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February is a winter month, but it is great for exploring Cyprus. Yes, the sea season is still far away. But the awakening of spring starts in February. What interesting things does winter Cyprus offer?

This is a great time to explore the countryside, traditional authentic villages of Cyprus and virgin nature. White and blue snowdrops are already blooming, jasmine exudes the aroma, almonds and lemons are releasing delicate colors, and the meadows are returning their juicy green colors.

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Weather in Cyprus in February

Cyprus is one of the warmest places in the Mediterranean due to its location close to Asia, the southern coast of Turkey and Egypt. Although February is far from the sea season, you can get a great even tan if you plan the beach on a sunny day.

The sun warms the air during the day to an average of + 17 °, and sometimes up to + 20 °. It can rain: February is still quite capricious. In the mountains up to + 10 °, sometimes it can still snow. At night the temperature drops.

February in Cyprus is almost a real spring, because the island lies in a subtropical climate and is characterized by high annual temperatures. But by Cypriot standards, it is a cold month. This month is characterized by unpredictable weather. Warm and sunny, a wonderful day, and suddenly a real storm can begin, which will rise from nowhere. Then everything will pass and the sun will shine again as if nothing had happened. You never know when real warmth will come, and in what period the cold will suddenly decide to look.

  • In the first half of the month, the temperature is +13°…15° during the day, and at night it drops to +6°…+7°. After sunset, winds often come, which can cause discomfort. Humidity makes it feel colder.
  • In Nicosia during the month there are about 8 rainy days, Larnaca - 10, Limassol and Kyrenia - 11, Paphos - 12.
  • On the slopes of the Troodos mountains , you can enjoy the ski season. The temperature keeps from + 7 °, and at night it comes to zero.
  • In the second half of the month, the temperature in the coastal and central regions of the island gradually increases and becomes warmer. And at the end of the month it is already +19°, in the evening up to +10°. The highest temperature recorded in Cyprus in February: +22°.
  • February has 11 hours of daylight and 6 hours of sunshine. The ultraviolet index is moderate: sunset at 17:20, but gradually the day lengthens.


February sea of Cyprus

It is extraordinarily beautiful: shimmers from delicate turquoise to dark blue sapphire. And sunbeds can be taken completely free of charge to sunbathe under the sun on a warm day. Some hotels even install special transparent partitions so that guests can lie on the shore without wrapping themselves in warm clothes due to the wind. But it's not good for swimming.

The sea water temperature reaches +16°. So a beach holiday in Cyprus in February is intended exclusively for walruses. In February, the Mediterranean Sea finally squandered the heat accumulated over many months. In addition, storms often hit Cyprus this month.


Ski holidays in Cyprus

The highest peak in Cyprus reaches almost 2000 km. It is there, in the Troodos mountains, that ski slopes are laid. February is the time to go for a ride. The ski base is open from January to March. Cypriots rest at the ski resort: there are not many foreigners. There is little snow in the mountains and artificial snow often prevails on the slopes.

The resort has four slopes of varying difficulty, which are named after the ancient Greek gods: Zeus, Hera, Hermes and Aphrodite. The first track is for advanced skiers, the rest are for intermediate skiers. “Aphrodite” is for the most dummies who are taking their first steps. Of course, you shouldn’t fly to Cyprus specifically to go skiing, because it’s not as interesting here as in the Alps. But not spoiled skiers will have a good rest. You can rent skis, snowboards and even sleds. True, there is practically nowhere to ride a sled. And after the rides, you can just wander along the paths of the mountains.


The cost of holidays in Cyprus in February

The cost of the tour in February is 35-40% cheaper than the high season. Hotels make significant discounts compared to summer. And if you book a luxury hotel, it can be 30% cheaper.

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For example, in February, they offer to relax for 70 euros per day for two for breakfast in a four-star hotel with its own spa and gym. In season, such a hotel will cost at least 100 €.

But not all hotels are available for booking. Until the beginning of March, many resorts are closed in Ayia Napa, Protaras, Polis or Coral Bay. But life goes on in the major cities of Cyprus: Limassol, Paphos, Larnaca, Nicosia.


Cost of hotels in Cyprus in February


  • Apartments – from 40 euros for two per day
  • Hotel 3* – from 60 euros
  • Hotel 4 * – from 80 euros
  • Hotel 5* – 140 euros


  • Apartments – from 30 euros for two per day
  • Hotel 3* – from 40 euros
  • Hotel 4 * – from 60 euros
  • Hotel 5* – 80 euros


  • Apartments – from 30 euros for two per day
  • Hotel 3* – from 50 euros
  • Hotel 4 * – from 60 euros
  • Hotel 5* – 120 euros
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What to do in Cyprus in February

