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In the major cities of Cyprus, there are a huge number of food establishments with traditional Cypriot tastes and international cuisine. Let's consider regionally what restaurants in Cyprus the travelers recognized as the most attractive.

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The best restaurants in Paphos

The large resort town is full of places to have a good time, try some of the local cuisine and discover new tastes. We offer you to get acquainted with the most popular restaurants in Paphos and the surrounding area.

Ocean Basket

A chain of restaurants with a rich seafood menu Ocean Basket has long been popular outside of Cyprus. There are several establishments on the island, dispersed in large centers. In Paphos Ocean Basket is located on the central resort street, in the old part of the city. According to visitors' opinions, the restaurant offers an excellent menu with reasonable prices, excellent service and a pleasant, homely atmosphere. Among Ocean 's offerings Basket all kinds of cooking variations of oysters, squid, shrimp, octopus, sushi, marine and freshwater fish.

In order to have time to enjoy several dishes in one visit, order a set of grilled seafood. Guests note the pleasant atmosphere, friendly staff and reasonable prices.

  • Cuisine: seafood, fish, sushi
  • Opening hours: daily, from 12:00 to 23:00
  • Prices: from 10 to 25 euros
  • Location: Poseidonos Ave, Avanti Village Piazza Kato Paphos



In the western part of the harbor there is an authentic restaurant with an open-air terrace. This is another corner of Paphos where you can taste a wide variety of seafood, and even with a view of the Mediterranean Sea. The local menu consists of traditional dishes that are prepared exclusively from freshly caught fish and seafood. In addition to extensive culinary offerings, Pelican has an excellent wine list. Be sure to try the grilled octopus and king prawns. By the way, a real pelican lives in the restaurant, with whom you can make friends.

  • Cuisine: seafood, fish, Cypriot cuisine
  • Opening hours: daily, from 10:00 to 22:30
  • Prices: from 10 to 25 euros
  • Where located: Paphos Harbour, Apostolou Pavlou Ave 102, Paphos



Japanese cuisine lovers are advised to visit the teppanyaki restaurant Samisen. It is located on the picturesque coast of Coral Bay. On a busy waterfront lined with establishments, Samisen stands out for its Asian interiors and fun atmosphere with live cooking shows.

  • Cuisine: Japanese to Teppanyaki
  • Opening hours: daily, from 17:00 to 22:30
  • Prices: from 5 to 18 euros
  • Location: Coral Bay Ave 57, Peyia, Paphos


Viklari The Last Castle

A beautiful place surrounded by Cypriot nature. A cozy restaurant is located on the territory of Viklari Castle, located on the Akamas Peninsula. All travelers who aim to visit the local reserve try to get here. The long-awaited shade of the restaurant terrace is created by a vine. An authentic place with an excellent menu of traditional dishes, homemade Cypriot wine and a warm welcome. At the exit from the restaurant begins the road to the legendary Avakas gorge.

  • Cuisine: Cypriot, Mediterranean
  • Opening hours: daily, from 11:00 to 17:00
  • Prices: from 3 to 13 euros
  • Location: Avakas Gorge Rd, Peyia, Paphos


Which restaurant to visit in Larnaca

Larnaca is a large city with a rich history. Its atmosphere is supported by traditional Cypriot taverns with authentic interiors and national cuisine. Also in Larnaca, there are several modern restaurants, marked by commendable reviews from visitors.

Alonia Tavern Livadia

A cozy tavern with a wide variety of hearty dishes of Cypriot, European and Greek cuisine. You can visit this place in the evening. The hospitable atmosphere of traditional Cypriot taverns, with tables in the courtyard, a varied menu and reasonable prices. Be sure to try the local meze .

  • Cuisine: Cypriot, Greek, Mediterranean
  • Opening hours: from Wednesday to Saturday, from 18:00 to 01:00
  • Prices: from 16 to 25 euros
  • Where located: 36 Agias Paraskevis St. Livadia, Larnaca


To Kazani Traditional Tavern

Another authentic place with hearty Cypriot and Greek cuisine. Family tavern with outdoor tables and an extensive menu of national dishes. A very popular place among tourists, so you need to book a table in advance. When choosing dishes, pay attention to the huge portions, which will be more than enough for two.

  • Cuisine: Cypriot, Greek
  • Opening hours: from 18:00 to 01:00
  • Prices: from 10 to 20 euros
  • Where located: 28th October 5, Aradippou, Larnaca


Margarita Bar & Mexican Restaurant

A unique establishment in Larnaca for connoisseurs of Mexican cuisine and Margarita cocktails, which the restaurant is famous for throughout Cyprus. It is always fun and crowded here, especially at night. Guests note fast service, an excellent selection of drinks and Mexican dishes. The restaurant is located on Finikoudes, the most popular promenade of the resort.

  • Cuisine: Mexican
  • Opening hours: daily, from 18:30 to 02:00
  • Prices: from 12 to 20 euros
  • Where located: Athenon 26, Larnaca


Red Pepper

A small restaurant with a hospitable atmosphere, delicious national cuisine and authentic surroundings. The small menu includes traditional Cypriot meat, fish and seafood dishes. Worth a try steak and some of the restaurant's original desserts.

  • Cuisine: Italian, Mediterranean, vegetarian, steakhouse
  • Opening hours: daily, except Tuesday, from 18:00 to 23:00
  • Prices: from 11 to 58 euros
  • Where located: Kritis & Ellispontou, Larnaca


Where to eat in Ayia Napa

Ayia Napa is a noisy and busy resort in Cyprus, where multiple food establishments are concentrated. Here it is impossible not to find your favorite place for hearty lunches and atmospheric dinners. Among the huge number of restaurants in Ayia Napa, experienced travelers note several of the following places.


