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The Maldivian islands welcome tourists again. The first international flight after introducing a strict quarantine brought 107 tourists from around the globe.

The Qatar Airways jet airliner landed at the Velana International Airport. It arrived under the spray of water salute - a special aviators’ ceremony, when the plane rides under the water stream to its place on the runway to deliver passengers.

How the tourists were met

After almost four months of quarantine restrictions, this first flight to the Maldives was met by representatives of the Maldives government and leaders of tourism sphere.

The tourists were welcomed in the renewed and updated arrival lounge, where all the necessary measures are taken to prevent coronavirus infection. The tourist flow planning gives a possibility to maintain a safe social distance. The logistics is well-thought-out to minimize close encounters of people.

The airport undergoes a substantial sanitation regularly. The safety masks are available.

Safety and health

Regular air travel and tourist infrastructure recovery is vital for the life of this island state. COVID-19 pandemic hit badly the branches of the Maldivian economy, where tourism plays an essential part.

Despite the economic need in tourism improving, the Maldives government took the health and safety of arrivals seriously. The season-opening started only after receiving advice from experts and employees of specialized care institutions.

The Ministry of Tourism of the Maldives has developed and keeps an eye on maintaining the Guideline on Safe Tourism during the COVID-19 spread. The certification program was adopted for all touristic venues in order to ensure sanitary safety standards and health policies are kept. These safety and special mode measures are obligatory for the main infrastructure facilities, including hotels, resorts, transport, airports and other companies and organizations, involved in tourism.

Maldives preparedness for tourism

40 Maldives resorts are open and offer their guests a full range of staying, dining, and leisure services. The resorts, hotels and centers, located on the uninhabited islands may renew their work from August,1st.

In 2019 the islands were visited by a record number of tourists - 1.7 million. The Maldives tend to host 850 thousand guests by the end of 2020.

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