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The islands of Indonesia are located on the largest archipelago of Southeast Asia and are washed by the waters of two oceans at once - the Pacific and the Indian. Winter here is no different from summer. Therefore, a trip to Indonesia will not only be exciting, but also convenient in terms of vacation planning. The climate in the Malay Archipelago is predominantly equatorial. This means frequent but warm rains, alternating with hot weather. The southeastern part of the island of Borneo, almost all of Sumatra, the Moluccas and the northern islands of Sulawesi have a subequatorial climate. That is, the dry season in these areas of Indonesia is practically absent.

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Indonesia has only two seasons - wet and dry. Monsoon rains occur from October to March in almost all territories. Perhaps, on tropical islands, this is the only difference between winter weather and summer weather. The air temperature throughout the year remains at 28-33°C during the day and 21-23°C at night. And the water in the ocean near the coasts warms up to 28-29 ° C all year round .


Seasons of Indonesia

There are only two seasons on the islands - dry and wet.

  • Dry season is from April to October.
  • The wet season is from November to March.

The period from late March-early April to the last week of October is considered the dry season in Indonesia. During the summer months, the humidity level decreases significantly, especially on the small islands.

  • Sumatra and Java . On large islands, where dense tropical forests predominate, it often rains both in summer and in winter. Sumatra is the wettest island in the archipelago. Throughout the year, humidity, especially inland, is kept at 93%.
  • Sulawesi . In some regions of Sulawesi, up to 700 mm of precipitation falls in winter, while in July-August there is rarely more than 20 mm. The islands are known for their amazing dive spots. It is better to plan a trip with scuba diving from March to November.
  • Bali . In Bali, the highest amount of precipitation can be observed in the middle of winter. In the rest of the months, the weather in this paradise is practically unchanged and is suitable for both excursions and beach holidays. Two periods are most suitable for surfers - May-October and December-March.
  • Moluccas . In the Moluccas, the winter months are considered the velvet season, because from October to March, dry monsoons prevail here, and wet in summer.


Monthly weather in Indonesia

January . The first month of winter is the peak of the rainy season in Indonesia. Frequent but warm rains cause an increased level of air humidity. The daytime temperature reaches 28-30 °С , and at night it does not fall below 22-24°С. The water in the ocean is warmed up to 27-28°C.

February . It's the same rainy season. For the whole of February, usually no more than 5-7 clear days fall. During the day, thermometers show up to 28 ° C , and at night 22-23 ° C. In the mountainous regions of Java and Sumatra, it is slightly cooler - 20-22°C during the day and 13-15°C at night. The water along the coasts remains suitable for swimming and water sports.

March . By the middle of the month, the number of rainy hours will begin to decrease. During the day, the average air temperature reaches 32-33 ° C , and at night - up to 23 ° C. The water near the coasts becomes a little cooler - about 26-27°C. It rains mostly at night. The highest amount of precipitation is observed in Sumatra.

April . The rains are receding, but the humidity level is still high. On the resort islands for the whole month you can find no more than 8-10 rainy days. The main advantage of the April weather in Indonesia is crystal clear lagoons and perfect diving. The water in the ocean warms up to 28°C.

May . The beginning of the dry season in Indonesia. It rains more and more often at night, and the sun shines during the day. More and more conditions for productive travel. During this period, Sumatra receives twice as much rainfall as other islands of the archipelago. The average temperature during the day is 32 °C , at night 24°C.

June . In June, the air and water temperature drops by a couple of degrees. The stuffiness gradually disappears, and the temperature of the water in the ocean is still warmed up to 28-29 ° C. An ideal time to relax near the coast and rich excursions. The tropical greenery of the islands at this time is gaining rich hues.

July . During the day, the average air temperature is from 29 to 33 ° C , and at night from 22 to 26 ° C. Clear and fine days allow you to plan active leisure, and the water near the coast warms up to 28°C. The dry season in all of Indonesia, with the exception of Sumatra, is characterized by consistently high rainfall.

August . High season in Bali is in full swing. Daytime air temperature averages 32 °C during the day and 25°C at night. Despite the high temperatures, the heat is not as noticeable as during periods of high humidity. The water is still ideal for swimming - 28°C.

September . In September, the dry season continues on the islands of Indonesia. Partly cloudy and light rains do not create sultry closeness and the best conditions for travel and excursions remain. The water temperature is at the same level as in the summer months.

October . Closing of the high season in Bali and other resort islands in Indonesia. The last month of the year, when you can catch dry and hot weather. By the end of October, usually there is more and more precipitation, but the summer temperature regime is preserved. The most intense rains prevail in the always wet Sumatra.

November . At the beginning of the rainy season, the air and water temperatures are still comfortable for recreation, although the number of daytime and nighttime rains increases sharply.

December . The last month of the year is very similar to November in terms of weather. The only difference is even less sunny and even more rainy days. The air temperature during the day rises to 28-29°C.


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