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A transfer in the Maldives differs from the classic bus or taxi transfers that most tourists are used to and is already a small adventure in itself. Indeed, in order to get from the airport to the place of rest, tourists often need to make another voyage, overcoming ocean or even air currents.

Hurawalhi Island Resort
Hurawalhi Island Resort

How it goes

As a rule, the transfer in the Maldives for guests is organized by the resort itself. When booking accommodation, you should ask your hotel staff for all the necessary information about the types of transfers and prices for this service. Resorts that value their reputation and guest comfort are happy to provide you with comprehensive data.

Upon arrival at the airport, a tour operator representative (who will direct you to the hotel’s counter) or a resort representative with a sign greets guests. The hotelier will kindly escort the guest either to the lounge or to the domestic speedboat or seaplane terminal to continue the journey, where guests will again need to check in for the transfer company flight.

By the way, some elite resorts (like, for example, The Nautilus) have their own airport lounge, where guests can spend time in a comfortable environment while a hotel representative will carry out immigration procedures on their behalf.

The Nautilus
The Nautilus

Transfer types

The main types of transfers in the Maldives are

  • speed boat (speedboat);
  • seaplane;
  • domestic airlines aircraft.

The choice of transport depends primarily on the location of the hotel. When planning a trip, it should be borne in mind that each option has its own characteristics, which we will discuss in this article.

Hurawalhi Island Resort
Hurawalhi Island Resort

Speed ​​boat

The cheapest form of transport in the Maldives is the public ferry. However, such ferries do not go to resorts, visiting only common islands, so the best alternative to this method of travel between the islands is a speedboat (speedboat).

Speedboats are a popular, fast and cheap form of transport. They have different capacities and can take on board from a few to 40 passengers. If you choose to travel on a shared speedboat, this means the likely presence of other passengers and possible stops on the way to your resort.

Some resorts have their own speedboats to provide transfers for their guests. Upon request and at an additional cost, the resort can arrange a private speedboat for you. In this case, you do not have to share the boat with other tourists and make additional stops, but this service will cost a little more.

The speedboat pier is located near the arrival hall of Male Airport.

Despite a number of advantages, speedboat transfers have one serious drawback - their dependence on weather conditions. In bad weather, flights may be canceled without prior notice to passengers.


Speedboat transfers must be booked in advance. This can be done with the help of your hotelier or on the WIOTTO website when making your hotel reservation.

By the way, on the website wiotto.com the transfer is already included in the price of accommodation. Choose Maldives hotels in the catalog!

It is worth noting that in the Maldives there is no law obliging vacationers to book a transfer only at their resort. However, some resorts have their own policies restricting the use of third party transfers. If the guest wishes to use a transfer organized by a third party, he must coordinate this issue with the resort chosen for the rest in advance.



Seaplanes are often used as a faster way to travel to tourist destinations in remote atolls. Travelers who prefer this mode of transport will have a great opportunity to admire the necklace of tropical islands from a bird's eye view, see the shapes of the reefs, the colors of the shallow waters around each island, and maybe even a couple of dolphins crossing the channels of the atolls. And of course, take some impressive photos!

However, this type of transport has its own characteristics. So, seaplanes run from 600 to 16.00 (sometimes until 1630), 7 days a week. If you wish to reach your resort on the same day, you must arrive in Male by at least 15.30 local time. Travelers arriving outside of the seaplane flight schedule will have to spend the night in Male. In this case, we recommend booking a hotel in the immediate vicinity of the airport, for example, the Hulhule Island Hotel, which is just a few minutes away.

In addition to temporary restrictions, seaplanes have baggage allowance limits. Each passenger can carry 20 kilograms of checked baggage and 5 kilograms of hand luggage.

To arrange a seaplane transfer, you must notify your hotel staff at least 48 hours in advance of your planned travel date.

Kuredu Resort & Spa
Kuredu Resort & Spa

Domestic aircraft

In addition to Male Airport, there are a number of local airports in the Maldives that provide domestic passenger transportation between the islands. In particular, there are domestic airports on islands such as Dharavandhoo, Maamigili, Kadhdhoo, Fuvahmulah and more.

The main carriers within the country are the Maldivian National Airline, FlyMe and Manta Air.

However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, airlines have somewhat reduced the number of domestic flights. Up-to-date information on directions and prices should be checked on the official websites of airlines or at the hotel.

Asad Photo Maldives

CIP service

Male Airport (Velana International) provides passengers with the so-called CIP service, which includes a certain set of services, namely

On arrival:

  • meeting a passenger with a nameplate at the plane's ladder;
  • escort to the waiting room (including by car);
  • assistance in processing immigration documents;
  • assistance with the delivery and storage of luggage;
  • free snacks and Wi-Fi;
  • escorting the passenger to the transfer to the hotel.

Passengers leaving the country are provided with a similar set of services.

The CIP service fee is approximately $ 200 for each passenger over two years old for every three hours and is subject to an additional tax of 6% per person. Payment must be made at least two hours before the arrival time of the flight departure.


You can read more useful information on how the transport system of the Maldives works in our article.


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