  • Excursions. It's quiet in Cyprus in February. During the summer, the island is busy because it is a popular European destination. And the “highlight” of February is that you can enjoy Cyprus in its pristine beauty, get an authentic experience. You don't have to push around when visiting the main attractions, languish under the sun, whether it's ancient Kourion or Cape Greco. Cyprus is like all yours!
  • Hiking. Cyprus in February looks green and juicy. Visitors who have already visited in the summer are very surprised by the abundance of bright flowers from succulent herbs. They seemed to appear out of nowhere in the winter! Almond trees, lemons, geraniums are blooming - this is the best time to admire their delicate flowers. The weather is mostly sunny: visit the Akamas nature reserve, see the beauties of Cape Greco.
  • Pink flamingo season. If you are in Larnaca, take a look at the salt lake, where incredible pink flamingos flock to spend the winter.
  • Visit colorful mountain villages. Many of them have their own taverns where you can try homemade wine and dishes. They are authentic, because the hostesses themselves prepare them as for themselves, and not for a crowd of tourists.
  • Archaeological sites. Cyprus is an ancient island where the traditions of East and West are intertwined. And each civilization has left its mark on the pages of the ancient island. Byzantine monasteries, ancient Greek ruins, Roman theatres, mosques and Christian temples. It's hard to list everything! Due to high temperatures in summer, it is difficult to visit historical sights. But February is a great time for educational tours.
  • See Lefkara. Why is it worth going to the famous village in February? At this time, the almond blossoms, of which there are so many in Lefkara. Incredible spectacle! This is one of the most beautiful villages in Europe, as if grown on a mountain slope. The birthplace of fine lace and fine silverware.
  • Introduction to donkeys. Not only the beautiful Aphrodite is a symbol of Cyprus. Imagine, a pack animal is also immortalized in magnets and figurines. And all because it was the donkeys who helped the Cypriots with the housework. Now in Cyprus there is one of the largest farms in Europe, Golden Donkeys Farm with over 200 donkeys! You can ride a donkey, hug and take a memorable photo. The farm has a lot of donkey-related souvenirs and products: even donkey milk liquor and donkey-based cosmetics.
  • Gastronomic tourism. Swimming in the sea is not yet possible, so you should find an interesting alternative. Alternatively, organize food and wine tastings. Wine tours on the island are very common, because almost every farm makes wine according to its authentic recipes. Hospitable hosts welcome guests with pleasure, offering to taste authentic dishes and wines. Taste meze, kleftiko, halloumi cheese, taste Commandaria wine, treat yourself to Cypriot pastries. Cypriot cuisine is a mix of Greece and the Orient that is a must-try!
  • Spa. If during a trip to Cyprus the weather suddenly didn’t grow together and it began to rain, it’s time to hide in a warm pool, bask in a sauna and get wellness treatments. Choose a good resort, where you can spend time usefully if the weather is not at all spring outside.
  • Shopping. The last Monday of February in Cyprus starts with a sale that lasts 45 days. Even branded items can be bought for up to 70% cheaper.


Holidays in Cyprus in February

  • Valentine's Day, February 14, is celebrated on a grand scale in Cyprus: after all, this is the island of Aphrodite, and, therefore, the island of love. Long before February 14, announcements appear about where the holiday will be celebrated, what events are being prepared. Shop windows are covered with hearts and Cupids of various sizes and colors. Roses are especially popular. After all, the goddess of love Aphrodite, hurrying to her lover, stepped on a bush of white roses. Having wounded her leg with thorns, she stained the flowers with her blood, making them scarlet. Restaurants and hotels are happy to cash in on the willingness of couples in love to pay high prices for themed meals and events and arrange real feasts. Tables are best booked in advance. And everyone goes to Paphos, to the stone of Aphrodite! There is a legend that lovers who bathe near him on this day will live happily ever after. After all, just here, according to legend, the goddess of love came out of the sea to the shore. There are daredevils, but not everyone is ready to go into the cold February sea. Many people prefer to choose a heated pool at the hotel and spa on this day.
  • Carnival procession. The Grand Carnival takes place in February at the end of winter and beginning of spring. It precedes the beginning of Lent and opens 50 days before the Easter holiday. Therefore, it does not always fall in February: sometimes partially in March. The festivities last 10 days. This tradition began over 100 years ago. The main action takes place in Limassol, where the holiday lasts 11 days and ends with a parade. All this time the island is filled with holidays, carnival processions, folk festivals, fireworks. In the evening, wines of famous Cypriot brands are poured free of charge. And the holiday ends with a cheese week, when you can try dishes from Cypriot milk cheese.


What clothes to wear in February

Even in winter February in Cyprus, the main clothing is a T-shirt and shorts. Sometimes even a swimsuit comes in handy. But for the evening, take pants and a warm jacket.

Take with you to Cyprus waterproof comfortable shoes, a demi-season jacket, jeans, things for the ski slope. Don't forget umbrellas in case of rain and sunscreen in case of sun.

The spring Cypriot February is a territory of beauty where you can just stroll carelessly and enjoy the gentle rays of the sun, fresh sea air, green grass and flowering trees. Do not miss this opportunity: book your holiday in Cyprus right now!

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