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Blooming island: is it possible to swim in April in Cyprus and what the whims of the weather have prepared for vacationers.

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Weather in Cyprus in April

In April, sunny and warm weather reigns in Cyprus. A little more and the swimming season will begin. At the beginning of the month it can be quite chilly at night. But towards the end of April, the weather gets hotter: it feels like summer will come soon. On average, the maximum temperature reaches +21°C…+23°C on the coast, depending on the area (the west coast is cooler). Inside the island is warmer, the temperature reaches +24°C. The maximum temperature in the mountains is around +15°C. At night, the temperature drops to +11°С...+13°С on the coast, +10°С on land and +6°С in mountainous areas.

Here are the average daily temperatures in the resorts of Cyprus in April:

Ayia Napa

  • Daytime: +21.3 °С
  • Night: +17.0 °C
  • Water temperature: +18.4 °C


  • Daytime: +21.2 °С
  • Night: +17.0 °C
  • Water temperature: +18.4 °C


  • Daytime: +22.2 °С
  • Night: +15.7 °C
  • Water temperature: +18.3 °С


  • Daytime: +21.7 °С
  • Night: +14.9 °C
  • Water temperature: +18.1 °С


  • Daytime: +20.7 °С
  • Night: +15.6 °C
  • Water temperature: +18.1 °С

Rain is still a possibility, but it is usually light and rare. The summer heat has not yet arrived. So the island still looks green and blooming.


Sea in April

As you can see, the average water temperature in Cyprus in April is only +18°C...+19°C, and at the beginning of the month it is even +17°C. For most vacationers, the Mediterranean Sea is still too cold. It didn't warm up properly. Of course, you can go into the water. But you are unlikely to want to swim for a long time or even try sea baths, especially if you are with children. Although at the end of the month the chances of swimming increase. On hot days and in the absence of wind, shallow waters can warm up. In this case, you should try your luck. The sea at this time is very clean, because the migratory herds of tourists who will come here towards the end of spring - the beginning of summer have not yet had time to stir it up.

The sea water temperature also depends on the resort. On the south coast of Limassol, Larnaca and Ayia Napa, the water is shallower and warmer: more chances for swimming. All beaches in Cyprus are free, in April they are in full swing to work so that they meet the Blue Flag standard.


Where to stay in April in Cyprus

In April, there are many free apartments and hotel rooms in Cyprus, which of course affects the cost. The price of vacation is lower than in the summer season.

It is already possible to safely go not only to the main cities, but also to the seaside resorts of Cyprus: Ayia Napa, Polis, Protaras - life is returning to them.

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Prices in April are still moderate, because the season has not gained momentum. But they are already higher than March and will grow.

Since the opportunity to swim in the sea may not yet be available due to weather conditions, it is still better to choose hotels with a heated pool.


The cost of hotels in Cyprus in April


  • Apartments - from 40 euros for two per day
  • Hotel 3* - from 80 euros
  • Hotel 4 * - from 170 euros
  • Hotel 5* - 150 euros
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  • Apartments - from 30 euros for two per day
  • Hotel 3* - from 40 euros
  • Hotel 4 * - from 60 euros
  • Hotel 5* - 200 euros
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  • Apartments - from 35 euros for two per day
  • Hotel 3* - from 80 euros
  • Hotel 4 * - from 100 euros
  • Hotel 5* - 160 euros
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Features of holidays in Cyprus in April

Easter or spring break usually sees a large influx of visitors from the UK and Central Europe. Then the tourist shops, restaurants and hotels usually open their doors.

Local summer fruits, such as peaches, are beginning to appear in stores. Strawberry is occasionally found, although its main months are February and March. A local delicacy is mespila (medlar), a bit reminiscent of an apricot.

The beaches are gradually filling up, and the main restaurants are crowded.

The cost of housing from the second half of April is gradually increasing, especially at Easter. But these are not “summer tariffs” yet. In May, the cost of renting apartments and hotels will rise in price by another 10-15%.


Things to do in April in Cyprus

Island walks. April is the perfect time for nature walks until all the greenery has burned out under the hot summer sun. Explore the Akamas peninsula, which is home to 700 plant species, 40 of which are native to Cyprus alone. See the Baths of Aphrodite in April: they are just framed by pink cyclamens. Ride a quad bike on Cape Greco, overlooking the turquoise sea.

Car trips. In April, more rental cars appear on the roads. Rental prices are even lower than in the high season, but already warm. A great opportunity to travel around the island.

Go to the valley of wild tulips. Almost April Holland - in early April you can go to the village of Polemilocated near Paphos. At this time, bright wild tulips bloom in the fields. Great idea for a photo shoot.

Sunbathe. The weather in April is ideal for sunbathing. Sometimes it can rain, but this is rare. The best sandy beaches for taking sea baths and colorful photos are in Ayia Napa and Protaras. In Larnaca, the coast is sandy, but not so picturesque. The beaches of Limassol are gray and pebbly. The coast of Paphos is suitable for photo shoots - beautiful picturesque cliffs. But for a comfortable beach holiday, it is better to go out of town. Entrance to the beaches of Cyprus is free. In April, the season has not yet started, so it is not always possible to rent sunbeds and umbrellas. It is better to take a bed and a towel with you.

