. Today it is one of the industrial centers of Java, which, nevertheless, tourists love to visit. Among the main reasons is the picturesque Dago waterfall.
  • Anyer, Carita and Sambolo beaches (Banten Province). The wide, clean and incredibly beautiful beaches of Java are conducive to relaxation closer to the sea coast. All routes to the majestic Krakatoa volcano start from here. Along the way, it is worth getting to know Serang, the administrative center of the western province of Banten.
  • Pandeglang. District of Banten Province, which is famous for the incredible natural park protected by UNESCO - Ujung Kulon National park.
  • Bogor. A beautiful city with a unique atmosphere. It is worth going here to travel through the botanical garden, which is considered one of the richest and oldest in the world. Located Bogor is south of Jakarta, 60 kilometers from the city center.


Central Java

  • Yogyakarta. Cultural capital of Java. The city is interesting for the extraordinary architecture of palaces, temple complexes and educational museums. The legendary Borobudur temple complex is located 42 kilometers from Yogyakarta, and the no less famous Prambanan is 18 kilometers away.
  • Semarang. City of interesting monuments of religious significance and culture of the Javanese. In the old part of Semarang, you can see ancient pagodas, mosques, temples and churches. The port city has a fairly developed modern infrastructure. Be sure to make time for the Arab and Chinatowns, as well as the central square of Simpang Lima, where the main city entertainments are concentrated.

From Yogyakarta and Semarang there are many options for organized tours to the best places in the area, including routes to the Dieng plateau, Mount Merapi, trips to Borobudur.


East Java

  • Surabaya. The second largest city in Java, after Jakarta. In Surabaya, you can stay for a couple of days to visit the unique nature reserves of Baluran and Meru Metiri. The active volcano Bromo is of particular interest to among connoisseurs of "adrenaline" excursions.
  • Malang village. A city in east Java founded by the Dutch in the 18th century. The corresponding architecture has been preserved here, there is a beautiful park and many natural places for pleasant walks.
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Holidays in Sumatra - a journey through the most haunted places

Sumatra is, first of all, amazing natural parks. But a beach holiday on a large Indonesian island will be great. In terms of popularity among tourists, Sumatra is second only to Bali and Java. The island is divided into ten provinces, each of which is attractive in its own way in terms of tourism. Consider the most attractive places for travelers to visit in Sumatra.

North Sumatra

The northern part of Sumatra is considered the most touristic on the island. Of greatest interest are national parks and orangutans, which can only be seen here and on the island of Borneo, as well as the legendary Lake Toba. Point of arrival in North Sumatra - Kuala Airport Namu.

  • Medan. Large administrative center with two international airports. In the city itself, you can find several interesting temples of different faiths and colorful palaces.
  • Villages. Of considerable interest are authentic villages in the vicinity of Medan - Ambarita, Simanindo, Bukit Lawang and its Gunung National Park Leuser. In Bukit Lawang can visit the Orangutan Rehabilitation Center.
  • Lake Toba. A huge natural reservoir, which was formed in the caldera of the volcano of the same name. The dimensions of the main lake in Indonesia are 100 by 30 kilometers, and the greatest depth reaches 500 meters. This is the largest volcanic lake in the world, which has existed for about 70 thousand years. On the lake, you can rent a hotel room or rent a house right on the shore. The popular resort center Parapat is also located here.


West Sumatra

  • Bukittinggi and Ngarai Canyon Sianok. The beautiful town of Bukittinggi is located in a mountainous area, surrounded by peaks and tropical forests. People come here for ecotourism - hiking in the mountains with admiring the green jungle. The main place for inspection is a canyon up to 100 meters deep and up to 15 kilometers long. This place is considered the most attractive in all of West Sumatra. Ngarai Sihanok boasts stunning landscapes that photographers hunt for. Bukittinggi has a good selection of accommodation for tourists.
  • Lake Maninau. An hour's drive from Bukittinggi is another natural feature of West Sumatra - the lake It was formed during a volcanic eruption about 50 thousand years ago. Needless to say about the unique ecosystem of these places. In addition, you can see the settlements of the Minangkabau people near the lake. People go to Maninyau for the beauty of tropical nature and extraordinary culture. If you want to see the lake from above, you can paragliding.

