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Should I go to Cyprus in winter? This is the first question that is asked by every traveler considering visiting Cyprus in January. How will the Mediterranean island meet him in winter?

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Weather in Cyprus in January

January is one of the most capricious, cool and rainy months of the year, but still the Mediterranean weather of Cyprus is much better than many European countries.

  • The average daily temperature is +16°…+18°. In rare cases, it can reach +22° - this is the maximum recorded record. The nights are cool: the temperature can drop below +7°…+8°, and in coastal areas even +5°…+6°. In some areas, “zero” can also come at night: the whims of nature. During the day in sunny weather, you can walk in a T-shirt, but do not forget about warm clothes.
  • Snow shines on the mountain peaks in January, and the temperature in the mountains is not higher than +6°C. Frosts rarely come to mountain peaks, although minus marks are possible.
  • The biggest disadvantage of the January weather is the sudden rains that can drop on the island without warning.
  • There is no particular difference in weather between the northern and southern coasts. And in the east it is a little warmer and drier than in the west.
  • Mount Olymbus with a height of almost 2000 m is the highest point in Cyprus. Thanks to the mountains that attract clouds, the flat areas of the island are protected from rain.
  • January has 10 hours of daylight and 5 hours of sunshine. UV levels are moderate. Sunset starts at 16:50. Gradually daylight hours increase. But you should not count on a beautiful tan: the days are mostly cloudy.


Is it possible to swim in the sea in January? Yes, if you are a walrus

The Mediterranean Sea in January is quite cool, but the weather is mild compared to winter in Europe. Usually the temperature of the Mediterranean Sea is +17°…+18°. Suitable only for hardened organisms that do not care. But at Christmas, many decide to plunge into the sea, following the tradition. And, nevertheless, in January there is a small chance to get on warm days when you can plunge into the sea and not die.


Where to settle in January in Cyprus

Of course, January Cyprus is cheaper than a summer seaside holiday. But the choice of leisure is much poorer. Some of the hotels are closed, summer discos do not make noise. Cafes and restaurants are less than the season. This is understandable, because many establishments are seasonal, and open only in May, and life in them freezes with the onset of cold weather: there are simply no customers. Therefore, in winter, you should not plan your vacation in resorts such as Ayia Napa or Protaras, unless you are an introvert who wants to escape civilization. But you will always find many hotels, restaurants and taverns in major cities such as Limassol, Larnaca, Paphos, Nicosia. Especially during the New Year holidays.

Prices are often reduced by 40% or 50% compared to summer.

Council. Check with the hotel or apartment about heating - there is no centralized system in Cyprus, and often in winter they are heated simply by air conditioners.


The cost of hotels in Cyprus in January

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  • Apartments – from 40 euros for two per day
  • Hotel 3* – from 60 euros
  • Hotel 4* – from 80 euros
  • Hotel 5* – 130 euros


  • Apartments – from 30 euros for two per day
  • Hotel 3* – from 40 euros
  • Hotel 4* – from 90 euros
  • Hotel 5* – 100 euros


  • Apartments – from 30 euros for two per day
  • Hotel 3* – from 50 euros
  • Hotel 4* – from 60 euros
  • Hotel 5* – 120 euros