Bicycle tours. The weather in Cyprus in April is ideal for cycling.

Historical. Visiting places such as the Archaeological Park in Paphos, Kourion in Limassol or other famous attractions in April is better than in May or summer. Fewer tourists and hot sun. You can go to Northern Cyprus. The average cost of group tours is 50 euros per person. For Easter, head to the Kykkos Monastery.

A trip to the villages. Authentic traditional villages are considered the tourist highlight of Cyprus. They seem to have grown on the rocks. Stone houses with narrow streets, original architecture, authentic crafts - it is interesting to wander around and look at the traditional life of Cypriot villages. Green mountains, vineyards, apple orchards - April is the best time to travel. And you can leave with delicious souvenirs: local jam, honey, jewelry, natural cosmetics.

Sea excursions. The sea is still cool, but this does not interfere with a yacht trip in the turquoise Mediterranean. Trips by sea on a catamaran with a transparent bottom, trips on ships with an entertainment program - there are already many offers for excursions.

Botanical garden. Cyprus has an amazing blooming corner: the huge Cyherbia botanical garden! It is divided into several theme parks: medical, aromatic, feminine, pest control garden, relaxation garden, spice garden and traditional Cypriot garden. Sculptures with fountains, lanterns, themed decorations made the place fabulous. And the Cypriot labyrinth - 600 meters of winding paths between hedges, this is fun entertainment for the whole company! By the way, if you come to Cyprus for Easter, a surprise awaits in the labyrinth: hidden Easter eggs. It's so fun for kids!

Water park. In April, water parks are already starting their work in Cyprus. True, they still heat the water in them. So you can safely go: they are in Ayia Napa and Paphos. The water park in Ayia Napa is one of the largest in Europe. Its decorations play on the myths of ancient Greece. Limassol also has a water park, but it opens closer to May.


Vacation with children

Children's leisure will have to be dealt with independently. Animation at hotels in general is not as developed in Cyprus as in Turkey, and children's mini-clubs are not yet open in April. You will find the most entertainment for children in Limassol.

  • In Ayia Napa, go to the Thalassa Maritime Museum, which displays models of old ships and antiquities raised from the depths.
  • Protaras Aquarium will introduce you to marine life.
  • Medieval Park Cyprus Land will become the main event of children's recreation. So many interesting things: knightly tournaments, acquaintance with crafts, medieval costumes and the opportunity to turn into conquerors.
  • You will find them in Limassol and Paphos. Children love looking at animals.


Holidays in Cyprus in April

If you come to Cyprus for holidays in April, you will also have the opportunity to see Orthodox Easter celebrations on the island.

Orthodoxy is widespread in the Republic of Cyprus. Easter often falls in April: this is the main holiday of spring. Cypriots have a tradition of dyeing eggs red and baking Easter. Roasted lamb, a flauna pie stuffed with local cheeses, appear on the table for the holiday.

Good Friday and Easter Sunday often fall in that month. On the evening of Good Friday, parades are held with the participation of local bands and representatives of Orthodox churches, who carry coffins strewn with flowers. At midnight on Easter Saturday, a big feast occurs when the faithful parade outside the churches, applauding, sometimes setting off fireworks.

Easter Sunday is the feast day when meat is eaten for the first time in seven weeks.

Easter Monday is usually another public holiday when Cypriots gather with friends and family to relax and enjoy the holiday.

Villagers make huge bonfires, from which it is better to stay away. And also on holidays they can throw firecrackers - be careful.

Greek Cypriot National Day (April 1) is a public holiday. While some supermarkets and tourist shops may be open, businesses and other small shops, like schools, are usually closed. This day marks the liberation from British rule in 1955. This date is so significant that in most cities there is a road called April First Street. Independence was achieved only in August 1960. As is the case with the National Day of Greece, which is celebrated exactly one week earlier, there are flag-waving parades in the streets. People also have the opportunity to attend a service in the Greek Orthodox Church.


What to bring

In April, in Cyprus, layered clothing is useful, for example, a T-shirt, fleece and a thin jacket. The excess can always be removed. But mostly you will wear summer clothes. During the day - shorts, T-shirts, swimwear. You should also have a sweater and pants for the evening if the weather gets a little cooler than usual.

Going on excursions that involve long walks in the open, be sure to take sunglasses, cream and hats.

If you plan to visit temples, women will need things that cover their shoulders and knees. You can use capes or pareos. Some temples offer capes - robes at the entrance. Head scarves are not needed: women do not cover their heads when entering Cypriot temples.


Choose and book hotels in Cyprus.

Even though the season is slowly picking up, April in Cyprus is a quiet month when you can still enjoy privacy and great weather.


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