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December is the first winter month in Cyprus, the time of rest without the sea. You are waiting for unhurried walks along deserted beaches, trips to the mountains, nature, ski slopes and gastronomic tours.

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December is somewhat cooler than the autumn months: the average temperature is +20 degrees. Even at night, the atmosphere in the last month of the year cools down by only 2-3 degrees.

During the day, the sun often shines brightly, it becomes quite warm. The temperature varies by region. On some days the air can warm up to +23. In the mountains, of course, it will be much cooler - the slopes of the local Olympos turn into ski slopes in winter.

You can count on 5.5 hours of sunshine every day.

But sunny days are often replaced by cloudy, precipitation falls suddenly. Rains are considered a frequent occurrence (when compared with other seasons).


Features of holidays in Cyprus in December

  • High humidity combined with low temperatures and strong winds can put you at risk for colds. Tourists with diseases of the lungs and respiratory organs should refrain from traveling to Cyprus in winter in order to avoid exacerbation of chronic diseases.
  • Ideal weather for outdoor enthusiasts: long walks and bike rides, hiking in coastal national parks and mountain nature trails. Athletes come to Cyprus for autumn and winter training camps.
  • Abundance of precipitation. According to statistics, December is the rainiest month of the year. And 5-6 days can decently water. During the entire trip, a tourist may not see a single clear day.
  • Another important feature of the cold season is that the weather on the island changes depending on the location. If the temperature in the coastal areas creates comfortable conditions for recreation, then the cold and piercing wind makes it difficult to take long walks in the mountains. The slopes are covered in snow.
  • Be sure to check before your trip if the hotel has a heated indoor pool and central heating system.


Prices in December

This month, almost any accommodation - from a hotel room to a luxury villa, can be rented with a significant discount of up to 30%. Prices for car and bicycle rentals, restaurants and even air tickets have also been reduced.

The period of the lowest prices for tours to Cyprus falls on December. Everyone is busy with New Year's fuss and planning their vacation for the holidays.

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Sea in December

Beach holidays are not possible in winter. All beaches are officially closed from November to March. The Mediterranean Sea is stormy almost every day. Cold currents and low air temperature cool the water temperature to uncomfortable values of +15…+16 degrees. In December, Cyprus is hardly worth considering as a destination for a beach holiday. But still there are desperate vacationers who go in for swimming. Most tourists prefer pools in hotels. In winter, there is often a storm on the sea, and the waves reach a meter height. The beach season is over, water parks are closed, beach water attractions are closed, boat trips are suspended until April.

But there remains scuba diving, diving, windsurfing, water skiing and sailing.


Cafes and restaurants

In Cyprus in December you have a choice - go to a tavern, restaurant, cafe, pub. But the choice, of course, is less than in summer. After all, the flow of tourists has fallen.



The diversity of nature in winter, after a hot summer, is simply amazing! In December, city streets are decorated not only with New Year's decorations, but also with bright oranges and tangerines! Cypriot bananas ripen in the Paphos region. Avocados, fresh dates, grapefruits, kiwi, lemons, tangerines, pomelo, persimmons, apples appear on store shelves.


Christmas celebrations

  • You can visit the Christmas and New Year markets from the beginning of December! The cities of Cyprus are changing: they are decorated, the mood of celebration and magic reigns on the island! Christmas celebrations begin on the first day of December, when the main Christmas tree is consecrated in Grigori Afxentiou Square and continue until the climax.
  • The festival begins on December 6 on the Day of St. Nicholas, the culmination of the holiday is the Nativity of Christ on December 25, the festival ends on January 6 on the Epiphany of the Lord.
  • December 24, 25, 26 - Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day. Christmas Eve is a working day, Christmas is a day off, Boxing Day is a day off.
  • By the day of St. Nicholas, the Christmas tree is already being decorated, and on this day the children receive their first gifts. After all, Saint Nicholas is the patron saint of children. By the way, he is the patron saint of travelers.
  • Cypriots also celebrate the New Year on January 1st. Costumes, masks, painted faces, fireworks, delicious food and round dances are part of the Cypriot New Year tradition.
  • There are a lot of people in the temples on holidays. But many museums are closed. Check the opening hours of the attractions you would like to visit.

Cypriot Christmas traditions are a mixture of Orthodox and English traditions. As in many European countries, Cyprus hosts a large Christmas market where you can buy Christmas gingerbread, cookies and sweets, try mulled wine, hot chocolate, take a ride with Santa, admire the surroundings and feel the magical mood.