Things to do in winter

  • Go to the ski season. In Cyprus, a ski resort opens in winter in the Troodos mountains. Winter in Cyprus is capricious: even in the mountains, snow is not guaranteed, so Cyprus is little known as a ski resort. Nevertheless, the tops of the Troodos Mountains are covered with snow-white caps and provide an opportunity to open the skiing season. If there is little snow, the tracks are generously sprinkled with artificial snow. You can go skiing, snowboarding, sledding. Renting equipment is easy on the spot. If you are driving a rental car to a ski resort, you will need an SUV with winter tires.
  • Visit the flamingos. There is an amazing lake in Cyprus, where fantastic pink flamingos flock to with the advent of coolness. Aliki Salt Lake is located in Larnaca, right next to the airport. You can get there by bus number 425. Thousands of pink birds can be found on the salt marsh in January. Amazing spectacle! The maximum recorded record is about 22 thousand birds! It is better to watch them through binoculars, because you cannot get close to the beauties. And shooting birds with a drone is prohibited: it scares them.
  • View Cypriot villages. In the Troodos mountains there are many authentic villages that have preserved their way of life and culture. January is the best time for a leisurely acquaintance with the traditions and customs of Cyprus. Lefkara is the most famous village, which is included in the selection of the top most beautiful villages in Europe. This is the birthplace of fine lace and filigree silverware. In the village of Letumbu, they will show how halloumi cheese and holiday bread are made. For lavender aroma, go to Platres, and for rose jam and natural cosmetics, go to Agros. In the village of Anogyra, products and natural sweets made from carob are presented.
  • Wine tastings. Cyprus has an ancient wine culture. Famous Cypriot dessert wine Commandaria tasted even King Richard the Lionheart! There are a total of 16 indigenous grape varieties in Cyprus, the most common being white Xynesteri and red Mavro. Cypriot wine is made from them, almost half of which is drunk by tourists. Since wine traditions are strong, there are many home wineries on the island where tastings are arranged for guests. Almost every farm in the mountains can boast of its own recipe. Cypriot wine is inexpensive: you can buy it at a price of 6-20 euros per bottle. And Commandaria wine costs from 10 euros per bottle.
  • Gastronomic tourism. Most resort restaurants are closed in January, but this does not apply to large cities. And if you want to try kleftiko (lamb, baked potatoes with vegetables) or fried halloumi cheese, you can easily find the right restaurant. A cool and sometimes rainy January is ideal for hiding from the weather in cafes and tasting. And of course, don't forget the meze. This is a set that includes a dozen different positions - from salads and sauces to meat or fish dishes.
  • Relaxation in spa. In January, it is worth choosing a good hotel that offers a complete complex for rest and recovery. After all, hotel prices are going down. Soak up the procedures: there is nowhere to rush if it's a cloudy day outside the window or it's raining.
  • Rent a car to drive around the island. Buses run less often in winter, and it is quite difficult to figure out the route. And with a car, you have complete freedom and the ability to comfortably travel to different cities. You can rent it in any city, prices start from 15 euros.
  • Hiking and cycling. See the sights of Cyprus in their emerald setting. Nature reserves and mountains are a great place for hiking and cycling tours. The temperature is perfect for this purpose. Go to Cape Greco, explore the Akamas nature reserve, look into the central hinterland of Cyprus. After the long hot summer months, when the sun scorched the greenery, the island is finally starting to return its nourishing moisture. And Cyprus again puts on its emerald outfit. January is a great time for nature walks.
  • Shopping. In Cyprus, it is slightly more expensive than the average purchase in Europe. However, after the tourists leave the island, prices for many goods, including clothing, are reduced from the end of autumn: up to 50% cheaper.
  • Excavation tours. If you want to visit historical places on vacation, then January is perfect for these purposes. Much less queues, more time and oxygen to explore the architectural monuments. And the risk of getting sunstroke completely disappears. Kourion and ancient Paphos should definitely be on your list!
  • Mushroom season. Take a basket and go to the mountains for mushrooms. From November to April in Cyprus is the mushroom season, and there are more than a hundred species of mushrooms on the island. Among them there is even a white mushroom.
  • Pamper yourself with fruit. In Cyprus, citrus variety begins in January: oranges, tangerines, lemons, lime, pomelo. They can be found in the supermarket, you can pick them on the street, and you can just buy them in boxes for next to nothing. Oranges are sweet and juicy! If you plan to stay in the apartment for a week, buy a manual citrus juicer to enjoy freshly squeezed juices. And you will be provided with a supply of vitamin C for a long time. Also in the winter in Cyprus comes the season of bananas: look where in the area of \u200b\u200byour habitat there is a plantation. Bananas are very interesting to collect: they wrap them in dark plastic bags, and when they ripen, the fruits fall right into the bag.
  • New Year's entertainment for children in January. And in winter there is where to take the child in Cyprus to have fun: Pafoz Zoo Zoo is located near Paphos. Particular attention of children and adults is attracted by peacocks, which proudly walk around, showing luxurious tails. Aquapark Aphrodite Although the Waterpark is not operating at full capacity, aquariums and a dolphinarium are available: children will have a lot of fun! The fairy-tale town in Nicosia is the place for New Year's miracles. Take a look at the New Year's fairy tale, which is full of rides and animated characters!


New Year in Cyprus

The most interesting time to travel in January is, of course, the holiday period, when the whole of Cyprus walks, celebrating New Year's celebrations. In many places they organize holidays and festivals, festivities, so the beginning of the month can be called a "hot" season.

