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Government ferries are the cheapest transport in the Maldives . They connect the local islands where the local people live. P aromas do not ply on the resort islands intended for luxury rest of tourists. We will tell you below where you can go by ferry in the Maldives .

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What you need to know about ferries in the Maldives

Until recently, there was no stable transport connection in the Maldives . Residents had to move between the islands in their boats and boats or wait for the cargo ferry to arrive. But relatively recently, regular state ferries have appeared.

  • Ferries in the Maldives can be roughly divided into two types: some carry residents from the capital to the atolls. Others run only within the atolls.
  • Ferry is the best option to get from Male to the islands closest to the capital of the Maldives, or to move between islands located in the same atoll. If the ferry is canceled, you can always hire a boat: it will not hit your pocket as much as a speedboat transfer to distant islands. But it's worth budgeting for contingencies.
  • The public ferry from Male runs three to four times a week to some of the atolls. Most ferries in the Maldives run short distances within the atolls. A ferry runs to some islands once a day.
  • Public ferries do not run to the resort islands . You can get to them only by high-speed boat, airplane, seaplane.
  • Unfortunately, there is nothing more precarious than Maldivian ferries. Transport can break down, and due to bad weather, flights are often postponed. It doesn't have to be a storm in the sea so that the ferry doesn't get out: small waves are enough.
  • Ferries are closed on Friday.
  • Tickets are best booked in advance, because the number of seats on the ferry is limited, especially on holidays. And you may not get on the ferry if they are sold out. If there is no ferry to the desired island, you can get to the nearest island by ferry, and then use a private transfer by motor boat: this will be much more economical.
  • You cannot buy ferry tickets online .
  • On a public ferry, you travel with locals.
  • Do not forget about sunscreen, as it can be burned while traveling in the Indian Ocean in a matter of minutes.
  • All ferries operate during daytime only.
  • There is a toilet on the ferries .
  • There is a high likelihood of getting seasick while traveling on a ferry, especially if while pitching. Therefore it is necessary to prepare and take with a pill, if you in yourself are not sure.
  • There is no business class or first class on public ferries.
  • On public ferries, it is allowed to take two baggage per person and one carry-on baggage.
  • Ferries are not air conditioned. But thanks to the natural breeze, the trip will not be hot.
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Where are the ferry terminals of Male

In Malé , there are two main ferry terminal:

  1. Villingili Ferry Terminal
  2. Hulhumalé Ferry Terminal

The Villingili Ferry Terminal in Malé ferry can be reached by such popular islands : Maafushi , Digurov , Difushi and others. This is the terminal from where departures to the local islands of the atoll and some other atolls. Villingili Ferry Terminal is located in the western part of Male Island .

The ferry departs from the port Vi l Ling on schedule, which also depends on the weather . The name of the terminal was due to its proximity to the island of Bu l Ling .

Hulhumalé Ferry Terminal is located in the eastern part of Male , closer to the island of Hulhumalé , where the airport is located. From here you can get from Male to Velana International Airport . The ferry journey will take about 5 minutes. You do not need to buy tickets in advance. The ferry leaves every 15 minutes.


Buying ferry tickets

State ferries are one of the cheapest modes of transport. The cost of the trip ranges from $ 5 to $ 30 per person one way from the capital of the Maldives , Male , to the selected island. The cost of the trip depends on the distance. Naturally, the road to more remote atolls is more expensive.

Ferry tickets can be purchased at the box office.

How to book a ferry on Ma ice

Online booking is almost impossible : there are no services that allow you to buy a ferry ticket directly. But you can contact the staff of the guesthouse or hotel with a request to purchase a ticket: this service can be provided for an additional fee. This is the best option, because although the ferries are large enough, the required ferry may already be completely full on the day of arrival, because ferries do not leave every hour.

Ferry timetables and routes

Public ferries leave strictly according to timetables (unless canceled). They cruise to islands within one atoll (this is a group of islands). Or they go to the atolls closest to Male. In total, the Maldives are grouped into 7 zones, depending on the location of the islands. As a rule, you cannot go from one area to another by ferry: the distances are long, and the ferries are moving too slowly.

The first digit in the route number indicates the zone in which the islands are located. Thus, Alifu Atoll and Kaafu (Male) are located in zone 3. Therefore, routes - 301, 302 and others.

Where to find the timetable

Ferry timetables can be found on the Maldives government website , as well as transport and travel companies. In addition, it is displayed on a stand in the port. Please note that on Maldivian sites, the timetable should be read from right to left: these are features of the Maldivian language. See schedule can of IT on site atolltransfer.com . To do this, it is worth finding the name of the island or the route. A detailed schedule is displayed, but online booking is not possible .