What to do in Cyprus in December

  • Ski season. When enough snow falls, the ski resort begins to operate. Enjoy the beauty of snow-covered Cyprus. You can not only go skiing and snowboarding, but even sledding and just on the lift! There are 12 slopes for skiers and snowboarders , a ski school. The top of Mount Olympus, which is the highest in Cyprus, is covered with snow for three winter months, making it possible to ski. The Troodos Mountains are a great place for those who want to feel real Christmas in winter Cyprus. The park has long and short hiking trails.
  • Antiquities. It's time, while there is no heat, to see the sights. Take a look at the Ancient City of Kourion, see the medieval castles and monasteries. They are open to visitors all year round.
  • Village visits. The picturesque Cypriot villages are worth visiting regardless of the season. The village of Lefkara is famous for its silverware and lace, Omodos for its monastery, historical museums, wines, Anogyra for its ancient olive press. Giant wine jugs can be seen in the village of Fikardou, while Kofinou is a mecca for lovers of Cypriot cuisine.
  • Cypriot zoos. Take your child to the Limassol Zoo: it is open all year round. This is a place where birds, animals and reptiles live, rabbits, snakes, crocodile, llama, kangaroo, flamingo, ostrich, monkeys, hippopotamus and many other animals live. In the Nicosia Zoo you can find lychee antelope, Scottish cow, pheasants, partridges, pigeons, ducks, skunks, monkeys, raccoons and other animals and birds. The donkey farm in Larnaca is home to several dozen donkeys. Visitors can not only get to know them and learn their names, but also walk through the Botanical Garden, where old olive trees grow, attend culinary master classes. See a traditional Cypriot house and buy products based on donkey milk.
  • Riding club in Paphos. The club hosts riding lessons for children and adults, children's birthday parties and wedding ceremonies.
  • Skating in Cyprus. The only indoor skating rink in Cyprus is located in Limassol. It occupies an area of 430 square meters and is open daily from 11:00 to 23:00. You can rent skates and hockey equipment. The skating rink regularly hosts performances and competitions, in which experienced skaters are invited to participate.
  • Casino. Did you know that Cyprus is famous for gambling? Casinos are located in luxurious halls, away from the bustle of the city. World-class competitions are often held here!
  • Akamas National Park. Rare plant species can be found in the reserve: officially - 39 out of 128 rare species in Cyprus. Cool December is a good time to meet foxes, Cypriot owls, sea turtles.
  • Cruise on a yacht. This is a romantic trip for two or a great venue for a fun party with friends. One of the most fabulous ways to relax in Cyprus in winter, but it is worth keeping an eye on the weather.
  • Hunting for octopuses. Fans of fishing and the exotic in Cyprus also have something to do - exclusive hunting for octopuses. Such sea fishing is popular all year round, but in winter the catch is often richer than in summer.
  • A trip to the pink flamingos. These graceful long-legged birds come to winter in the salt lakes of Larnaca and Limassol, where they are met by admiring tourists with cameras. They arrive on the island with the first December rains and return home around mid-February.
  • Mountain walks. Troodos has hiking trails around Mount Olympus that run along the picturesque river and the Caledonian waterfalls. The beauty of the mountains framed by white snow is impressive and mesmerizing.
  • Wine tours. Cyprus is home to many famous wine varieties, and winemaking plays an important role in the economy and culture of the island. The four main wine regions of Cyprus are Akamas Laona (6 villages along the northwest coastline), Vouni Panayias - Ambelitis (6 western villages), Pitsilia (32 mountain villages) and Limassol wine villages (20 villages in the south of Troodos). Most of the grapes used for production come from the mountainous areas near Limassol and Paphos. Red, white, rosé and strong wines are produced on the island, with the most popular variety of Cypriot wine being called Commandaria. Visit the Cyprus Wine Museum in Erimi (Limassol area): it covers all 5 thousand years of winemaking on the island. Here, visitors can see an old moonshine still, taste different varieties of wine from 38 Cypriot wineries.
  • Empty beaches. There are much fewer vacationers at the resorts. You can see famous sights without fuss and hustle, take beautiful photos, enjoy peace and quiet.


What to take to Cyprus in winter

  • Since December is the rainiest month in Cyprus, take a travel umbrella and a light raincoat with you.
  • Take warm jackets with hoods, trousers, sweatshirts.
  • During the day, you will walk around in an open jacket or a light jacket.
  • Many beaches in Cyprus have bumpy and rocky cliffs. Make sure you have comfortable shoes that are ideal for hiking.
  • Take your swimsuit with you. It is useful for visiting the pool and spa.
  • Although the temperature in Cyprus in December is not too hot, it is worth taking flip-flops, sunglasses, a sun hat and sun lotion.
  • If you plan to visit a monastery or church, make sure your attire matches. Women can wear T-shirts and wide trousers, a dress with long sleeves.


Choose and book hotels in Cyprus.

Traveling to Cyprus in December is much cheaper than during the summer holidays. Flight prices are relatively lower and most tourist spots are less crowded. Plus, Cyprus looks absolutely stunning with lush greenery and refreshing weather in December!


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