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Indonesia is the world's largest island nation, which occupies most of the Malay Archipelago and is washed by two oceans at once - the Indian and the Pacific. Indonesia consists of about 17 thousand islands. In view of the location, the weather in different parts of the Indonesian land in one season can differ by several degrees. Humidity levels are predominantly high during the winter months, especially in regions with dense tropical forests. By the way, in Indonesia there are no four seasons familiar to Europeans. Conventionally, on the islands separated by the equator, there are only two seasons - wet and dry, with an average temperature of 21...33°C warm. Why is it worth vacationing in Indonesia in the summer? What to look for and which month to choose? We'll figure it out later in the article.

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Climate of Indonesia

Summer weather on the tropical islands of Indonesia is slightly cooler than winter. The air temperature reaches 29...30°C during the day and 22...23°C at night. This is a couple of degrees lower than in winter. Large islands such as Sumatra, Borneo, Sulawesi, the Moluccas are characterized by dense jungle and a subequatorial climate with more rare "dry" days. At any time of the year it is usually humid and hot here.

Beach tourists are often interested in the question of the optimal season in Bali. During the summer months, a drier equatorial-monsoon climate prevails here.


Indonesia in summer season

May. May weather in Indonesia is the most summery. There are no intense rains, and the air temperature is kept at around 31...32°C. Exceptions for precipitation are found only in the always wet Sumatra.

June. Compared to early spring, the air temperature drops by 1-2 degrees. During the daytime around 30°C, at night - 22...23°C. At the same time, the water temperature remains at around 28...29°C.

July. In the middle of the dry season, the average air temperature in the islands of Indonesia rises to 32°C. Frequent rains during this period are characteristic of Sumatra. On the resort islands, beach holidays, diving and travel are in full swing.

August. By the end of the calendar summer, Indonesia still has a dry season with a minimum of precipitation. The water in the ocean is warmed up to 28°C, and the conditions are ideal for both sea holidays and travel.

September. With the onset of September, the weather in some places may not change for the better. If on the hotter islands the daily air temperature is still within 32...33°C, then in Sumatra, for example, it drops by 3-4 degrees. Increasingly, there are intermittent rains, which, by the way, are not a good reason for canceling trips.


Weather in Bali in summer

Summer in Bali and neighboring small islands, including Lombok, is the height of the season. Everything is as hot as in the second half of the year, but there is no such obsessive stuffiness. The air temperature is kept at around 28...29°C during the daytime, and the evenings are even a little cool.


What to do in summer in Bali

Ocean water is a few degrees lower in summer. In the midday heat - what you need. And during morning surfing it will be more comfortable to use a thin wetsuit. For recreation and water activities in Bali, seasonality does not play a big role. However, it is from June to early September that the peak of tourism is kept here. The thing is that Bali successfully mixes holidays at seaside resorts with ecotours to natural places and temples of the island. There are tourist sites here that are best seen in the summer, so as not to change plans due to the frequent rains of the wet season. During your summer vacation in Bali, you won't have time for boredom.

If you have planned a vacation in Bali from June to September, book in advance accommodation, excursions and even scooter or car rental.


Excursions in Bali in summer

  • Climbing Mount Agung. Climbing to the top of the highest volcano in Bali will be your most memorable trip. The height of Agung is 3142 meters. Not the easiest trekking route, but worth it. From the top, all the beauty of Bali opens up. It is better to climb in the summer, as it is less likely to get on an excursion in the rain, because on a cloudy and rainy day the view is not the most beautiful. Climbing is allowed only with guides. Usually up to 5 people are recruited for the tour.
  • Sunrise on top of Batur. Batur is now an active, second largest volcano in Bali. It offers a relatively short (about 2 hours) but productive climb. At dawn, the calderas are filled with a pinkish haze that creates an ethereal landscape. At the top there is a 7-kilometer lake Batur. During the sightseeing tour, the guides offer an exclusive lunch cooked inside the crater on volcanic steam.
  • Cultural heritage of Ubud. Summer will be the best period for walking around the most colorful city of Bali. Ubud is considered the spiritual heart of the island. Temples, yoga and meditation centers are concentrated here. The city is surrounded by hills, rice fields and deep gorges. Around Ubud there is where to roam, hiding from the sweltering heat.

The most suitable period for traveling to Bali is May and September.

Choose accommodation in Bali during the summer season and book in advance for the best deals.


Bali beach resorts

You can go to Bali for the sea and the sun at any time of the year. Nevertheless, the coasts of the island are ideal for a summer holiday. The sea temperature is never below 20°C. And in the summer months it stays at 26°C. Always warm ocean, wide coastlines and surf waves attract guests from all over the world. Among the most popular seaside resorts in Bali:

  • Kuta
  • Seminyak
  • Nusa Dua
  • Jimbaran
  • Legian
  • Canggu

Book a hotel on the most picturesque coasts of Bali.