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Top Ferry Routes in Maldives

Islands where state ferries from Male run :

  • Maafushi
  • Thulusdhoo
  • Guraidhoo
  • Gulhi
  • Himmafushi
  • Huraa
  • Dhiffushi
  • Kaashidhoo
  • Gaafaru
  • Rasdhoo
  • Ukulhas
  • Mathiveri
  • Bodufulhadhoo
  • Thoddoo
  • Himandhoo
  • Feridhoo
  • Maalhos
  • Thoddoo
  • Rakeedhoo
  • Keyodhoo
  • Felidhoo
  • Thinadhoo
  • Fulidhoo
  • Mandhoo
  • Kunburudhoo
  • Mahibadhoo
  • Hangnaameedhoo
  • Omadhoo

Which atolls do not run ferries ( there are only domestic ferries ) :

  • Baa Atoll Ferry
  • Dhaal Atoll Ferry 
  • Faafu Atoll Ferry 
  • Meemu Atoll Ferry 
  • Noonu Atoll Ferry 
  • Shaviyani Atoll Ferry 
  • Haa Dhaal Atoll Ferry   
  • Haa Alif Atoll Ferry 
  • Raa Atoll Ferry 
  • Lhaviyani Atoll Ferry


Popular tourist routes

Below are the most popular ferry routes in the Maldives among tourists.

