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Paphos is one of the best resorts in Cyprus on the Mediterranean coast. It is considered a place for respectable rest. This is the birthplace of Aphrodite, who, according to legend, emerged from the foam on this shore. And Paphos is translated from Greek as "passion".

The resort is located on the southwestern coast of Cyprus, where the Mediterranean climate reigns - hot summers and warm, sometimes rainy winters.

More information about the weather in Cyprus.

Paphos is often chosen for recreation by older people. It is quieter, calmer than other resorts. And also go those who want a quiet and peaceful holiday.

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Erik Karits
Erik Karits

Beach holidays on the coast of Paphos

Almost all of Paphos is bays with rocky shores and stones hiding under the water. Therefore, the beaches are mostly rocky. They are not suitable for children's recreation. On the embankment, the beaches are equipped with steps leading into the water. But outside the city there is also a sandy coast with sand, hotel beaches with sun loungers and umbrellas. However, the sandy entrance to the water is often inconvenient: many stones are hidden under the turquoise water, which are inconvenient for both adults and children.

But Paphos is beautiful because when you go on vacation, you will be on the beach near the sights. On equipped beaches you will find a toilet, shower, rent of sun loungers and umbrellas. In some hotels this service is already included in the price.

The rental price is 5 euros per day. You can come to the beach with your own umbrella and towel. The cost of the toilet and shower depends on the beach. Sometimes for free, sometimes in the order of euros.


The best beaches in Paphos

Many are disappointed to learn that there are no sandy beaches in Paphos, especially in the city center. The embankment and its surroundings are rocky beaches with steps into the water. On the embankment, the entrance to the water is rocky, it is better to swim in slippers.

It is difficult to find really good beaches in the city of Paphos. They are suitable for those who just want to plunge into the water. There are quite a lot of boats and yachts, so the water can hardly be called crystal clear. But you can find a dozen small sandy beaches near the hotels. By the way, pay attention to the warning signs: some beaches have strong undercurrents.

  • Faros Beach. If you see the fortress of Paphos, then the hiking trail begins to the right of it. In half an hour you can walk to Faros beach. This is a sandy beach with a gentle entry into the water and a beautiful coastline, many stones of coral origin. Nearby is a string of cozy hotels. A peaceful, quiet beach holiday awaits guests with a view of the beautiful lighthouse.
  • Coral Bay Beach. This is the most hyped and most famous beach in Paphos. It is interesting for its dark golden sand and gently sloping entrance. The entrance to the water is gentle and very pleasant, suitable for families with children. There is all the necessary infrastructure, sun loungers, umbrellas, water activities, cafes, restaurants. You can entertain children with rides and play with them in the children's park. The beach is located 12 km from the Paphos promenade.
  • Corallia Beach. Located near the coral. There are many hotels on the coastline, including high-class ones. Very busy place in summer. You can get there by bus number 615 from Paphos Harbour.
  • Atlantis Beach. A pleasant beach for swimming and relaxing on the shore, located near the village of Geroskipou. It is surrounded by beautiful gardens with exotic plants. Suitable for children: sandy entrance to the water, rather shallow bottom. In addition, the water is protected from the waves thanks to a kind of stone lagoon. You can get there by buses No. 606 and No. 611 from the embankment.
  • Aphrodite Beach. Well, how to visit Paphos and not look into the very place where Aphrodite herself emerged from the sea foam! Cypriots came up with an excellent legend that attracts millions of tourists every year. The bay is hidden behind high rocks and cliffs, and magnificent views open up from a height: hills framing the turquoise lagoon. But the beach is pebbly with all the ensuing consequences. It is best to come to the beach in the morning. You can get to it by bus number 631, which travels from the embankment. Distance - 28 km.
  • Lara Beach - the so-called turtle beach, which is located in the reserve of the Akamas Peninsula. In spring, green turtles come ashore and lay their eggs in the local sand for centuries. The beach is guarded and not crowded. It is sandy, rather shallow: families with children will like it. Getting to the beach is quite difficult: better by car.


When to visit Paphos

In Paphos, the swimming season lasts 8 months: you can relax even in early November and the sea will be warm. The opening of the season in Paphos falls at the beginning of May. At this time, the sun is already warming well.

  • The beach season ends in late October - early November. The climate of Paphos is Mediterranean: warm winters and dry summers. In principle, cold does not drop in here.
  • The average temperature in winter is +18 degrees during the day and +7 degrees at night. It can be quite rainy. July and August are hot months. In September and the first half of March, the daytime temperature is +26…+28 degrees. Cooling comes from the end of October. The water temperature in the sea is at least +25 degrees in the summer season. In May it can be about +20 degrees.
  • Paphos is surrounded by the Troodos mountains. They delay the air masses over the city, so it is more rainy here than in other parts of Cyprus. So the climate in Paphos is warm and humid.

