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Both the Maldives and the Seychelles are considered the best in the world for a tropical getaway. To make the right choice, you need to prioritize correctly. Let us draw parallels and try to figure out which one is better - the Maldives or the Seychelles.


The air and water temperature in the Maldives and Seychelles is almost the same all year round - 26-30 ° С. Nevertheless, the weather conditions and velvet seasons are opposite. Dry and sunny weather in the Maldives lasts from November to April, while in the Seychelles the high season is from May to November. The climate can be a key consideration when planning your vacation.

Asad Photo Maldives
Asad Photo Maldives


The Maldives are mostly small islands with wide white beaches, sparse palm trees and a gentle slope into a calm lagoon. There are no hills here. Sandbanks, stretching among the blue ocean, are the main feature of the Maldives.

Asad Photo Maldives
Asad Photo Maldives

In the Seychelles, lush greenery and rocky outcrops on the coasts prevail. Despite the fact that both the Maldives and the Seychelles are tropical islands, their landscapes are easy to distinguish even in the photo. The choice is yours.

Daniel Dorfer
Daniel Dorfer

Diving and snorkeling

The underwater world in both the Maldives and the Seychelles is very rich. Both archipelagos are washed by the warm tropical waters of the Indian Ocean, which are home to an abundance of colorful fish, corals and large reef dwellers. Both islands have incredible diving spots that real divers need to visit.

In the Seychelles, this is the legendary UNESCO-listed Aldabra Island and other dive sites. All about the best dive spots in the Maldives can be read here.

In terms of the diversity of the underwater world, the Seychelles are not inferior to the Maldives. Still, the Seychelles are rich in outer reefs, while the inner islands are not as vibrant. In addition, the Maldives has several advantages on this point:

  • In the Maldives, diving centers are open everywhere, where you can take any diving course, get a certificate.
  • Snorkeling in the Maldives is more affordable. Resorts often provide their guests with swimming equipment, sea guide services and guidance in choosing locations.
  • The Maldives has private resort islands with excellent house reefs. That is, it will not take time and additional costs to find good swimming spots.

Zidhan Ibrahim
Zidhan Ibrahim


In the Maldives, all entertainment is mainly related to the sea and the island where your hotel is located. If you are staying near Male, you can diversify your vacation by visiting the capital, its attractions and colorful markets. Spa centers are also very popular in the Maldives. Almost every resort offers spa services from the most prestigious salons. Be sure to check out the best spa hotels in the Maldives.

Leisure activities in the Maldives are based on:

  • water sports in a wide variety;
  • sea ​​tours with picnics on uninhabited coasts;
  • dolphin or whale shark cruises;
  • fishing in the open ocean;
  • yachting trips;
  • diving and snorkeling trips.

In the Seychelles, the beauty and richness of terrestrial nature does not allow to sit still. Choose Seychelles for exploring tropical jungles and rocky landscapes, excursions to local plantations, hiking and biking trails in green landscapes. The infrastructure on the islands is more developed here: there are modern parks, golf clubs, gardens, temples, galleries and observation decks.



In the Maldives, the main share of attractions falls on the capital, Male. It is a major economic center of the archipelago, where all of its modern life is concentrated. There are several interesting sights in the capital that are worth seeing during an excursion or an independent walk. On the other islands of the Maldives, the main asset is the stunning nature and underwater world.

In the Seychelles, landmarks are different. With the development of tourism, the islands were more built up. The most interesting locations in the Seychelles are located on the island of Mahe, where the capital of the archipelago is Victoria.



The choice of hotels of different levels of service and hotels in the Maldives and the Seychelles is very diverse. Nevertheless, the Maldives is more associated with all inclusive vacation among tourists.

Maldives. If you want to relax on the coast itself, within walking distance of the lagoon, choose the Maldives. Beach bungalows and overwater stilt houses are a hallmark of Maldivian hotels. Also, for the most part in the Maldives, one island is one resort, so they are more suitable for seclusion away from the noisy streets.

Book the best beach and overwater villas in the Maldives at wiotto.com.

