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Fuvahmulah is a tropical island in the Indian Ocean. This is the southern atoll of the Maldives, where one of the most amazing natural places of the archipelago is located - Tiger Zoo. The incredibly beautiful and rich underwater world of Fuvahmulah was hidden from the world diving community for a long time. Until 2017, the Fuvahmulah diving school began to explore the island's reefs more thoroughly. Since then, Fuvahmulah's fame as a unique Maldivian region has skyrocketed. Today it is one of the most popular scuba diving destinations in the world with infrastructure for accommodation and one of the leading dive centers in the Maldives.

Jailam Rashad
Jailam Rashad

What is Tiger Zoo on Fuvahmulah?

In the Maldives, of course, there are no usual zoos with predatory animals. The tiger zoo has a completely different meaning here. In just one dive at Fuvahmulah, divers can encounter several rare shark species. Thresher Sharks cleaning stations are located here, when you can watch sharks in shallow water, under the rays of the sun. Schools of tiger sharks, hammerhead sharks and giant whale sharks are found in Fuvahmulah throughout the year. The population of tiger sharks in local waters is the largest in the archipelago. Hence the name of the most incredible dive site in the Maldives.


Tiger sharks

The tiger shark is a large marine predator. The average length is 3-4 meters, and females can reach lengths of over 5 meters. They inhabit tropical and temperate waters around the world.

These beautiful, non-aggressive underwater predators are safe for humans. In the Maldives, not a single case of a tiger shark attack on a person has been recorded. This species is named so because of the dark striped color of the fins and sides of the body of the fish.

Visit wiotto.com to learn more about Indian Ocean sharks and the best diving in the Maldives.


Fuvahmulah Dive School

Fuvahmulah Diving School offers special dives in the tiger zoo, in compliance with all necessary safety rules and regulations. You have the opportunity to see a real shark nursery, where you will take the most stunning underwater photos.

Why Choose Fuvahmulah Diving School

This is the first professional diving school on Fuvahmulah, which opened the amazing island and its uniqueness for all fans of the underwater world of the Maldives.

  • Fuvahmulah Dive School offers a variety of PADI 5-star diving courses, from beginners to professionals.
  • Fuvahmulah instructors are experienced divers who study shark behavior and provide safe and reliable diving conditions.
  • Fuvahmulah organizes exciting dive safaris to some of the most iconic destinations in the southern atoll.
  • Fuvahmulah Dive School has a multilingual team of professional guides.


Fuvahmulah Dive Prices

Fuvahmulahdive offers whole packages, which include transfer from Male or Gan airport and back, accommodation in a hotel or guesthouse on Fuvahmulah Island with meals and number of dives.

For example, the shortest two-night tour with 4-6 dives, including the Tiger Zoo, will cost from $ 690.


Where to stay in Fuvahmulah

Holidays on Fuvahmulah are considered budget Maldives, although there are a couple of boutique hotels on the island. Several accommodation options:

  • Fuvahmulah Inn
  • Calyx Grand
  • Suffix retreat
  • Tiger Shark Residence & Dive
  • Marina Boutique Hotel
  • Isle Royal Inn

Ahmed Ali
Ahmed Ali

For more information about the Tiger Zoo and diving with Fuvahmulah Dive School, see the official website.


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