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Kamadhoo is one of those local islands where you can really feel the whole authenticity of the place, enjoy the genuine beauty of the tropics, get to know the real Maldives through the culture and life of the local population. In fact, Kamadhoo is a small village of five hundred inhabitants, of which no more than 200 people actually live on the island.

Kamadhoo attracts tourists with the paradise landscapes of a green island with a snow-white border and the surrounding underwater world. The island is located on the Baa Atoll , which is famous for its pristine nature and is one of the UNESCO reserves.

General characteristics:

  • Atoll: Baa
  • Population: about 500 people
  • Island dimensions : 550 m long and 480 m wide
  • Other names: Kamadhu, Komado, Kumadou, Kamadho
  • Distance from Male : 130 km


How to get from Male to Kamadhoo

To get to Kamadhoo, you must first choose the transfer option to Dharavandhoo Island - the main transit point of Baa Atoll. There are two ways to get to Dharavandhoo:

  1. By speedboat that runs from Male on Saturdays, Mondays and Thursdays. Schedule may change depending on weather conditions. The journey will take approximately 2.5 hours.
  2. By domestic aircraft. The fastest way to transfer. The flight to Dharavandhoo from Male lasts 30 minutes. Flights are carried out daily 4-5 times.

By Dharavandhoo Airport to Kamadhoo is a scenic 20-minute speedboat ride. For escort and organization of transfer from Dharavandhoo, you need to contact the representative of your guesthouse in advance.


Hotels and guesthouses on Kamadhoo

Kamadhoo is quite small, so there are no tourist attractions and first-class hotels here. This is an idyllic island where you can see the Maldives from the inside, without the privileges of private resorts on individual islands. If you have chosen the local island of Kamadhoo, you have several options for accommodation:

  • Villa Kamadhoo. A comfortable hotel with a cozy courtyard and modern rooms. Great place for couples and families. All rooms are equipped with TV, air conditioning, Wi-Fi access and all necessary conditions. Transfer services are provided to and from Dharavandhoo Airport.
  • 5 Corals. Cozy mini-hotel with a sea view. Comfortable rooms are equipped with all necessary furniture, as well as a personal safe, free Wi-Fi , tea and coffee making facilities, free toiletries. A cozy courtyard with a shared lounge , continental breakfasts and a 24-hour restaurant.
  • Hudhuveli Kamadhoo. The property features a restaurant, a shared lounge and a garden. All comfortable conditions are provided, including a private bathroom and air conditioning. A continental breakfast is served daily at the hotel. Hudhuveli Kamadhoo is for guests over 18 only.
  • Villa ODI. A small, well-maintained guest house offers all the conditions for comfortable accommodation, a secluded atmosphere and a homely atmosphere. Rooms are for two guests only. Each room is equipped with a private bathroom, air conditioning, Wi-Fi access.

The cost of living in local mini-hotels starts from $55 to $95 per night.

Regarding accommodation on Kamadhoo - fill out an application and indicate the name of the island here.

Meals on Kamadhoo

Nanaimo is the only restaurant on the island. It offers breakfasts and dinners, which are included in the cost of accommodation in guesthouses on Kamadhoo. Always fresh, delicious food at reasonable prices. The menu is quite simple and includes mainly Maldivian dishes. There is a selection of soft drinks, dairy products, fresh vegetables and fruits, as well as a grill menu. Barbecues are organized on the beach upon request.

Lunch can be ordered at Nanaimo for a fee. Soup, sandwich or salad will cost $5, pizza - from $10. Snacks can be an alternative to lunch. Two small local cafes offer coffee and snacks. There are also two grocery stores on the island.

Leisure on Kamadhoo

The authentic island is famous among fans of yoga and meditation. Yoga tours are often sent to Kamadhoo and there are all conditions for group classes. There are no noisy clubs, restaurants and cafes here, so Kamadhoo ideal for a relaxing holiday surrounded by local culture and incredible tropical nature.


Bikini beach

In the southern part of the island there is a wide bikini beach equipped with sun loungers. It is surrounded by a beautiful house reef, where you can snorkel at your pleasure.


Diving and snorkeling

Scuba diving, of course, is an integral part of leisure activities on Kamadhoo. It has its own water entertainment center Kamadhoo Dive and watersports . Local guides will tell you what and where you can not miss on the nearest reefs, as well as provide all the conditions for underwater travel. In addition, with Kamadhoo you can go on an unforgettable snorkeling in Hanifaru is one of the most mesmerizing swimming spots in the Maldives. From May to November, giant manta rays and whale sharks are seen in the bay.



Due to the incredibly diverse underwater ecosystem, fishing in Baa Atoll will bring a lot of excitement. It is best to go for an evening bite at sunset. Then you can not only enjoy the process not under the scorching sun, but also see closer the beauty of the Maldivian sunset. In addition, during sunset fishing you are much more likely to meet dolphins.

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