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The island of Bali on the general map of Indonesia looks completely unsightly compared to the group of the Greater Sunda Islands. However, Bali is the most well-known tourism island in Indonesia. It has everything for an unforgettable holiday - Asian culture, ancient temples, volcanic sands, coral reefs and stunning greenery of the equatorial tropics. The tourist infrastructure in Bali is developed at a high level. In the south of the island there are many resorts with luxurious world-class hotels. On the island you can relax in a carefree all inclusive, as well as find accommodation for rent for any budget.

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Traveling around the unusually beautiful island is a real pleasure. Bali is full of beautiful natural sites, authentic settlements and attractions worth seeing. Let's go through the map of Bali to identify the best tourist spots.

Tourist map of Bali | Depositphotos

Geography of the island

Bali belongs to the Lesser Sunda Islands and is located across the strait from the large island of Java on the west side and from the island of Lombok in the east. It is washed by the Indian and Pacific oceans. The area of the island is more than 5400 km². The length from west to east is about 145 kilometers, from north to south - 80 kilometers. There are two impressive active volcanoes in the northeastern part of the island. The south and north of Bali are separated by a mountain range.

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Cities and resort areas of Bali


Ubud located on a hill, among the green nature of deep gorges and rice valleys. This special Balinese city with a colorful people and ancient culture is considered the center of the arts and spiritual life of the island. In turn, the surroundings of Ubud are the center of folk crafts, which annually attract hundreds of thousands of tourists. In Ubud, yoga and meditation centers, healthy food cafes are everywhere open. Many rush here for a spiritual and physical reboot.

Location: in the central foothills of the Gianyar district, at a distance of 35-40 kilometers from the city of Denpasar and the airport.

What to visit in Ubud

  • Temple of Tirta Empul
  • Monkey forest
  • Campuhan route Ridge (Path of artists)
  • Museum of Art
  • Saraswati - the main temple in the center of Ubud


Resorts on the southwest coast of Bali

The most popular resort center in the south of Bali is the Kuta area with its incredible surf coast. A long beach with soft sand and numerous cafes, restaurants, hotels and water equipment rental centers. If you are looking for a beach holiday in Bali - you are here. Other beach areas of Bali are also concentrated near Kuta:

  • Legian
  • Seminyak
  • Jimbaran
  • Canggu
  • Uluwatu

The advantage of the southern resorts of Bali is not only in luxurious beaches, but also in a convenient location close to Ngurah Rai International Airport in Denpasar. On average, the distance from Denpasar to the resort areas of the west coast is 4-8 kilometers.

There are several attractive beach areas on the southeast coast of the island. Among them are Nusa Dua and Sanur. Pantai beach Sanur is one of the main natural sites in Bali.

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Artur Koichurenko
South Bali map


The city of Denpasar is the administrative center of Bali. There are not many interesting places here, but there are quite enough colorful Asian streets and noisy shopping arcades. Near the city is the island's airport, which receives tourist flights. Therefore, in any case, you can end up in Denpasar in transit.

What to visit in Denpasar:

  • souvenir shops
  • Bali Museum
  • Jagannath Palace
  • Puputan Square



Not far from Denpasar, in Gianyar district, there is an authentic Balinese village Batubulan. This place is known as the center of the art of stone carving. Here you can walk among the impressive sculptures. Traditional dances and performances are another feature of Batubulan.


On the north coast of Bali, there is the port city of Singaraja, the capital of Buleleng District. It is the second largest city on the island, after Denpasar. The place is quite colorful and does not look like a big city in the usual sense. Singaraja attracts with its endless natural expanses, indigenous Balinese, their culture and crafts.

In Singaraja, it is worth visiting the unique library of Gedong manuscripts Kirtya. It contains more than 300 ancient manuscripts written on palm leaves.



In the eastern part of Bali, the city of Amlapura is located, a real storehouse for connoisseurs of Asian culture and architecture. In Amlapura, you should definitely visit the Puri Palace Complex. Agung, erected in 1900 The road from Denpasar takes 2.5-3 hours.


Candi -Dasa

The resort town of Candi Dasa is located in the east of Bali. It is often chosen by fans of a relaxing holiday and eco-tourism in Bali. This is an incredibly picturesque place surrounded by the sea and green mountains. The infrastructure is also on top - there are enough hotels and inns, food establishments and shops. There is excellent diving in the local lagoon. In Candi Dasa is worth visiting Lotus Lagoon and Pura Temple.


Just 15 kilometers west of Candi Dasa is the small port town of Padangbai. It is the starting point for sea voyages to the nearest small islands. An ideal place for a relaxing holiday in the middle of Balinese nature.



If you are planning to stay in Ubud, visit Semarapura as an excursion, located 22 kilometers away. As in all towns in Bali, here you can enjoy the local culture, interesting buildings and pretty streets. Be sure to walk among the ruins of Klungkung Temple (the palace of the kingdom of Klungkung).



In the west of Bali there is a small town Negara whose popularity among tourists is increasing every year. Negara is of significant historical importance to the Balinese. Here you can walk among the old temples and enjoy the surrounding greenery. There are several hotels and eateries in the town. One of the most visited places in Negara is Bali West National Park. A trip to Negara is often planned for the end of summer - the beginning of autumn, when the famous Balinese buffalo races are held here.

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