Flames Bar & Restaurant is located in a lively area of Ayia Napa. It offers a family atmosphere and an amazing selection of dishes from different culinary trends. Located Flames near the most famous Nissi beach in Ayia Napa. A great place to refresh after a busy day on vacation.

  • Cuisine: Cypriot traditional, grilled dishes, vegetarian menu
  • Opening hours: daily, from 12:00 to 00:00
  • Prices: from 12 to 30 euros
  • Where located: Agia Mavris Avenue 58, Ayia Napa


Quadro Restaurant

A truly "delicious" restaurant with an abundance of your favorite dishes and Cypriot national offerings. The Quadro restaurant is located close to one of the central attractions of the resort - Thalassa Municipal museum. Excellent meat menu, variety of salads, pizzas, pastas, risottos and appetizers. Classic desserts in original presentation. Visitors note democratic prices in the restaurant menu.

  • Cuisine: Italian, Cypriot, Vegetarian
  • Opening hours: daily, from 16:30 to 23:00
  • Prices: from 8 to 32 euros
  • Location: Kryu Nerou 7, Ayia Napa


Happy days Authentic Mediterranean

In the resort village of Protaras near Ayia Napa, you can have a hearty breakfast or dinner in the restaurant of the Happy Apartments days. It is quite a popular place with a great variety of culinary delights. Especially lovers of seafood and fish will like it here.

  • Cuisine: Mediterranean, European, seafood
  • Opening hours: daily, from 8:30 to 23:00
  • Prices: from 8 to 20 euros
  • Where located: Protaras Hotel Avenue, 52


Popular restaurants in Limassol

Ancient Limassol is popular among tourists as a place of attractions in the form of ruins and a medieval castle near the harbour. Authentic taverns and top-class restaurants in the resort center also abound. Consider the most popular establishments.

Terra & Mare

A beautiful place for planned celebrations and casual dinners. The Terra & Mare restaurant is famous for its haute cuisine, excellent service and Italian chic. Be sure to try the local pasta and some of the seafood delicacies. When choosing a drink for the evening, use the advice of a sommelier.

  • Cuisine: Mediterranean, Italian, seafood
  • Opening hours: daily, except Monday, from 17:00 to 00:00
  • Prices: from 50 to 70 euros
  • Where: B1 198 Amathountos Avenue, Pareklisia, Limassol


Mr Guys Thai Chinese

Connoisseurs Thai cuisine costs look in in Limassol in restaurant Mr Guys Thai Chinese. Here you will find the best selection of Asian food in town. The restaurant offers hearty family meals at a good price, Thai soups, seafood, appetizers, rolls and many chicken options.

  • Cuisine: Chinese, Thai
  • Opening hours: daily, except Sunday, from 11:30 to 14:00 for lunch and from 17:00 to 22:00 for dinner
  • Prices: from 4 to 11 euros
  • Location: 22A Georgiou Neofitou, Mesa Githonia, Limassol


Seasons Oriental

In one of the most popular resort hotels in Cyprus Four Seasons is a gourmet restaurant, which can be visited not only by guests. Elegant place with fine Thai cuisine and chic surroundings. A wide variety of dishes, an experienced sommelier and your amazing evening on the Limassol waterfront .

  • Cuisine: Asian, Thai, vegetarian menu available
  • Opening hours: daily, except Sunday, from 11:30 to 14:00 for lunch and from 17:00 to 22:00 for dinner
  • Prices: from 4 to 11 euros
  • Location: 22A Georgiou Neofitou, Mesa Githonia, Limassol


The best places in Nicosia

The capital of Cyprus is famous for its amazing selection of traditional taverns and several gourmet restaurants. Among the most popular places in Nicosia:


One of the oldest taverns in the capital of Cyprus. Here you can feel the right atmosphere and taste traditional Cypriot cuisine at its best. The institution does not have a gourmet menu, but there is an amazing Cypriot meze. Zanettos is located in the historical center of the capital. In addition to an excellent assortment of national dishes, a hospitable atmosphere awaits you in the tavern.

  • Cuisine: Cypriot, Greek
  • Opening hours: daily, except Sunday, from 18:30 to 00:00
  • Prices: from 20 euros
  • Where located: Trikoupi 65, Nicosia


El Greco Restaurant

Not far from the center of Nicosia, you can dine at the elegant El Greco , quite a popular place, which is often chosen for special evenings. The restaurant is famous for its exceptional meat dishes and a wide range of culinary masterpieces with seafood.

  • Cuisine: Mediterranean, seafood
  • Opening hours: daily, except Sunday, from 12:00 to 23:00
  • Prices: from 10 to 25 euros
  • Where: Kyrenias 190, Platy Aglantzia, Nicosia


D.O.T Restaurant

In the center of the capital, not far from the Cyprus Archaeological Museum, you can have a bite to eat in a local restaurant with a cozy atmosphere, pleasant environment and delicious food of international and Cypriot cuisine. Enjoy lunch here on a day trip through historic Nicosia, or book a table for dinner.

  • Cuisine: Mediterranean, European
  • Opening hours: daily, except Monday, from 11:00 to 16:00 and from 19:00 to 23:30
  • Prices: from 7 to 19 euros
  • Where located: Athinas Avenue 6, Nicosia


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