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From vacation you can bring the warmest memories - landscapes, gentle sea, evenings in restaurants or swimming at sunset; and also souvenirs that will remind us of the rest. The Maldives is no exception. There are enough original souvenirs here that you might want to buy. But first of all, we advise you to understand several important aspects. So, what are the best souvenirs to buy in the Maldives What can and can not be taken in memory of the islands What subtleties you need to know about Maldives souvenirs and where to buy them We will discuss further.

Where to buy souvenirs in the Maldives

Some private islands have their own shops, souvenir shops and small boutiques with clothing, cosmetics and, of course, souvenirs. The products that are available on private islands may not differ in any way from those that can be purchased in Male or on local islands. Nothing but the price. The further from the capital and the inhabited islands, the more expensive. This is due to additional transportation costs and lack of competition. In addition, be prepared that there is no tax-free system in the Maldives.

Kurumba Maldives
Kurumba Maldives

Souvenirs in Male

In the capital of the Republic of Maldives, Male, the selection of souvenirs is more diverse than on the island villages. There are even streets dedicated to souvenir shopping - Orchid Magu, Faamudheyri Magu and Fareedhee Magu.

Original souvenirs of the Maldives

If you are fond of a beautiful cup, fridge magnet, unusual figurine made of porcelain or glass and other factory goods, look for them made in ... Most likely it will be China, Thailand, India, Indonesia or Sri Lanka. There is no souvenir production in the Maldives. All beautiful things that are pleasing to the eye, shining on the shelves, have nothing to do with the Maldives. They just visited here, as did the tourists.

Hand-made souvenirs made by local residents are another matter. These can be wooden products, various kinds of household appliances, decorations and crafts made from coconut shells. It is better to buy original handmade souvenirs on local islands.


Handmade souvenirs in the Maldives

  • Wood and hardwood products. These can be authentic caskets with Maldivian ornaments, baskets woven from palm leaves, wooden models of traditional dhoni boats, Maldivian origami.
  • Works of art by local artists. For example, a soulful seascape will be a vivid reminder of a Maldivian vacation.
  • Cane. From it, the Maldivians make mats (or rugs) by hand. A souvenir is quite a practical thing on the farm.
  • Necklaces and bracelets. From seashells, multi-colored pebbles. You can also find very original Maldivian wooden pendants.


What to bring from Maldives

Shark teeth

Alternatively, even a whole jaw. Quite a popular souvenir that can be legally smuggled through customs. The main thing is to have a purchase receipt from the store. It confirms that the shark died of natural causes and that its jaw is now officially a souvenir.

From one inexpensive tooth, you can make for yourself a completely original keychain or even a pendant that can be worn, for example, on a bracelet. The shops have teeth and jaws of various shark species that are found in Maldivian waters. From small reef to whale and white shark.



Male or female. Most often, as a souvenir, the sarong is interested in the female gender. A lightweight cotton garment covers the lower torso like a long and light skirt. The Maldivian sarong can then be used on any other beach. This souvenir will remind you of the coral sand of the paradise islands every time. Especially if you choose something colorful, with national Maldivian patterns.



Exclusive jewelry made of coral or pearls. In the shops of Male, you can find many colorful counters with such decorations. They will be a great gift for girls and women.


Coconut oil

As a product and as a cosmetic oil. A very useful natural component in both forms. Coconut oil has a positive effect on health and strengthens the immune system. In the form of a cosmetic product, it is also very popular. There are a dime a dozen coconuts in the Maldives, so the cost will be exactly lower than in your city, and the quality is at the highest level.


Fruits and sweets

If you don't know how else to please your loved ones, bring them exotic fruits from the Maldives - coconuts, Maldivian bananas, papaya, mango or guava. Remember to take care of the correct packaging.

In the market in Male, and not only there, you can buy a local delicacy made from coconut pulp with the addition of chocolate or fruit. These exotic sweets are on the shelves in the form of sausages packed in palm leaves.


Spices and dried tuna

Both will not spoil on the road. Nevertheless, at home you can enjoy the Maldivian flavor for a while. A mixture of exotic spices should be added to any meat dishes. However, in moderation - the Maldives have a pungent taste.

Tuna can be purchased in any market in Male. In terms of quality and taste, it will be very different from that flat-dried fish that is in stores in your city. In the Maldives, tuna is a real breadwinner. There are many of this fish here and they cook it conscientiously.


Perhaps one of the most unusual souvenirs of our time. In the age of photography, a simple postcard will surprise no one. Unless there will be a Maldivian postage stamp on it. Sending a postcard to your loved ones, friends or even yourself to your home address is a simple and inexpensive pleasure in the Maldives. Right at the airport, on the way to the departure hall, there is a 24-hour Post Shop. A colorful postcard with a stamp and your warm wishes will cost no more than $ 2.

What not to take as a souvenir of the Maldives

There is a small list of things that you may have problems with when going through the Maldivian customs. The Maldives cherish their unique nature very much. Therefore, tourists are prohibited from exporting

  • corals (even if they are dead and not very beautiful) and pearl shells;
  • coral products (except those that you bought with a receipt);
  • tortoiseshell souvenirs (except those you bought with a check);
  • reef fish (both live and not so).

Francesco Ungaro
Francesco Ungaro

To avoid confusion, keep receipts for all souvenir purchases that you made in the Maldives. Then nothing will spoil your impressions of the paradise islands.


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