Citrus fruits are harvested in winter. In the spring, strawberries and medlar arrive in time. In summer - cherries, apricots, peaches, figs. Autumn is the time for apples, grapes and persimmons.


History of the resort

Paphos is the city of legends and the birth of love. It keeps a huge number of architectural monuments that we inherited from ancient civilizations. Initially, the city was founded somewhat south of the place where tourists are now strolling, on the site of the modern village of Kouklia. According to another, more romantic legend, Pygmalion was the ruler of ancient Cyprus. He created a beautiful pink marble statue that he fell in love with. Aphrodite turned a stone statue into a woman: this is how Pygmalion got a wife, Galatea. And their daughter was named Paphos or "passion". There is another legend according to which the word Paphos comes from the Greek word Papos, or "father".


Historical facts

  • The history of the city dates back to the Neolithic era and dates back to the third millennium BC. The largest settlement was located on the coast, 12 km southeast of present-day Paphos. It was founded near the current harbor of modern Paphos.
  • In the 4th century BC, Paphos came under the influence of a dynasty of Egyptian rulers. It was the heyday of the city.
  • Paphos was the capital of Cyprus during Roman and Ptolemaic rule.
  • The foundation of the city dates back to the 6th century BC. It was a small settlement right on the seashore. And on the site of the current Paphos was a Phoenician colony.
  • Paphos was a participant in the events of the formation of Christianity.
  • The great orator and philosopher Cicero lived in Paphos. He was proconsul of Cyprus.
  • In 58 BC, Paphos passed into the possession of the Romans. He was the only one who retained the right to mint his own coins. Since that time, the amphitheater, the odeon (the venue for musical poetry competitions), the market square, the temple of the Olympic gods have remained.
  • In 15 BC, a strong earthquake hit Paphos. The city was practically wiped off the face of the earth. But he was quickly restored. After that, the capital of Cyprus was moved to the east coast. Over time, Cyprus went under the control of Byzantium.
  • In 1191 King Richard the Lionheart captured the city and sold it to the Knights Templar. Nicosia became the capital of Cyprus.
  • At the end of the 19th century, Turkey and Great Britain entered into an agreement: the city and the island went under the control of Great Britain. It has been a British colony since 1925.

In 1974, the Republic of Cyprus lost part of its territory. It was then that there was a split into the southern and northern parts. Previously, the tourism business flourished in the northern part of the island.

Until 1980, Paphos was more like a small village. All attractions were abandoned. But having lost the north, they decided to develop the southern part of the island: they rebuilt Paphos as a resort town, making it famous throughout Europe. Paphos has become one of the elite resorts and has become popular among Europeans and the British. Now Paphos is included in the UNESCO list due to the abundance of ancient monuments and attractions. For several years in a row, he has received an award as the best tourist destination in the country.

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Paphos infrastructure

Paphos is divided into 2 parts: new and old. The infrastructure of the resort consists of two districts. The coastal resort area of Kato Paphos and the city itself, which is called Kito Paphos, is located at some distance. Life is centered in Kato Paphos. It is filled with fishing boats, pleasure yachts. Just here are hotels, restaurants, cafes, souvenir shops. The embankment is an atmospheric place with restaurants, music, taverns. The historic district of the city is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.


Currency exchange

ATMs can be easily found throughout the city. But withdrawing cash from the card is not profitable. Please note that you will have to pay an additional fee. It is best to come to Paphos already with cash euros or, if possible, pay by card.

Hotels in Paphos: where to stay

There are not so many budget options, but, in principle, you can find apartments for 40-50 euros per day. This is the minimum price for which you can rent a room with a private bathroom and air conditioning. You will have your own bathroom, full kitchen and access to the apartment at any time of the day.

In the city you will find apartments for every budget, even hostels. The cost of a bed in a hostel is 15-20 euros depending on the season.

But in general, Paphos is a city of expensive 4 and 5 star hotels. This is the most respectable resort in Cyprus. Most of the hotels are located near the sea. Paphos hotels are considered among the best in Cyprus. You can safely choose a three-star hotel and expect that the service will be like in 4 stars. Some hotels offer an all - inclusive system. But not all luxury hotels are focused on families with children. Study the offer of each hotel.

Remember, summer holidays should be booked in advance: it is difficult to find accommodation during the high season. Many options are already taken.

Choose a hotel in Paphos.

