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Amazing spring: skiing and sunbathing on the beach - all within an hour! What to expect from the Mediterranean island in March? March in Cyprus marks the beginning of the calendar spring, although the awakening of nature began in February. The sun shines almost all day, the weather is pleasantly warm. Cyprus is located in the subtropical zone. This is one of the hottest islands in the Mediterranean, where it is always warm by European standards. But there are times when cold winds take their toll: cold at night and little sun during the day. At the beginning of the month it can be windy and damp. If you are planning a trip, keep an eye on local weather forecasts.

Choose and book hotels in Cyprus!


Weather in Cyprus in March

Since Cyprus is located close to Asia and the African continent, the climate in Cyprus is one of the warmest in Europe. It is located off the southern coast of Turkey north of Egypt. The Mediterranean Sea is cool in March. In the west of the island, the weather is slightly cooler and wetter than in the east due to the winds, and there is not much difference between north and south. The Troodos Mountains and the Kyrenia massif protect the eastern and central plains from rain, bringing warmer weather to the coast.

  • If you have Napoleonic plans for swimming in the sea, forget it. March is not the best time for the sea season. But nature enchants with its colors and fragrance. The weather is warm, although when the wind comes, the sky frowns and may even rain. During the day the temperature is +17°, and in the evening it drops to +14°…+11°, but on the warmest days it can be persistent +21°. A third of the month can be rainy, and sunbathing on the beach will not be very comfortable due to the wind.
  • Humidity is low and ranges from 50% to over 85%. Average rainfall up to 34mm over six rainy days.
  • You can expect 12 hours of daylight and seven hours of sunshine each day. UV levels are moderate. Sunset occurs just after 17:45 in early March and at 19:00 towards the end of the month. This difference is due to the transition to daylight saving time.


Beach trip

In Limassol, Larnaca and Ayia Napa, the water temperature in March is +18°... +20°. Off the western coast of Paphos and the northern coast of Latchi, the water temperature is +17°...+19°. Only extreme or very hardened people can swim in the sea. On a sunny day, the sea is usually very calm and not crowded in the morning. The weather is perfect for sunbathing. The spring sun is gentle, and it's harder to get sunburned than in summer.


Where to stay in March in Cyprus

Cyprus hotels mostly open in mid- April, and for good reason. After all, in March it is still cool and there are not so many tourists. Therefore, it is better to plan your vacation near major cities such as Limassol, Paphos or Larnaca. The main advantage of holidays in Cyprus in March is the low cost compared to the summer season. On average, prices fall one and a half to two times compared to the high season. March is a great time to travel for people on a budget.

Hotel prices in March


  • Apartments - from 40 euros for two per day
  • Hotel 3* - from 60 euros
  • Hotel 4 * - from 130 euros
  • Hotel 5* - 140 euros


  • Apartments - from 30 euros for two per day
  • Hotel 3* - from 40 euros
  • Hotel 4 * - from 50 euros
  • Hotel 5* - 150 euros


  • Apartments - from 30 euros for two per day
  • Hotel 3* - from 60 euros
  • Hotel 4 * - from 80 euros
  • Hotel 5* - 250 euros

It is worth checking before a trip in March whether the selected hotel or apartment has heating. Because there is no central heating, and the nights are cool.

Choose and book hotels in Cyprus!


What to do in March in Cyprus

The main entertainments of spring are cycling and hiking, fishing, trips on ATVs, jeeps.

