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There are no problems with the number of decent beaches in Cyprus. The main task is to choose those places that you like. The island has several main resort destinations - Ayia Napa, Protaras, Limassol, Larnaca and Paphos. Here you can find many decent beaches and rocky coasts, both in the centers and in the picturesque surroundings. We offer you to get acquainted with the best beaches of sunny Cyprus in this selection.


What you need to know about a beach holiday in Cyprus

  • Weather. Cyprus has a subtropical climate with very warm and sunny summers, so the swimming season on the island lasts from May to October.
  • Recognition. As many as 69 beaches in Cyprus in 2021 were included in the Blue Flag list - an international award given to beaches in Europe that meet high standards of quality and suitability for bathing water.
  • Municipal beaches. All beach areas of Cyprus are municipal. They are open to free access for all vacationers, regardless of whether you live in a nearby hotel.
  • Beach equipment. On all equipped beaches in Cyprus, sun loungers and umbrellas are available for rent for a fee - about 2.5 euros for a sun lounger and the same amount for an umbrella (for a full day). Many tourists prefer to purchase their own umbrellas, which can pay off three times during the rest period.


Ayia Napa beaches

Ayia Napa in Cyprus is undoubtedly in the lead as a resort with the most stunning beaches on the island. Right in the beach Ayia Napa in the summer season flock to tens of thousands of tourists to bask in the sun.

Limanaki Beach

City beach Limanaki, aka Pantachou beach, is located along the walk to the seaport of Ayia Napa, and is the center of the congestion of vacationers. There are a lot of things here, but during the season - in July and August, as a rule, there is nowhere for an apple to fall. For that, for a lazy rest on the sand, Limanaki will be an ideal location. Along the azure coast there are many cafes, restaurants and mini markets, as well as hotels and inns, for example:

  • Limanaki Beach Hotel
  • Okeanos Beach Hotel
  • Theophan Restaurant and Apartments
  • Napa Mermaid Hotel & Suites
  • Grecian Sands Hotel
  • Alexia Hotel Apartments
Book your holiday in the most "beach" resort of Cyprus. Ayia Napa has a huge selection of hotels and apartments.

A picturesque hiking trail begins from the city beach, which stretches almost to the very Cape Greco. This is one of the most beautiful routes along the coast in all of Cyprus.

Beach features:

  • length 1.2 kilometers;
  • developed infrastructure;
  • wide coastline;
  • calm waters due to the location in the bay;
  • fine golden sand.

Location: in the center of Ayia Napa, east of the city amusement park.


Glyki Nero

Starts right after Limanaki. Glyki Nero also called the Greek Bay (Grecian Bay) after the name of the located on the coast Grecian Bay Hotel. A picturesque place with a smooth sunset, a sandy bottom and a bright turquoise sea. The beach is popular due to its close location from the center, a 15-minute walk along the coast. Nearby is the natural attraction Love Bridge - a mega -popular natural rock bridge in the photo of tourists.

On the Glyki Nero Beach:

  • coastline 250 meters long and 30-40 meters wide;
  • there is a cafe, sun loungers and a water sports center;
  • sandy bottom and bright turquoise water;
  • you can dive near underwater caves and grottoes.

Location: in the center of Ayia Napa.


Nissi Beach 

It is considered the most attractive beach of Ayia Napa and the island as a whole. It features white sand, which is rare for the beaches of Cyprus. A picturesque sandbar connects the beach with a natural peninsula and comes to the surface at low tide. In combination with the turquoise water characteristic of these places, the coast looks very impressive. A shallow depth goes into the sea for about 50 meters, with a gentle entry and a soft bottom.

This is the party coast of Ayia Napa, where clubs, discos and bars are concentrated. The beach is also ideal for families with children, so the nearest family hotels are always in demand. Near Nissi there are cafes and restaurants for every taste, many shops, parking, a diving center, water activities, volleyball courts, ATV and buggy rentals. Among the popular first line hotels:

  • NissiBlu Beach Resort
  • Nissiana Hotel & Bungalows

Features of Nissi Beach:

  • 500 meters of coastline;
  • white sand spit with a small island;
  • gentle entry into the water;
  • excellent infrastructure for outdoor activities.