What to visit in Bali in summer:

  • Monkey forest
  • Bird and reptile park
  • Bukit Peninsula
  • Lake Bratan and surroundings
  • Elephant park
  • Goya Gajah (Elephant Cave)


Summer in Sumatra

Sumatra is a world of evergreen tropics and endless summer. It is dominated by a hot equatorial, constantly humid climate with an average air temperature of 25...27°C. Dense rainforests with intermittent rainfall and incredibly rich endemic flora, home to some of Indonesia's most attractive national parks. There is no dry season in Sumatra. In the summer months, exploring the nature of the island is still much more comfortable - southwest winds remove high humidity. In addition, out of 30 days of the summer month, if you're lucky, you can catch 10-12 sunny days. In June alone, about 270 mm of precipitation falls in Sumatra.

The best time to visit Sumatra is from May to July.


What to do in Sumatra in summer

Sumatra is known among travelers for its incredible variety of eco-tours. Whichever part of the island you choose to stop in, there are many amazing places in the vicinity - volcanic beaches, natural parks, volcanoes, mountain lakes, ancient temples, mosques and authentic cities. During the summer season, Sumatra is most popular, as there are more chances to catch weather that is acceptable for traveling around the island, with little rainfall. At the disposal of tourists:

  • Excursions.
  • Trekking trips.
  • Walks in national parks.
  • Visiting cities and towns of Sumatra.
  • Legendary Lake Toba and its environs.
If you have planned a trip to Sumatra in the summer, book your accommodation in advance.


Summer holidays in Java

Java is one of the major islands of Indonesia and the most populous island in the world. Here you will find an incredible contrast. Large metropolitan areas side by side with authentic settlements, tropical forests and mountain ranges, rich flora and fauna, unique temples and the best nature trails of Indonesia. Sightseeing tours in Java can also be considered the most diverse.

Summer in Java is definitely the most suitable period for intensive trips. You will have more sun and less heavy rain at your disposal.

Choose a dry season for Java - from May to October.

What you should definitely visit in Java in the summer:

  • Bromo National Park (East Java).
  • Mount National Park Gede Pangrango (West Java).
  • Taman Safari Parks Cisarua and Taman Prigen.
  • Temple complexes of Prambanan and Borobudur (Central Java).


Diving in Sulawesi

Sulawesi Island is a real find for divers. If you are planning to dedicate your vacation to scuba diving, this part of Indonesia will be the best option. For the best snorkeling and diving in Sulawesi, there are all conditions. The underwater world of coral reefs is incredibly diverse. The island hosts the Wakatobi Marine National Park, one of the most impressive places in the world where a rich reef ecosystem is preserved.


Indonesia in high season

If you compare the cost of a vacation in Indonesia with any European or Western resort, you will be pleasantly surprised. In general, remote islands are known for their affordable prices, which, however, does not apply to flights. Finding a budget hostel in Indonesia is as easy as finding a luxury hotel. There are a lot of offers. Villas in the jungle or near the coast are in the greatest demand. They are several united authentic houses with a common pool. You do not have to look for suitable accommodation in Indonesia for a long time. The main thing is to do it in advance if you would like to fly to the islands during the dry season.

Book your accommodation in Indonesia and pack your bags now!


In the high season, that is, in June-August, the most dynamic influx of tourists is noted. During this period, prices for flights, accommodation and excursions usually increase by up to 50%. In addition to increased costs, be prepared that during the summer season, resorts and tourist sites are quite crowded.

Summer holidays in Indonesia

As a rule, religious and national holidays in Indonesia are accompanied by bright events that tourists should also take a look at. During the summer period, you can find several intense events on the islands that you will definitely remember.

Vesak Festival

In May, almost all resorts in Indonesia celebrate Vesak, or Buddha Day. The event is dedicated to the birth, enlightenment and death of the founder of Buddhism, Gautama Buddha. The date of the celebration depends on the Asian lunisolar calendar. In Indonesia, this day falls in April, May or early June.


Summer Festival of Samosir

If you've chosen Sumatra for your summer vacation in Indonesia, don't miss the grandiose music festival on Samosir Island (Lake Toba), which takes place annually in August. The main goal pursued by Samosir music International - attracting Indonesian and international musical talents. Within a few years, the festival became the largest in Sumatra.


Indonesia Independence Day

A national holiday, truly the most important for the inhabitants of many islands of the archipelago. The independence of the Republic of Indonesia was proclaimed on August 17, 1945. Until this day, since the 16th century, the islands have been under the rule of European colonizers. Independence Day (Hari Kemerdekaan) is accompanied by colorful ceremonies, competitions, concerts and parades throughout the country.


Why choose Indonesia in summer

  1. More clear days for ecotourism, which is a key attraction here.
  2. In summer, humidity in Indonesia decreases and the stuffiness characteristic of the tropics is not so pronounced.
  3. During the high season, a wide variety of excursions and tours are available.
  4. In summer, beach holidays are in full swing, excellent conditions for diving, surfing and sea cruises.



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