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Bali is a beautiful green island with amazing nature, pleasant atmosphere and a wide range of local products. Finding suitable souvenirs for yourself and your loved ones is not a difficult task at all. You just need to stroll through local markets, souvenir shops or shopping centers, depending on what type of shopping you prefer.

As for souvenirs themselves, cute trinkets such as keychains and magnets, oils and cosmetic products based on natural ingredients, leather goods, as well as decorative items that can be purchased in most souvenir shops are very popular among tourists. But if you are not inclined to spontaneous shopping and take a thoughtful approach to new acquisitions, read our article, which will help you choose the right souvenirs.

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Balinese coffee

Famous Kopi Luwak is one of the most expensive coffees in the world (its price can range from 30 to 100 US dollars per 100 grams) and will be a wonderful gift for connoisseurs of the aromatic drink. Before getting into the cup, the fruits of the coffee tree (coffee cherries) go through a long journey, which includes the digestive tract of a cute animal called the palm civet, also known as the musang.

However, before purchasing such a drink, you should consider that previously coffee was prepared from beans that were eaten naturally by civet cats. But due to increased demand for Kopi Luwak and in an attempt to make quick money, many unscrupulous entrepreneurs abandoned traditional production methods. They began trapping civets, keeping them in cages, and force-feeding them coffee beans. The use of traps and the “coffee diet” cause physical and mental trauma to the animal. To avoid supporting animal cruelty, buy your coffee from sustainable businesses, including companies like Satu Satu, Bali Beans and Gayo Kopi.



Bags made from various materials are also quite popular and practical Balinese souvenirs. You can find them in markets and souvenir shops. Most often they are made of textiles, leather or rattan. Such a souvenir is quite practical, since depending on the material and design, such bags can be used for different purposes: from commuting to work to beach or city walks.



Handmade silver jewelry is sold both in regular souvenir shops and in specialized jewelry boutiques, and, as a rule, is of good quality.

In addition, there is the opportunity to attend master classes, during which you, under the guidance of experienced craftsmen, will be able to create your own creation - a ring, pendant or earrings. For example, such services are offered by the family complex Chez Monique in Ubud.

Handmade jewelry will be a wonderful gift for those who appreciate exclusive, truly unique things.


Handmade wooden souvenirs

Wooden figurines, toys, boxes, bowls and other similar items are another popular souvenir from Bali . Hand-carved masks occupy a special place in the line of products made from wood. For example, the Barong mask is a character from Balinese mythology, which local artists use in popular traditional dances.



T-shirts and beachwear, scarves and sarongs, and the traditional Balinese outfit called kebaya make great souvenirs. Traditional Balinese fabrics are handwoven from cotton using natural dyes. However, recently, handmade products are increasingly giving way to factory production.

To learn more about authentic Balinese crafts, visit Threads' educational workshops of Life is a community whose representatives contribute to the preservation of traditional weaving methods and natural dyeing. In addition, they actively support women on the 12 Indonesian islands and promote local culture.


Arak and Brem

These alcoholic drinks are made from fermented rice and are an important part of Balinese culture. Arak can be consumed as a stand-alone drink or serve as a base for cocktails.

However, you should be careful when buying alcohol in Bali , since purchasing it in questionable places can cause serious harm to your health. Dewi brand products are widely popular Sri . The company was founded in 1968 and has been producing quality drinks for locals and visitors to the island for decades. The beverage production plant is located in Sanur, but the company's products are represented almost throughout Bali. Arak bottles Bali is easily recognizable thanks to the image of the Naga dragon Basuki on the label.

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Choose products that you like and be sure that they will bring a lot of joy and pleasant memories.


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