  • Hiking. The spring island is green and fragrant. Grapes, jasmine, almonds are blooming, and citrus plantations delight with fruits. Hiking in March is the perfect solution. Set off to see the green splendor of Cyprus before the summer sun burns it down. In March, Cyprus surprises with stormy greenery and bright flowers that grow almost everywhere: even along roadsides. Cypriots sometimes refer to March as the "yellow month". And all because of the modest wild flower, which literally fills the island. Fruit trees are beginning to bear fruit, and the citrus fruits that produced during the winter months continue to delight with juicy fruits. It's time to go see this beauty. The best places are the Troodos Mountains, Cape Greco and the Akamas Nature Reserve, overlooking the sea.
  • Go skiing. In March, you can go skiing in the Troodos mountains, and then go down to the sea and bask in the sun. And all this in almost one location! Winter attraction can be caught in early spring. There is still snow on the slopes of the mountains and the ski lifts are working.
  • Excursions. The sea is quite cold: the wind is blowing, so a beach holiday is uncomfortable. The main entertainment is excursions and walks. There are many excursions on the island: you can easily get from one city to another, visit different villages, seeing authentic life.
  • Bicycle rides. There are many bike rides and bike rental points where you can rent a modern bike to explore the island's trails. Cycling in Cyprus is designed for both a day and a whole week. You can go along the route 'Limassol - Amathous - Governors Beach' with a length of 15 km or 'Polis - Akamas' for 22 km. Or make a longer tour of more than a hundred kilometers: every cyclist will find a track for himself.
  • Historical tours. If you are a lover of history and sights, then visit monasteries, mountain villages, excavations, take a look at Kourion. In summer, it is simply difficult to travel to historical places because of the heat. And in March, the weather allows you to explore all corners of Cyprus. There are much fewer tourists than in summer, which is much more pleasant for travelers.
  • Fishing. Yes, in March there is still no time for swimming, but avid fishermen can already set their rods: the storms have passed. Cyprus is a real paradise for fishermen, where there are a lot of fish - over 260 species! You can catch marlin, dolphin, horse mackerel, mullet flounder and even shark. Fish from the shore or take a boat out to sea. And the catch will be prepared for you!
  • City walks. Walk along the most beautiful promenade in Cyprus, in Limassol. This is an incredible promenade with turquoise decorative pools, bridges leading to the sea, attractions, its own amphitheater, and original sculptures. Go around the long promenade in Larnaca - it stretches for 3 km!
  • Acquaintance with Northern Cyprus. While there is no heat, go to Nicosia, the capital of the two countries. It is divided into two parts: northern and southern, being the capital of the Republic of Cyprus and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. The buffer zone, which tourists can freely cross in both directions, runs in the middle. This is a city with history, where there is something to see!
  • Climb Olympus. Go skiing in the mountains? At the same time, look at Mount Olymbos - this is the highest point in Cyprus. It reaches 1952 m and is located almost in the very center of the island. Walk along ecological paths, see what kind of view opens from the top!
  • Gastronomic pleasures. Be sure to try meat delicacies: moussaka, kleftiko, meze. In March, the choice of restaurants is less than in summer, because not all establishments are open. But you can always find a tavern for dinner or go on a gastro tour of Cypriot farms, where they serve homemade dishes and local wine.
  • Spa. Local spa-salons and clinics, which offer relaxing treatments and treatment programs, will help you recover.
  • Admire the flamingos. Pink flamingos that come to spend the winter on the salt lake of Larnaca, in March in Cyprus. Drive to Larnaca: the favorite lake of birds is not far from the airport.


Festivals in Cyprus in March

  • Grand Carnival often takes place in March. It precedes the beginning of Lent and opens 50 days before the Easter holiday. The holiday lasts 10 days and often falls at the end of February and the beginning of March. This tradition has been going on for over 125 years. Up to 100,000 people take part in parades in Limassol! The facades of buildings, streets and avenues are decorated with colored flags and ribbons, illumination, and the city is filled with music, entertainment, costumed parade. The carnival in Limassol closes with a grand parade. And on the first day of the carnival, it is customary to eat meat baked on coals.

And do not be surprised by the abundance of halva. Greek Orthodox Christians traditionally fast before Easter, avoiding meat and dairy products. And just at this time of the year, halva is popular. Halva is a traditional delicacy during fasting, as it does not contain eggs and dairy products.

  • Greek Independence Day (March 25) is a public holiday, and therefore a day off. Some large supermarkets are open on this day, as are tourist shops and bakeries. But most businesses and schools are closed for the holiday. Parades are held in big cities, live music is played.


What clothes to wear in March

March will bring more than +20 degrees, so you can take even lighter things with you: you will need summer clothes for the day. During the day, shorts, a T-shirt, and even a bathing suit for sunbathing will come in handy. But a sweater and pants for the evening are a must. Also, take sunscreen and an umbrella in case of rare rains.

Before the trip, book a hotel in Cyprus. March is the perfect month to save on accommodation.

In March, everything in Cyprus breathes in spring, smells sweet and invites you to explore the island. Just don't forget to set your clocks forward an hour early on the last Sunday in March when you travel: otherwise your plans may be in jeopardy.



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