How to get there: from the center of Ayia Napa by public bus number 101 in 15 minutes.


Makronisos Beach

A popular place outside the city, at the exit from Ayia Napa to Larnaca. From Nissi to Makronisos Beach can be reached on foot in 30 minutes along a scenic route. If walking is not for you, a city bus runs to the beach.

The beach is clean, white sand and calm atmosphere. In this area there are no clusters of hotels and a large number of vacationers, but there is a whole beach infrastructure. Families with children like to spend time here.

On Makronisos Beach:

  • all conditions for swimming, water sports and snorkeling;
  • volleyball court;
  • beach infrastructure;
  • fine sand and smooth entry into the water;
  • archaeological sites and entertainment in close proximity.

Hotels nearby: Dome Beach and Asterias Beach.

How to get there: by bus number 101 from the center of Ayia Napa and number 102 in the opposite direction.


Konnos Bay Beach

Konnos Beach is located on the road from Ayia Napa to Protaras, in a beautiful bay with a clear turquoise sea. The picturesque beach on the coast of Cape Greco is surrounded by stunning cliffs. A beautiful, equipped place with sun loungers, a cafe, a restaurant and parking. A fairly calm beach a short distance from the city is suitable for a relaxing holiday by the sea.

Beach benefits:

  • surrounded by picturesque rocks;
  • cleanliness and necessary infrastructure;
  • gentle entry and sandy bottom;
  • great place for snorkeling;
  • there is parking.

Hotels near:

  • Greek Park
  • Konnos Bay Gardens
  • Narcissos Villa Doria
  • Marias Villa

How to get there: from Ayia Napa by bus number 101 towards Protaras. In the opposite direction by bus number 102.


Beach holidays in Protaras

The resort Protaras is the second town on the coast after Ayia Napa, which is famous for its sandy beaches. The main feature of the local bays is emerald waters and gray-golden soft sand. Protaras is ideal for a family beach holiday, in which it has no equal in Cyprus. Along all the beaches, from bay to bay, there is a footpath. The picturesque area attracts connoisseurs of hiking trails surrounded by marine nature. The main thing is to stock up on sunscreen, water and hats.

Book a hotel in Protaras and enjoy an exceptional beach holiday in Cyprus!

Fireman Beach

Almost on the border with Northern Cyprus, near the village of Paralimni, there is a small beach with beautiful marine nature, but underdeveloped infrastructure. These are beautiful, wild places on the east coast, where you can enjoy the sea, sun and sand in a relatively secluded atmosphere. The beach has several cafes and parking. Among independent car tourists, Fireman Beach is in great demand.

How to get there: by car or by bus following the route Ayia Napa - Protaras - Paralimni.


Kalamiеs Beach

Kalamies, or Louma Beach, is a beautiful bay of perfect shape, with calm blue waters and clean sand. At the edge of the bay there is a famous architectural monument - the chapel of St. Nicholas (Agios Nikolaos) and a small pier from which boat trips depart.

Beach features:

  • coastline length 400 meters;
  • gentle entry and clear water;
  • calm environment;
  • rental of sun loungers and umbrellas;
  • cafe and restaurant nearby.

Hotels near:

  • Villa Mey
  • MyroAndrou Beach Hotel Apartments
  • Maricosta Apartments 
  • Maricosta Villas
  • Livas Hotel Apartments
  • Kitsios Villas

How to get there: by car or public transport from Protaras.


Pernera Beach

A little further from Kalamies begins an equally beautiful bay with Pernera beach, the same small and cozy place for a relaxing swim in the crystal lagoon and sunbathing. The lack of waves and great depth attract tourists and local residents with children to the bay. There are enough hotels and apartments near the beach, so it can be crowded during the high season. Immediately behind Pernera, Polyxenia opens - another bay with a small, well-groomed beach.

Popular hotels near Pernera Beach :

  • Villa Florie
  • Palm Village Villas
  • AT Herbal Hotel
  • Villa Posidonas
  • Louis Althea Beach

How to get there: by car or bus number 102 from Ayia Napa.

