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What you need to know about the weather in Cyprus and when is the best time to go to the island for a beach holiday? Cyprus is one of the sunniest places on the planet, with clear skies 320 days a year.

The island in the Mediterranean is great for summer holidays. Summer begins sharply in mid-May and lasts almost until October. It comes out hot and dry.

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What you need to know about the weather in Cyprus

  • The hottest months are July and August. In summer, temperatures can reach almost +40 degrees, especially in the central parts of the island. Humidity is low, and in the central plains it ranges from 15 to 30%. Saving coolness will reign on the tops of the green Cypriot mountains. Because there is a temperature difference between the regions located near the sea and the central part of Cyprus.
  • Winter in Cyprus is mild and snow can only be seen on the mountain peaks. It lasts from November to mid-March. And then comes the heat.
  • Spring and autumn in Cyprus are fleeting, they are distinguished by mild weather. From May it is already possible to swim.
  • The brightest month is June, and the "darkest" month is December. Daylight hours average from 9 to 14 hours.
  • Humidity can vary significantly - from 65 to 95% depending on the time of year and day.
  • Fogs in Cyprus almost never happen or happen early in the morning. Visibility is quite good, which pleases motorists. Unless in the spring there can be a light haze. But the winds on the island are quite changeable.
  • The difference between night and day temperatures on the island is significant. In winter it reaches 8-10°C in the plains, and 5-6°C in the mountains. And in summer the difference can even be 16°C! And the sultry day gives way to a cool evening.


When the sea warms up in Cyprus

The maximum water temperature in the sea reaches +27° in August. The rest of the summer is around +22°C. Even in the winter months, the sea temperature is not lower than + 16-17°C: "walruses" can swim. But only the most desperate.


Monthly weather in Cyprus

  • January is the coldest month in Cyprus. At night, the thermometer can drop to +5 degrees, and during the day it can show +15°C. December has the shortest daylight hours. The sea is +16 degrees, so we do not recommend swimming. In January, winds and rains come. And the mountain slopes are covered with snow caps. But it is a sunnier month than December.
  • In February, the air temperature warms up to +17°. At night, usually no more than +7°. The water in the sea is still +16-17 degrees, but the snow begins to melt on the mountain slopes.
  • March. At night the temperature is up to +10 degrees, and the water is +17…+18°. During the day, the air temperature is the same, and the daylight hours last 8 hours. The ski season ends at this time.
  • April. Spring takes its toll and the air temperature during the day is +22°, and at night +15°. Water has time to warm up to +20 degrees. Therefore, in principle, you can start the swimming season. Rains are rare. And in the mountains there is already a carpet of herbs and flowers.
  • In May, real summer comes to Cyprus: +25 degrees during the day, and air temperature at night up to +15°. The water in the Mediterranean Sea warms up +21…+22 degrees and is perfect for swimming.
  • June is one of the sunniest months of the year with 13 hours of daylight. The average air temperature is +26° near the coast, and +32° in the center of the island. The sea is warmed up to +22 degrees, and at night the water cools down a bit: up to +18 degrees.
  • July. During the day, the temperature is stable at +30 degrees, but due to the humidity, the heat is felt quite strongly. At night, the water temperature is not less than +20 degrees. During the day it is like fresh milk: +25 degrees. Only high in the mountains you can hide from the heat, where it is still +25°C.
  • August is the hottest month in Cyprus. During the day, the temperature can reach +40 degrees, especially near the coast. In the central part of the island, it is even more difficult to survive in summer - the temperature is several degrees higher. At night, the temperature can be more gentle: +25 degrees. In the sea, the water will warm up to +27 degrees.
  • September is not for nothing called the velvet season: the air temperature drops to +30° during the day, and at night it drops to +20°. At the same time, swimming in the sea is still comfortable: the water temperature is +25…+27 degrees. And it is the same almost all over the island, regardless of the region.
  • October. Great time for swimming in warm water, heated to +24 degrees. The scorching sun is no longer so strong, and the temperature reaches +27... 28 degrees during the day and +17 degrees at night. Comfortable +24 degrees in the sea. It sometimes rains in the second half of the month.
  • November. As before, Cyprus pleases with pleasant weather: +22°С during the day, and +20°С at sea. This month is already suitable for swimming, not for everyone: the water in the sea cools down to +21°C. Light day is reduced to 6 hours. And at the end of the month the rains come.
  • December is more like European autumn. The weather is cloudy and rainy, the sky is covered with clouds. The temperature during the day reaches +17 degrees and +10 degrees at night. It is one of the darkest months of the year with only 5 hours of daylight. It was then that the top of the Troodos mountains is painted in a snow-white color. Ski season starts.


What clothes to take to Cyprus

What to throw a suitcase with you when going to Cyprus? Depends on the season:

  • April and May have warm days, but temperatures drop at night, so long sleeves and a light jacket will be needed for the evening.
  • From June to August, you can not take warm clothes with you: only light summer clothes.
  • In September and October, it can get chilly in the evenings, so a light blouse will come in handy.
  • In November, the weather is relatively warm during the day, but you want to wear a jumper or jacket.
  • In winter, take an umbrella with you, because it can rain. Be sure to bring jeans, jackets and prepare for the autumn weather. And if you are going to conquer the ski resort, then take full winter equipment.


When is the best time to go to Cyprus

If you dream of a beach holiday, then the ideal period is from May to October. Outdoor enthusiasts should avoid traveling in August and the second half of July. At this time, the heat comes, which can spoil the impression of the walk. If you want to combine hiking trails and the sea, then go during the velvet season - September-October. Or take a closer look at the second half of May.

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Things to do at different times of the year

  • Spring comes from March and lasts until mid-April. It's time to go sightseeing and look at the flowering mountains. Great time to travel around Cyprus. At this time, there are still few people, but the weather is already warm and perfect for hiking and cycling.
  • In summer, the hotels of the island are overcrowded with tourists. The temperature can reach +40°. Summer is perfect for a lazy beach holiday. The fact is that it is quite hot to take walks, especially in July and August. But you can go on an excursion to the mountains, where it is much cooler. The coolest place is on the western coast of Cyprus. There is practically no precipitation, so the landscapes can be semi-desert, with hills scorched by the sun. Be sure to bring a hat and sunscreen.
  • In September and October, the velvet season begins, when you can still swim, sunbathe and enjoy the water activation . At this time, it is convenient to go on an excursion to different parts of the island. Until mid-October, Cyprus is a comfortable place for a beach holiday. And sometimes warm weather completely captures the whole of October. At this time, you can safely go on excursions to Cypriot attractions.
  • The Cypriot winter is mild and warm, lasting from December to February. At this time, many winter days are sunny, comfortable for walks and trips. Snow falls in the mountains, so this is the perfect time for a ski holiday. You can go skiing and snowboarding. By the way, amazing pink flamingos fly to the salt lake in Larnaca in winter. December is ideal to get to know these birds better.


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Cyprus will give a wonderful holiday regardless of the season. But if you want a beach holiday, buy tickets for May-October. And go on trips around the island in May or the first months of autumn: this way you will get a lot of positive emotions without spoiling the impression with the sultry heat.


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