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There are many water activities in Cyprus, among which kitesurfing occupies its niche. It brings a lot of emotions and increases adrenaline. In Cyprus, kiting began to develop rapidly just 10-12 years ago. And despite its young age, it has already come into use as one of the main water activities in Cypriot resorts. Modern kite schools have been opened in several cities, and there are more than enough people who want to learn how to handle a dynamic kite.


What is a kite and why is it worth trying?

Kitesurfing, kiteboarding or kiting is a water sport that requires sufficient physical fitness and courage. Its basis is traction movement through the water while standing on a board, which is controlled using a kite. While moving, you yourself control the kite’s speed and direction.

Kite schools have been opening all over the world in recent decades, making this type of water entertainment not only popular, but also safer. Resort Cyprus was no exception. Here you will find many opportunities to develop your boating skills.


The history of the kite

Quick gliding along the water surface is ensured by a two-line kite parachute. If you believe history, this type of movement on water came from ancient Polynesia, and in past centuries, what we call today a kite was used by fishermen. But there is also a version that the birthplace of the kite is still China, where an ancient analogue was found, made about 3 thousand years ago.

modern kite consisting of water skis and a two-line parachute was patented in the 1990s by American Bill Roseler. Later, the skis were replaced by a small board similar in shape to that used in surfing. The design allows dynamic control on water, even with wind speeds of 90-100 km/h.


Kitesurfing season in Cyprus

The time of year for water sports in Cyprus does not really matter. Here you can always find suitable weather conditions specifically for a kite. During the summer months, the number of kiters increases significantly due to the influx of tourists. This is not surprising, since the island has excellent schools and suitable coastlines. The most favorable wind for kiting in Cyprus can be found from April to October. Therefore, the summer season can be considered the most optimal for skiing.

Still, if your main goal is kitesurfing, choose the beginning or end of the summer, when there are not so many tourists on the beaches. For kiters, this is the main convenience, because you can’t ride on crowded beaches. So, in April or October it will be much easier for you to find a windy place with a minimum of “ human factors ”.


Kitesurfing schools in Cyprus

In the last few years, decent kite schools have opened in Cyprus. Instructors will help you easily get used to boating in a couple of days. You can rent equipment from schools and take a training course. The cost of lessons ranges from 250 to 350 euros for 8-12 hours of training, depending on the course you are interested in. As for children, serious kite training in Cyprus can begin at the age of 12. Between the ages of 12 and 18, written parental permission will be required to begin training.

To reach the intermediate level and receive a certificate, you will need to complete a 7-hour training course, which is usually divided into three days. There are special offers and discounts, to activate which you often need to purchase at least two courses.


Kiting equipment rental in Cyprus

Without a document confirming your skills, you will not be able to rent equipment at rental points. A certificate is required, and preferably from the International Kite Organization ( IKO ). The rental price at all rental points is the same, plus or minus. In Limassol it may be a little more expensive. A full set of equipment for one day will cost approximately 50-55 euros. The more days you take, the cheaper it is. Recently, the kite safari service has been popular in Cyprus. That is, you can rent not only equipment, but also an instructor who will accompany you to kite spots in Cyprus.

Kitesurfing in Larnaca

Constant winds, which do not subside from lunch until sunset, provide ample opportunity in this area to develop extreme water sports skills. The surrounding area of Larnaca is famous as the best place to start kiting, because the conditions here are excellent for beginners: a huge bay, almost universally shallow water and a couple of excellent stations.

Kite school Kitemed

Near Larnaca there is a specialized kitesurfing, paddle boarding and windsurfing school Kitemed, which meets all the requirements of the International Kiteboarding Organization. This place was opened in 2003 on one of the most suitable coasts for water activities.

Location: Kiti Softades Beach, just 15 minutes by car from Larnaca airport, 45 minutes from Nicosia and Limassol, an hour from Ayia Napa and Protaras.

Vulcansurf station

The school specializes in windsurfing, but here you will also be taught how to operate a parachute. Beginners especially enjoy the training courses and excellent instructors. Vulcan is a club place that brings together fans of all types of surf culture. The atmosphere is very welcoming, the equipment is state-of-the-art, including surfboards for children from 5 to 11 years old. In addition to windsurfing, kitesurfing and just surfing, the station hosts competitions, jazz concerts, parties and barbecues.

Location: Pyla village, Larnaca tourist area, next to the British overseas base of Dhekelia, on the municipal STO Beach beach. 100 meters from the club you can stay at Lysithea Hotel Apts 2*.

Kitesurfing in Limassol

In Limassol Kitesurfing is no worse than in Larnaca. There are good stations in the resort center where you can either rent equipment or sign up for a training course. One of the most popular spots is the beach near the St. Hotel. Raphael, where the Crest water entertainment station is open Watersports. The place is very popular thanks to professional instructors. Except Crest Watersports in the Limassol area there are a couple more training courses surf clubs, including Eight Smileys and MakWind.


Popular kite spots in Cyprus

  • Beautiful sandy beach of the small village of Paramali. Surfers like to gather here to catch the southwest wind, which prevails in Cyprus in the summer. Located between Limassol and Paphos.
  • A small but very convenient bay for beginners in the village of Akrotiri, near Limassol.
  • Ladies Mile ( Limassol ). An ideal place for beginners. A comfortable sandy bottom and shallow water allow you to safely try your hand at controlling a kite.
  • Beach next to Helios Bay Hotel (Paphos). Interesting spot, more suitable for experienced surfers.
  • Paramali Bay. A huge sandy beach, many deserted places and all the conditions for the best water riding. For experienced kiters, as the beach is surrounded on both sides by rocks.

Catch a fair wind and enjoy an active holiday!


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