Sunrise Beach

Sunrise Beach (or Flamingo Beach) - another coast with a beautiful, well-groomed territory and developed infrastructure. There are water activities for every taste and age, rental of sun loungers and umbrellas, cafes and restaurants along the entire coastline. Sunrise, like most beaches in Protaras, is ideal for families with small children - soft sand, shallow depth and all the necessary infrastructure are within easy reach. The beach is located in the central part of the resort, so during the high season it is crowded. On the first and second lines there are many hotels and inns for a carefree holiday. A well-groomed promenade stretches along the coast for evening promenades.

Beach features:

  • length about a kilometer;
  • all conditions for family comfort;
  • gentle entry into the water;
  • a wide range of water activities.

Hotels near:

  • Sunrise Beach Hotel
  • Capo Bay Hotel
  • Protaras Sunrise Beach Villa

Fig Tree Beach

Or Fig Tree Bay Beach, which is considered the most beautiful beach in the resort of Protaras. Picturesque oval bay with rich turquoise sea and golden sand. This place deserves many shots. There is a cafe on the hill, which offers views of this incredible beauty. Snorkeling in the bay is also at its best - the underwater panorama is simply fantastic. Above the beach there is a hiking trail for long walks along the coast.

Advantages of the beach:

  • lots of family entertainment;
  • water sports;
  • modern beach infrastructure;
  • gentle entry into the water;
  • stunning landscapes;
  • good wifi.

 Hotels and apartments nearby:

  • Seafront Protaras Villas 
  • Leucolla Hill & Sea
  • Seafront Protaras Apartments 
  • Maouris Hotel Apartments
  • Pallini Court


Beaches in Limassol

Limassol is the most historical city of Southern Cyprus. This is the place that travelers choose to combine a sightseeing holiday with a beach holiday. Here you can see a lot of interesting architecture of the past centuries, but there are also a couple of excellent beaches. They are concentrated not in the city, but in the suburbs.

Choose and book a hotel in Limassol for an unforgettable holiday in Cyprus!

Governors Beach 

The Governor's Beach is one of the most amazing coasts in Cyprus, which is distinguished by incredible natural features - dark sand and white rocks. In summer, here is the warmest water on the island, slightly milky tide. The perfect place for the best Instagram stories about holidays in Cyprus. Among the chalk hills you can find convenient descents into the water. Above the white cliffs is a restaurant with views of these incredible landscapes.


  • restaurant and cafe;
  • rental of sun loungers and umbrellas;
  • parking.

Hotels near: one minute from the beach you can stay in Governors Beach Costas Holiday, comfortable apartments with all amenities.

How to get there: by car or taxi from Limassol (25 kilometers) along the A1 highway Limassol - Larnaca.

Curium Beach Road

Picturesque coastline with sea views, yellow sand, azure sea and access to the ruins of the historic Curium. This area is included in the protected area of the Akrotiri peninsula.

Beach holidays here are often combined with a tour of ancient architecture. Just above the beach is the ancient Roman amphitheater of Curium. The beach is characterized by fine dark sand and blue water. In any weather, waves are observed here, but this disadvantage is brightened up by unique views. On Curium beach Road has a restaurant, cafe and underground parking. Sun loungers and umbrellas can be rented. A couple of minutes from the beach is a cozy hotel Curium Palace 3*.

Beach infrastructure:

  • soft volcanic sand;
  • cafe and restaurant on the coast;
  • availability of parking;
  • rental of sun loungers and umbrellas.

How to get there: by car on highway B6 Limassol - Pathos.

Pissouri Beach

Between Limassol and Pathos there is a small resort village of Pissouri with a beautiful well-groomed beach. A long coastline with small pebbles and sandy gullies, a beautiful promenade street and modern infrastructure. Here you can have a bite to eat in one of the many cafes, rent a catamaran and buy local souvenirs. A beach holiday will be comfortable and enjoyable - clean water, gentle entry and sun lounger rental. Since there are pebbles at the bottom, swimming in special shoes is recommended. During the warm season, a diving school is open on Pissouri Beach.