Seychelles. Benefit from nature in terms of variety of housing options. There are villas in the mountains and hills, in the dense jungle and on the coast, surrounded by quaint rocks.

But! In terms of the level of hotel service, the islands are not much different. Impeccable service, varied dining and luxury apartments can be found here and there.

Emerald Maldives Resort & Spa
Emerald Maldives Resort & Spa


In the Maldives. Maldives resorts typically offer a large selection of international themed restaurants and menus. If you do not like gastronomic experiments, it is better to choose just such a hotel. The Maldivian national cuisine resembles Indian in terms of the number of spices. Tourists mostly eat at their hotel. But if you stay on a local island with local cafes and restaurants, you will be more likely to taste authentic dishes dominated by tuna, seafood, exotic fruits and coconut milk.

It's important to know! The Maldives is a Muslim state. There is no pork in the restaurants of the local islands and the use of alcohol is prohibited. Alcoholic drinks are only available on private islands and in so-called "floating" bars on board ships. There are no such restrictions in the Seychelles.

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In the Seychelles. As in the Maldives, there is a huge selection of restaurants with cuisines from different nations of the world. However, the local dishes are spicier and more spicy than the Maldivian ones. Seafood also comes in a wide variety and different ways of cooking. Bat and shark meat in different ways is considered a real delicacy in the Seychelles.



There is only one international airport in the Maldives and the Seychelles. In the Maldives, this is Velana Airport in Male, in the Seychelles - Pointe Larue Airport on the main island of Mahe. Domestic transfers on these and other islands have several differences.



  1. The large islands of the Seychelles archipelago, such as Mahe, Praslin, Silhouette and La Digue, have well-developed transport systems and highways. You can get around the islands by bus, rented car or taxi. Hotels usually organize transfers of guests from the airport and back.
  2. Water transport. Ferries and boats run between the islands, as well as in the Maldives. If you want to visit the most popular natural sites in the Seychelles, you can use the services of cruise ships and ships.
  3. Air transport. There are 15 domestic airports in the Seychelles, making it possible to comfortably reach many resort points. The most expensive pleasure will be a private helicopter transfer, which can take you to the most remote islands.



There are practically no cars and no road noise in the Maldives. Taxis and buses take tourists from the main airport to the ferry docks. And then you can forget about wheeled transport during your rest. The only exceptions are large local islands, where motorbike rental is available. At the moment, there are 12 domestic airports in the Maldives, from which most often you need to cover some distance by boat or speedboat to the resort.

Types of transfers in the Maldives:

  • domestic flights;
  • on a seaplane;
  • by speed boat;
  • on a ferryboat.
About domestic transfers in the Maldives in this article.



Pricing is the slickest comparison between the world's two best travel destinations. Seychelles are considered more expensive islands, but also richer in entertainment. If you book a 4-star holiday in the Seychelles, it will be equal to or less than the same stay at a 5-star Maldivian resort.

It is important to consider early booking and seasonal hotel discounts. The best Maldivian deals can be found at wiotto.com.

Firushan Numaam
Firushan Numaam

Let's summarize

The Maldives is more suitable for you if:

  • you choose the season from November to April;
  • prefer beach holidays to active hikes;
  • look for comfort in close proximity to the ocean;
  • love to travel by sea;
  • you want to spend most of your vacation on the reef with a mask and a snorkel;
  • want to take an affordable diving course;
  • no time to plan routes and need an all-inclusive vacation;
  • in preference for spa treatments.

Alessandro Russo
Alessandro Russo

You should travel to Seychelles when:

  • plan to visit the islands from April to November;
  • do not think of a vacation without travel;
  • prefer to walk among the jungle and rocky landscapes;
  • love activities on land, walking and driving routes;
  • want to see several islands and their attractions in one vacation;
  • in preference for leisure outside the hotel.

Serey Kim
Serey Kim

Whatever your choice, your vacation will be amazing! In both the Maldives and the Seychelles, you will find a new travel experience, fresh emotions and impressions.


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