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Along with a magnificent beach holiday, Cyprus offers its guests ample opportunities for entertainment and shopping.

There is a decent selection of retail outlets for every taste and budget: from miniature souvenir shops to large shopping centers that can satisfy the needs of a wide range of customers.

And if you are lucky enough to visit the country during the summer or winter sales, shopping will be of interest even to tourists who are indifferent to such events.

Check out the souvenir shops in the old town, wander the popular shopping streets, visit local markets or modern malls, and be sure to indulge in shopping that will delight you long after you return home.

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Dimitris Vetsikas
Dimitris Vetsikas

What is worth buying in Cyprus?

Among the most popular Cypriot souvenirs:

  • olives (2-5 euros) and olive oil (5-8 euros),
  • traditional sweets (3-10 euros),
  • products of local wineries (5-15 euros),
  • zivania alcoholic drink (4-20 euros),
  • soap based on olive oil (1-3 euros).

Also, the creations of local craftsmen, decorated with the famous Lefkara lace, leather and jewelry, enjoy the love of the guests of the island.

The given prices for products are indicative and depend on the place of purchase of the goods, the manufacturer and the size of the package.

It is important to note that non-EU citizens are eligible for tax refunds after shopping in Cyprus. The minimum purchase amount must be 50 euros per person.



The capital of Cyprus boasts not only many attractions, but also a large number of shops, including several large shopping centers.

The most famous shopping streets of the city are:

  • Ledras, located in the historical center of the capital,
  • Makariou avenue,
  • Stasikratous street, which runs parallel to Makariou Avenue,
  • Themistokli avenue Dervi, which also took its place in the central part of the city.

In addition to shops, a large number of cafes and restaurants are concentrated on these streets, where you can relax, have a cup of coffee and replenish your energy after an exciting shopping.

Of the major shopping centers in Nicosia, it is worth highlighting:

  • Mall of Cyprus, conveniently located at the entrance to the capital, not far from the road leading from Nicosia to Limassol. There are shops of famous international brands, food courts, a cinema and children's attractions.

Address: Shacolas Emporium Park, 3 Verginas Street, 2025.

  • Nicosia Mall with a large selection of products of famous brands, cafes and restaurants, entertainment opportunities. Built near the Antoupoli roundabout , offers frequent bus services at hourly intervals throughout the day and into the late evening.

Address: 2 Madrid Street, 2306.

  • The Mall of Engomi.

Address: 7-9 28th October Avenue, Engomi 2414 .

In addition to these locations, connoisseurs of fashion and style should visit Neo Plaza is a kind of shopping and entertainment park, located 15 minutes drive from the center of Nicosia. The space of 55,000 square meters combines elements of a shopping center and an outlet town. Here, visitors will find many shops and gastronomic establishments, a large screen for watching sports events, a spa center , a venue for various events, whether it be concerts, presentations or charity events, as well as the Volta children's amusement park Fun park.

Address: Gregory Afxentiou 135, Nicosia, 2660.

In addition, the municipal market Agios operates in the city. Antonios, which, after a recent modernization, has been somewhat modified, and numerous outlets and fast food establishments have taken the place of traditional market stalls.



Limassol also has several attractive locations for a good shopping . Among them, MYMALL Limassol is the most famous shopping center in the city, which brings together food, fashion, leisure, entertainment and much more under its roof. Here you can not only shop, but also have a good time with family or friends.

Address: 285 Franklin Roosevelt, 3150. You can get there by bus number 30.

Shopping lovers to take a walk along the streets of Anexartisias, where there are boutiques, jewelry, souvenir shops, and Agios Andreas, decorated with small cozy shops.

During your walk, take a look at the updated Agora market, located in the center of the old city. It offers visitors several dozen shops where you can buy fresh traditional Cypriot products and souvenirs, cafes and restaurants, a play area for young guests, a club for electronic music lovers and much more.


Shopping in Cyprus - Larnaca

Fashion shopping in Larnaca focuses on the streets of Zenonos Kitieos and Ermou, where you can find stylish clothes from well-known brands.

Also on Sundays, there is a lively market on Ermou Street, where visitors are offered fruits, vegetables, souvenirs and clothes at quite attractive prices.

In addition, a new shopping and entertainment center Metropolis opened its doors to visitors in Larnaca in 2021. Here are large fashion stores, branded stores, services, entertainment, a food court with modern restaurants and cafes. There are children's playgrounds.

Address: 5 European Union Avenue, 6043.

If you need to shop at the last moment before returning home, visit the shops at Larnaca airport . Here tourists can expect a wide range of authentic Cypriot products, cosmetics and perfumes, wines and spirits, clothing and electronics.



Shopping mall lovers should visit Kings Avenue Mall, where more than 120 stylish shops, food courts and a cinema await them.

Address: Corner St. Paul & Tombs of the Kings 2, Paphos 8046.

Those who prefer a more authentic atmosphere will be curious to look into the city market, where you can buy clothes, faux leather, Lefkara lace, ceramics, soap, wine and other popular tourist goods. The market is located on the territory of the old city. You can get to it by bus 610 from the bus station Harbor.

Thrifty shoppers are advised to take a walk along the shopping street Apostolou Pavlou, where you can find thrift stores or pick up discounted goods.

For typical souvenirs and knick-knacks, leather goods and jewelry, head to Posidonos Avenue. And fans of unique handicrafts will appreciate the cultural center The Place, located in the Old Town of Paphos.

Here you can:

  • admire the demonstration of traditional crafts, pottery, basket weaving, weaving, wood carving, etc.;
  • taste and buy homemade delicacies and local products, sweets, herbs and wines from local wineries;
  • buy handmade gifts and jewelry.

Address: 56 Kanari street, 8010 Old Town Paphos.

You can also buy souvenirs and memorable gifts in the shops of Paphos airport.

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