Annabelle Hotel
Annabelle Hotel

Prices for hotels in Paphos


  • Hostel - 18 euros (for one person)
  • Studio for two - from 40 euros
  • 3* hotel room - 55 euros
  • 4* hotel room - from 74 euros
  • 5* hotel room - from 113 euros

Holidays on "all inclusive":

  • 3* hotel room - 122 euros
  • 4* hotel room - from 130 euros
  • 5* hotel room - from 250 euros


  • Hostel - 25 euros (for one person)
  • Apartments - from 38 euros
  • 3* hotel room - from 55 euros
  • 4* hotel room - from 100 euros
  • 5* hotel room - from 270 euros

Holidays on "all inclusive":

  • 4* hotel room - from 170 euros
  • 5* hotel room - from 310 euros


  • Hostel - 25 euros (for one person)
  • Apartments - from 55 euros
  • 3* hotel - from 70 euros
  • 4* hotel room - from 144 euros
  • 5* hotel room - from 270 euros

The cost of the holiday on "all inclusive":

  • 4* hotel room - 220 euros
  • 5* hotel room - from 386 euros


  • Hostel - from 25 euros
  • Apartments - from 55 euros
  • 3* hotel - from 70 euros
  • 4* hotel room - from 105 euros
  • 5* hotel room - from 281 euros

The cost of the holiday on "all inclusive":

  • Apartments - from 115 euros
  • 4* hotel room - from 274 euros
  • 5* hotel room - from 416 euros


  • Apartments - from 40 euros
  • Hotel 3* - from 64 euros
  • Hotel 4 * - from 95 euros
  • Hotel 5 * - from 270 euros

The cost of the holiday on "all inclusive":

  • Apartments - 110 euros
  • Hotel 4 * - 222 euros
  • Hotel 5 * - from 400 euros
Book Paphos hotels on an all-inclusive basis.

The Ivi Mare
The Ivi Mare

Restaurants, cafes and supermarkets in Paphos

In taverns that specialize in Mediterranean cuisine, you can order suitable food for a child. Many restaurants offer European cuisine. All necessary products are easy to buy in supermarkets. If you are too lazy to cook or have enough money to go to restaurants, then the kitchen is basically not needed.

Most establishments in Paphos are open from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm, but they have a siesta from one to 4:00 pm.


What to see in Paphos

The resort village cannot boast of a large number of attractions, but this is a great place to relax.

The sights of Paphos can be bypassed by city bus: most are located along the route of city and suburban buses.

  • Medieval castle of Paphos. Its walls protected the inhabitants of the city from the raids of the Saracens, were witnesses of the negotiations of the Byzantine commanders.
  • The Archaeological Park is a museum complex where excavations are being carried out to this day. Location of antiquities from the Neolithic period to the Roman period and the Middle Ages. Included in the UNESCO list.
  • The Royal Tombs are niches carved into the rocks with columns, the burial place of the Cypriot nobility and high officials. You can get there by bus number 615, on the way - 10 minutes from the city center. Entrance - 2.5 euros.
  • Catacombs of Saint Solomon. According to legend, the first Christians hid in them from their pursuers. Near the entrance to the catacombs is a pistachio tree hung with beads, scarves and patches. It is said that diseases and illnesses go away along with a part of the wardrobe.
  • Botanical park. Tens of thousands of amazing and rare plants grow in it! And on its territory there is a museum of the Cypriot economy.
  • Lara Bay is home to rare green turtles that lay their eggs on the beach.
  • Baths of Aphrodite - a source of clean water in a stone gorge. According to legend, the goddess Aphrodite herself took baths of youth and beauty here.
  • Aphrodite's Bay and Aphrodite's Stone is a tourist mecca, where, according to legend, the Greek goddess of love appeared from the foam.
  • Akamas Peninsula. A virgin corner of nature with picturesque landscapes and a blue lagoon. It pleases with sandy coves and rocky coast - many interesting sights.


What to do in Paphos

Respectable, slightly relaxed Paphos can offer both an elite holiday and an inexpensive excursion program:

  • Festivals in Paphos. From February to September, the city hosts many incendiary carnivals and music concerts. Do not miss!
  • Nightlife in Paphos. There are many karaoke bars, cafes, discos on the bar street. Music plays from everywhere, and in the evening the city shines like a Christmas tree.
  • Go shopping. Buy precious silver jewelry and cutlery. In Paphos you will find a great choice. Moreover, there is a village in Cyprus Lefkara, which is famous for its silver jewelry. You can buy them in Paphos.
  • There are many popular European brands in Paphos. And how not to bring her stone statue from the homeland of that very Aphrodite? Or carob chocolate? By the way, the minimum purchase amount in the tax free store is 50 euros per day in one store. Present your passport and receipt from the store at the Global office blue at the airport to receive VAT in cash or on a bank card. The VAT rate is 15%. To do this, in the store at the checkout, you need to fill out a Global voucher refund. Go shopping in the golden triangle of shopping streets. The center of trade in Paphos is located right in the center of the city: it is convenient to look while walking along the promenade.