In Pissouri, you can choose an excellent hotel or apartment for a beach holiday in Cyprus.

Pissouri beach features:

  • sand and pebble coast with clear water;
  • modern beach infrastructure;
  • cafes and restaurants abound;
  • water activities for adults and children.

How to get there: a bus runs from Limassol to Pissouri.


Larnaca beaches

In Larnaca, the beach life is quite well developed and there are noteworthy coasts for relaxing under the Cypriot sun. The beaches of Larnaca are characterized by a gentle entry into the water and soft, almost brown sands, more reminiscent of clay. In the high season, all the necessary infrastructure has been prepared for tourists, and on the central coasts there are many places for noisy beach parties and midnight fun on the coast.

Choose the best hotels in Larnaca and book your holiday today!

Mackenzie Beach

A beautiful beach near Larnaca airport, where you can constantly watch the planes coming in for landing. For this he was nicknamed Airplane Beach. Clean and well-groomed coast with the Blue Flag and excellent infrastructure.

Features of Mackenzie Beach:

  • long and wide coastline;
  • shallow bottom (depth for swimming 150 meters from the shore);
  • grey-brown sand;
  • sun loungers and umbrellas for rent;
  • paid parking;
  • a good selection of establishments on the beach;
  • water activities for the whole family.

Hotels near:

  • Mackenzie Beach Zen-Apartment
  • Best Western Plus Larco Hotel


Finikoudes Beach

City beach of Larnaca - Finikoudes - has everything you need for a lazy beach day, and there are some great places for evening entertainment nearby. All excursions start from here, it has its own bus station, many hotels and inns, a beautiful municipal park with attractions and a stunning promenade for walking along the sea. Finikoudes starts at the old castle - the main historical monument of Larnaca.

Beach features:

  • developed infrastructure;
  • long and wide coastline;
  • dark brown soft sand;
  • Close to major attractions and entertainment.

Hotels near:

  • Frangiorgio Hotel 
  • Sun Hall Hotel
  • Les Palmiers Beach Boutique Hotel & Luxury Apartments
  • Rise Hotel
  • Radisson Blu Hotel
  • Marina's Rooms Xrisopolitissa Larnaca

The best beaches in Paphos

The beaches of Paphos, like in Larnaca, do not have much charm, except for the level of infrastructure along the coast and proximity to historical sites. There are no sandy areas within the waterfront, with the exception of a few private areas at hotels. What else is worth noting here is the likely beauty of sunsets on the sea. However, there are several attractive places for a beach holiday in the vicinity of the resort.

Paphos has a wide range of hotels and inns for an unforgettable holiday in Cyprus.


Coral Bay Beach

The beach of the bay of the same name, the most popular on the western coast of Cyprus. It is located 12 kilometers from the city. There is a sandy coast without impurities of pebbles and shells, which is rare for Paphos. The azure warm sea with a smooth sunset and all modern conditions make Coral Bay is the best beach for families with children in the region.


  • cafe overlooking the coast;
  • parking;
  • showers, changing rooms and toilets along the entire coastline;
  • rental of sun loungers and umbrellas;
  • children's amusement park;
  • wide range of water activities.

Hotels near:

  • Coral Beach Hotel & Resort
  • Crown Resorts Horizon
  • Sentido Thalassa Coral Bay
  • Ascos Coral Beach Hotel 

 How to get there: by bus number 615 from Paphos (from Kato Paphos harbor).

Erik Karits
Erik Karits

Latchi Beach in Polis

And finally, it is worth adding to the list of the best beaches the coast of the village of Latchi, which is 40 kilometers from Paphos. A picturesque promenade line connects Latchi with the popular resort of Polis and stretches for several tens of kilometers of wide, sandy and pebbly beaches with a bright blue sea. The equipped beaches of Latchi have all the necessary infrastructure, including water sports, tour desks, taverns and restaurants. A free coastline stretches towards the Akamas reserve without the usual infrastructure, but with pretty coves and wild beaches.

Choose and book the best hotels in Polis for an unforgettable holiday in Cyprus!



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