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Many travelers who are still planning their vacation in the Maldives are interested in traveling around the islands by car. Let us face it - there is no car rental in the Maldives. You will not regret it at all. On the resort islands, there is no way to get around by car. Most often, a small dense green island can be walked up and down in 15-20 minutes. Larger islands can be traversed in an hour by foot. Some hotels have scooter rentals. However, bike rental will be much more expedient. You can still see motor transport in the Maldives - in the capital Male and the largest island of Gan, on which one of the domestic airports is located.

Asad Photo Maldives
Asad Photo Maldives

By car in Male

The capital and only city of the island state, although it is the economic and cultural center of the Maldives, its size is record-breaking small. Therefore, there is no reason to travel by car, even if there was a rental. Nevertheless, there is still a taxi service in Male.

Asad Photo Maldives
Asad Photo Maldives

Male taxi

It will be convenient to use taxi services upon arrival at the airport or on the way back. Taxis and buses have recently run from the suburban island of Hulhule and the International Airport to Male. They became available after the construction in 2018 of the first sea bridge in the Maldives, connecting the airport to the city. Previously, only speedboats and ferries were used for these purposes. Ground transportation will be cheaper than crossing by water.

If you need a taxi ride around the city, it will be fast and cost no more than $2.

Asad Photo Maldives
Asad Photo Maldives


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