Transport in Paphos

Paphos has excellent bus links. Buses run regularly according to the schedule. Here are some convenient travel itineraries:

  • 615: Kato Paphos - Coral Bay
  • 610: Kato Paphos - city center - municipal market
  • 611: Kato Paphos - embankment
  • 612: Kato Paphos - Paphos Airport

Buses start at 6:30 and finish at 00:30. The ticket is valid in the city and suburbs. Fare:

  • 5 euros during the day, from 04:00 to 21:00
  • 5 euros in the evening, from 21:00 to 04:00.

It is convenient to buy tickets from the drivers at the time of boarding. Settlement in euro.

A ticket can be bought one way, two ways, for the whole day, for a week. It is best to buy a weekly ticket right away.

Intercity transport Paphos

Intercity bus routes connect Paphos with other cities and towns. From Paphos, buses depart from two bus stations:

  • Karavella Bus Station. Located in the city center (suburban and intercity buses leave for Limassol, Nicosia).
  • Harbor Main Bus Station at port. Suburban buses leave. For 1.5-2 euros you can take tickets and go around the sights of the city.

Cost of intercity travel:

  • Larnaca - Paphos - 7 euros
  • Nicosia - Paphos - 7 euros
  • Limassol - Paphos - 4 euros
  • Paphos - Paralimni - 7 euros

Travel buses Express connects Paphos, Nicosia, Limassol and Polis. Served by Paphos transport organization from Monday to Friday. There are also flights on Saturday, but there may be fewer of them. Day off - Sunday.


Taxi, car and bike rental in Paphos

You have a wide choice: you can use the services of a comfortable taxi, rent a car or ride a bike around Paphos.

  • The fare for a taxi is 0.73 euros per 1 km during the day and 0.91 km at night, after 20:30. There is also an additional charge for luggage weighing 12 kg or more.
  • Holidays have higher rates.
  • Car rental, on average, will cost 150-200 euros per week. The most modest price tags start from 15 euros per day.
  • In Paphos, you can rent a bike and drive around many places of interest. The cost is 8-10 euros per day.


How to get from Paphos airport

Paphos has its own airport where planes fly from all over the world. You can get to the city center by city bus number 612 or number 613.

  • The fare is 1.5 euros during the day and 2.5 euros at night.
  • A taxi to the hotel will cost 25-30 euros.

You can also get to Paphos from Larnaca airport: cost - 15 euros, on the way - an hour and a half. The second option is to drive to Limassol, and then transfer to the bus to Paphos.

Choose and book Paphos hotels with free of charge transfer.


Cuisine in Paphos

Mostly, in southern Cyprus, Greek cuisine, although with hints of Turkish. Try the local taverns kleftiko, a lamb dish cooked in special clay ovens and baked with spices and potatoes. Don't forget the seafood meze. Taramasata - smoked cod roe, which is mixed with bread soaked in milk, mashed potatoes and olive oil. Of course, the traditional moussaka is a casserole of eggplant, lamb, mushrooms, potatoes with bechamel sauce. For dessert, choose baklava - puff pastry soaked in sugar syrup, cheese, rose water, pistachios and nuts. From alcohol - zivania, a strong drink made from freshly squeezed grapes with honey. And do not forget about the knightly Cypriot wine.


Paphos for children

A respectable resort in the south-west of Cyprus attracts families with children. It captivates with the proximity of the international airport. It is best to relax with children at sea in early summer or in the first half of autumn.

  • The beaches are well equipped, but as we have already noted, many of them are rocky. Therefore, you should carefully consider the choice of the hotel and the nearby beach. And the beaches within the city are not suitable for swimming with children.
  • Convenient transport links to other cities. It is easy to get by city buses to the center if you settle on the outskirts. But do you want to constantly travel with children?
  • Not many hotels offer an all-inclusive system, which is sometimes one of the main conditions for choosing. But you can find a children's menu in cafes and restaurants.

The city has a small selection of family entertainment. There are several game centers, and hotels offer classes with animators. The child can be shown the old fort so that he can climb the cannons, see the real anchor. Take a walk with him along the Harbor, from where excursion boats depart. In the water park "Aphrodite" there are dozens of rides with different slides, a game pool with a pirate ship, a lazy river and a wave pool. Go to the zoo, which is located next to Coral Beach bay . It is home to about 200 species of animals! Visit the ostrich farm in Pissouri , visit the indoor entertainment center for children and the aquarium.


Paphos is one of the most famous and elite resorts in Cyprus. It keeps a lot of legends and myths, always surprises with such a different sea and beckons with an atmosphere of relaxation and peace. Don't delay: plan your holiday in Paphos and book your hotel in advance: good options sell out fast!


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