301 Himandhoo - Rasdhoo

On the way : 4 hours

When sent : Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday

Departure                     Arrival

Himandhoo 06:30 Maalhos 07:00                                                                                              

Maalhos 07:05 Feridhu 07:30                                                                                                     

Feridhu 07:35 Mathiveri 08:30                                                                                                  

Mathiveri 08:35 Bodufulhadhu 08:55                                                                                         

Bodufulhadhu 09:00 Ukulhas 09:35                                                                                         

Ukulhas 09:40 Rasdhoo 10:35                                                                                                     

Rasdhoo 13:00 Ukulhas 13:55                                                                                                    

Ukulhas 14:00 Bodufulhadhu 14:35                                                                                             

Bodufulhadhu 14:40 Mathiveri 15:00                                                                                          

Mathiveri 15:05 Feridhoo 16:00                                                                                                 

Feridhu 16:05 Maalhos 16:30                                                                                                     

Maalhos 16:35 Himandhu 17:05               

303 Male city - Thoddoo

The path 7 h and 20 minutes

When it departs : Monday and Thursday

Departure                     Arrival

Male 09:00 Rasdhoo 12:10                                                                                                      

Rasdhoo 12:15 Ukulhas 13:05                                                                                                  

Ukulhas 14:00 Rasdhoo 14:50                                                                                                  

Rasdhoo 15:10 Thoddoo 16:20                                                                                                 


When it departs : Sunday and Wednesday

Departure                     Arrival

Thoddoo 06:30 Rasdhoo 07:40                                                                                                

Rasdhoo 07:45 Ukulhas 08:35                                                                                                 

Ukulhas 09:45 Rasdhoo 10:35                                                                                                    

Rasdhoo 11:00 Male 14:10                                                                                                        


When it departs : Saturday and Tuesday

Departure                     Arrival

Thoddoo 07:00 Rasdhoo 08:10                                                                                                 

Rasdhoo 15:10 Thoddoo 16:20         

The path 7 h and 20 minutes

When it departs : Monday and Thursday

Departure                     Arrival

Male 09:00 Rasdhoo 12:10                                                                                                      

Rasdhoo 12:15 Ukulhas 13:05                                                                                                  

Ukulhas 14:00 Rasdhoo 14:50                                                                                                  

Rasdhoo 15:10 Thoddoo 16:20                                                                                                 


When it departs : Sunday and Wednesday

Departure                     Arrival

Thoddoo 06:30 Rasdhoo 07:40                                                                 

Rasdhoo 07:45 Ukulhas 08:35                                                                   

Ukulhas 09:45 Rasdhoo 10:35                                                                            

Rasdhoo 11:00 Male 14:10                                                                             


When it departs : Saturday and Tuesday

Departure                     Arrival

Thoddoo 07:00 Rasdhoo 08:10                                                                                     

Rasdhoo 15:10 Thoddoo 16:20

305 Mahibadhoo - Male city

On the way : 4 hours 15 minutes

When sent : Saturday , Monday , Wednesday

Departure                     Arrival

PM Male ' 09:00 Mahibadhoo 13:15                                                                                    


Departure time : Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday


Departure                     Arrival

Mahibadhoo 10:45 PM Male ' 15:15         


306 V. Rakeedhu - K. Male

The path : 6 hours and 40 minutes

Departure time : Saturday Monday, Wednesday

Departure                     Arrival

Rakeedhoo 07:00 Keyodhoo 08:05                                                                                             

Keyodhoo 08:10 Felidhoo 08:20                                                                                                

Felidhoo 08:25 Thinadhoo 08:35                                                                                               

Thinadhoo 08:40 Fulidhoo 10:05                                                                                              

Fulidhoo 10:30 Maafushi 12:10                                                                                                   

Maafushi 12:15 Male '13: 40                                                                                                       

Departure time : Sunday Tuesday , Thursday

Departure                     Arrival

Male '10: 00 Maafushi 11:25                                                                                                        

Maafushi 11:00 Fulidhoo 13:10                                                                                                    

Fulidhoo 13:30 Thinadhoo 14:55                                                                                                

Thinadhoo 15:00 Felidhoo 15:10                                                                                                

Felidhoo 15:15 Keyodhoo 15:25                                                                                                  

Keyodhoo 15:30 Rakeedhoo 16:35                                                                                              


309 Male City - Guraidhu

On the way: 2 hours.

Departure time : Saturday, Sunday Tuesday , Wednesday, Thursday

Departure                     Arrival

Guraidhu 07:00 Maafushi 07:20                                                                                               

Maafushi 07:25 Gulhi 07:45                                                                                                      

Gulhi 07:50 Male City 09:00                                                                                                    

Male City 15:00 Gulhi 16:10                                                                                                   

Gulhi 16:15 Maafushi 16:35                                                                                                      

Maafushi 16:40 Guraidhu 17:00                                                                                                 


Where in the Maldives you can go by ferry: routes

101 Thuraakunu-Kulhudhufushi

102 Kulhudhuffushi-Hoarafushi

103 Hoarafushi-Dhidhoo

104 Filladhoo- Kulhudhufushi

105 Ha.Kelaa -Hdh kuludhufushi

108 Finey-Kulhudhuffushi

107 Thuruaakunu-Dhihdhoo

106 Baarah - D hihdhoo

109 Makunudhoo- Kulhudhufushi

11 0 Hanimaadhoo-Kulhudhufushi - Kanditheemu- Funadhoo

112 Bilefahi- Funadhoo

113 Maroshi-Funadhoo

114 K omandhoo-Kulhudhufushi

115 Bileffahi-Kulhudhufushi

116 Maaungoodhoo-Kulhudhufushi

117 Lhaimagu-Kulhudhufushi

203 Alifushi-Ungoofaaru 

204 Maduvvari-Ifuru Airport

205 Kendhoo-Eydhafushi

206 Goidhoo-Eydhafushi

207 Olhuvelifushi-Hinnavaru

201 Hen'badhoo-Manadhoo

202 Velidhoo-Manadhoo

205B Goidhoo-Eydhafushi

206B Eydhafushi-Kendhoo

209 Goidhoo-Eydhafushi

210 Kendhoo-Eydhafushi

211 Kendhoo-Eydhafushi

208 Olhuvelifushi-Hinavaru

301 Himandhoo-Rasdhoo

302 Mandhoo-Mahibadhoo

303 Male city- Thoddoo

304 Fenfushi-Mahibadhoo 

305 Mahibadhoo - Male city

306 Rakeedhoo - Male city 

307 Kaashidhoo- Male city

3 09 Guraidhoo-Male '

401 Dhiggaru - Naalaafushi

402 Dhiggaru-Kolhufushi

402 Dhig garu- Kolhufushi

403 Kolhufushi-Mulhi

404  Feeali- Nilandhoo

405 Meedhoo-Kudhahuvadhoo

407 Nilandhoo-Meedhoo

406  Meedhoo-Kudhahuvadhoo

Learn all about the transfer to the Maldives . This link is all about not only ferries, but also speed boats , local airlines and seaplanes.

Fruit ferries

This is another way to travel between the islands and one of the most economical options. These ferries are also called fruit ferries, because most often they carry fruit. They run between the islands where the plantations are located: for example, they run from Male to Toddoo Island . As a rule, they leave at night so that fresh vegetables and fruits are on the market in the morning. They also dock near the markets. This is a popular option among budget travelers: you don't need to spend money on an overnight stay, and the cost of the trip is about $ 10. But you can't pin your hopes on fruit ferries: there is no clear timetable. The schedule can be changed arbitrarily and differ on different days of the week. Sometimes the ferry just won't go.

Remember that by ferry you can only get to the local islands where the locals live. Make sure you have time to take the ferry on arrival and be aware that it may be canceled.

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Ahmed Saeed
Ahmed Saeed


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