Agung Hidayat
Agung Hidayat

South Sumatra

  • Palembang. The dynamically developing capital of South Sumatra. Palembang is the island's second largest city after Medan, and is an industrial, commercial and tourist center. It is called the Indonesian Venice because of the frequent floods. Many of the buildings are built on stilts, and watercraft are often the main mode of transport here. In Palembang, you can catch a lot of colorful holidays and festivals. Among the main attractions are the Royal Mosque and local handicrafts.
  • Kemaro Island. One of the most popular places of pilgrimage for tourists. No less beautiful legends are connected with the beautiful island. It has a couple of architectural assets - the Chinese House and the Buddha Temple. Kemaro is located 40 kilometers from Palembang.
  • Taman National Bukit Barisan Selatan. Three Provinces National Park - Bengkulu, Lampung and South Sumatra Stretched in the south of the island, along the Bukit mountain range Barisan. UNESCO natural heritage site. Sumatran elephants, tigers and rhinos live in these territories.
  • Wai National Park Kambas. Belongs to the province of Lampung in the south of Sumatra. Another vast park with unique flora and fauna.

Ammar Andiko
Ammar Andiko

Journey to Kalimantan

Kalimantan (Borneo) is a mecca for true fans of ecotourism. A very large and green island of wild jungles and mountain peaks, which not all travelers can afford. Due to its vastness, greater Kalimantan is the least touristy island in Indonesia. As in the south of Sumatra, national parks and authentic settlements are local treasures.

  • Banjarmasin. This city of a thousand rivers is ideal for exploring the southern part of Kalimantan. Its floating markets and colorful houses on the water perfectly reflect the culture of the Indonesian island. If you are here, be sure to visit Muara Kuin is the largest water market. This is a sight worthy of your camera lens.
  • Balikpapan. Port city on the east coast of Kalimantan. It is convenient to get to Kalimantan through Balikpapan Airport . The city itself is not very remarkable in terms of interesting places, but nearby you can visit the orangutan rehabilitation center. All tours along the Mahakam River and trekking routes to the Apo Kayan mountains begin from Balikpapan.
  • Tanjungputing National Park (Nasional Tanjung Putting). UNESCO Biosphere Reserve with Rehabilitation Center. About 6 thousand individuals of orangutans live here.
  • Derawan Islands. In addition to national parks in Kalimantan, you can find a lot of other adventures. In the eastern part of Kalimantan there is an amazing place for diving enthusiasts. The Derawan archipelago consists of 30 small islands. The main holiday destinations are Derawan, Kakaban and Sangalaki. The Deravana Islands Marine Reserve is home to a diverse underwater fauna, including today's rare green turtles, dolphins, rays and over 400 species of coral.


Vacation in Sulawesi

Sulawesi is divided into four peninsulas, each of which can be called a treasure trove of incredible nature. Like most Indonesian destinations, Sulawesi tours will be filled with vivid impressions of wild forests, peaks, coral bays and fabulous landscapes. No less interesting will be the culture of the inhabitants of the island, their ancient traditions and unique religion. Eternal summer and rich reefs attract divers from all over the world to Sulawesi. In the capital, the city of Makassar, you can appreciate several monuments of local architecture and visit the history museum. Tours to the best places in Sulawesi are also arranged from here.

How to get there: from Bali Airport to Sam Airport Ratulangi near the city of Manado has regular flights.


Resort island of Bintan

Paradise with bounty beaches and modern resorts. Geographically, Bintan Island belongs to one of the provinces of Indonesia on the Riau archipelago, although it is located next to Singapore. Bintan is an ideal place for a beach holiday, which is comparable to Bali in terms of amenities. Here is one of the largest and most popular resort areas - Bintan resorts. There are enough luxury world-class hotels on the island. Leisure activities include establishments, boat trips, ecotourism, diving, beach holidays, and spa services.

How to get there: By high-speed ferry from Singapore (45 minutes).

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