New Year's Day is a public holiday in Cyprus and, like in many other countries, marks a series of holidays. Preparations for the festivities will start on December 1st. On this day, shining lights settle in city parks, decorate trees, cafes, restaurants and houses of Cypriots. Hotels usually put up decorated artificial Christmas trees to create a festive atmosphere for guests.

  • On the streets of the city and in the windows of houses, scarlet “Christmas trees” appear, on the doors - spruce or olive branches. Often you can see a decorated boat: a symbol of happiness and serenity. The main characters of the holiday meet on the streets. The season of holiday discounts in stores is coming.
  • The New Year is celebrated brightly, with theatrical performances, street shows, concerts. At midnight, fireworks are arranged in the main cities.
  • Funny parties are held on New Year's Eve in nightclubs. You can find out the details of the New Year's program on the websites of the mayor's offices of the resort towns of Cyprus. This will help plan trips around the island during the New Year holidays.
  • Restaurants try to surprise guests with a variety of dishes. They seem to compete in an effort to present the best New Year's program and the most original cuisine. But be careful: in the midst of the holidays, shops may be closed!
  • Instead of Santa Claus in Cyprus, Agios Vasilis. The residence of St. Basil awaits in Kakopetria. Saint Basil, he is also a younger contemporary of Nicholas the Wonderworker of Caesarea Cappadocian, a symbol of mercy. On New Year's Eve, he gives gifts to every family. And under the New Year's tree they leave him a festive cake with a coin of "vasilopita". According to tradition, it will be cut and tasted only on the morning of January 1st. And whoever finds the coin will be lucky all year.


Christmas in Cyprus

On January 6, Epiphany Day and Saint Epiphanius Day are celebrated throughout the island. It is also called Τα Φοτα or the Festival of Light. This is a public holiday and a time of festivities, one of the most important holidays of the year for Orthodox Cyprus.

Saint Epiphanius was born in Palestine, but even in his youth he decided to accept Christianity. For three years he led an ascetic life in Egyptian monasteries, and upon returning to his homeland he was sent on a mission to Cyprus. He became the first archbishop of Cyprus and was canonized as a saint.

In Cyprus, there is a tradition: to jump into the sea and catch the cross thrown by the clergyman. It is believed that the person who caught the cross will be freed from evil spirits.

You can see the action at Epiphany in such places:

  • Limassol: the old port
  • Larnaca: marina pier
  • Paphos: the harbor of Paphos
  • Polis: Latchi Harbor
  • Ayia Napa: Ayia Napa harbor

Christmas in Cyprus is a family holiday, celebrated with loved ones. There is no tradition of 12 dishes in Cyprus: the richer the table, the better. Smoked meats, baked turkey, pork, and hare appear on the table. In addition to kuluri-kulich, they put a bird stuffed with rice, raisins and nuts on the table. And of course Cypriot sweets. For example, shortbread cookies with orange zest and Melamacarona juice, pancakes with orange juice syrup with honey, shortbread cookies Kourabiedes with almonds and cognac. Chief on the table is christopsomo, a Christmas cake garnished with a whole walnut in the shell. And the “Bread of Christ” is one of the main symbols of Christmas, and sometimes its dried pieces are kept for a whole year. Pomegranates on the table are a symbol of fertility. One of the traditions is the baking of small sweet donuts, which are thrown on the roof on this day to drive away evil spirits.

And in the mountain villages, the doors are not locked at night: so that the Mother of God with the born Christ can enter.


January festivities

In every village, Christmas markets are organized, presenting authentic products and goods. Previously, they were not held, but now they are trying to interest tourists. You will not find two identical fairs in Cyprus: each has its own peculiarity. In Platres, they offer to make New Year's toys from clay. And in Kakopetria you will find the residence of St. Vasilis, who is a kind of analogue of Santa Claus. They arrange holidays with elves, horses, generously treat them with apples and even treat them with free mulled wine.

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What to bring to Cyprus in January

  • Warm clothes for the evening - a jacket with a long sleeve.
  • Winter things if you are going to ski in a ski resort.
  • Raincoat or jacket. It is better not to take a coat, because there is a possibility of rain: just get wet.
  • It is advisable to have an umbrella with you when you go outside.
  • Sunglasses, a hat and a medium UV cream for sunny days.
  • Swimsuit: It will come in handy in heated pools.
  • Do not forget New Year's attributes for a photo shoot.

January, although not the warmest month, is perfect for day trips, exploring the ancient island, skiing on the Troodos mountain and relaxing holidays in hotels. A series of New Year holidays will leave the most vivid impressions of Cyprus!



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