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“It all starts somewhere.” Tourism in the Maldives began with the opening of the first resort on the paradise islands - Kurumba Maldives. Almost 50 years ago, the green island of Vihamanafushi, which is just a stone's throw from the capital of Male, welcomed foreign guests for the first time. Today it is the most famous 5-star resort in the Maldives, as in demand as most resorts. Nevertheless, Kurumba has a main and unchanging feature - it was the first step towards the development of private hotel business as a new economic industry in the Maldives.

Atoll: North Male.

Transfer: Approximately 10 minutes by speedboat from Velana International Airport.

Historic yet modern Kurumba Maldives is conquering hearts from all over the world! Choose your room and book your Kurumba holiday at wiotto.com.

Kurumba Maldives
Kurumba Maldives

History of Kurumba Maldives

Kurumba has a very symbolic name – “coconut”, translated from the Maldivian language Dhivehi. Two Maldivians - Mohamed Umar Maniku and Ahmed Nasim, founded this private resort among a densely planted coconut plantations in 1972. The main reason why the island of Vihamanafushi was chosen for tourism is its very convenient location, very close to the capital and the airport.

What was the Kurumba hotel 50 years ago?

Compared to modern Maldivian resorts, the then Kurumba was primitive. The main building materials were coral stone and coconut wood, and the roofs of the rooms were covered with palm leaves. By today's standards, this is almost the same authentic accommodation that is in great demand among guests of the Maldives.

The only way to get to the island was by boat.

The number of rooms in Kurumba at that time consisted of 30 rooms (in blocks of three). Each room was equipped with a shower, toilet and furnished with the simplest necessary furniture. Direct access to the beach created an atmosphere of complete seclusion in the bosom of tropical nature. Meals were provided in the dining room, and in the evenings, barbecues were available on the beach.

Over time, the resort has developed and gained momentum. Fresh water appeared on the island, rooms were equipped with air conditioning, and restaurants were enriched with first-class chefs and a diversified menu.

The general staff of the resort staff also increased. From a small team of friends that did all kinds of work to 450 employees today. Kurumba became a shining example of success, which was achieved through hard work and incredible efforts.

Kurumba Maldives
Kurumba Maldives

Kurumba Maldives today

If once Kurumba could receive only 60 guests a month, today its capacity allows it to receive 14 thousand tourists a year. It is a modern, excellent 5-star resort and has regularly received awards of various kinds since 2008.

Kurumba Maldives
Kurumba Maldives

Rooms in Kurumba

Kurumba currently has 180 rooms, including the royal residence, presidential suites, pool villas, family villas, and superior beach or garden views. All villas and rooms have modern interiors, comfortable conditions, furnished terraces and verandas.


Restaurants and dining at Kurumba Maldives

The resort has eight restaurants of different cuisines of the world, which already makes Kurumba a destination for true gourmets. The meal plans offered here guarantee the best value for money you will ever find in a Maldivian hotel. In addition, all your culinary preferences will be listened to - vegetarian, flexitarian, fruitarian, gluten-free and halal menus are available.

Leading resort restaurants:

  • Vihamanaa. A varied themed menu seven days a week, served in buffet style. The resort's main restaurant welcomes visitors for breakfast, lunch and dinner. International cuisine and hot food stations.
  • Thila Restaurant offers seafood specialties with ocean views. The overwater establishment is open daily for breakfast and dinner. Sample traditional Maldivian grilled seafood and gourmet desserts.
  • Hamakaze is an authentic Japanese restaurant over the lagoon that serves up delicious sushi and sashimi for dinner.
  • Middle Eastern cuisine can be enjoyed at Al Qasr Amazing Lebanese, Moroccan and Tunisian food. Juicy charcoal meat, barbecues, a variety of meze snacks and sophisticated designer sauces.
  • Authentic Indian cuisine with ancient recipes available for dinner at Mahal This is a gastronomic journey from northern to southern India.
  • Thai cuisine in all variety of delicate flavors is offered by the exquisite Khing Thai

There are several other lounge bars and a café-restaurant on the island. In addition, the organizers offer the setting of private romantic dinners on the coast.

Kurumba Maldives
Kurumba Maldives

House reef snorkeling

Vihamanafushi Island has an excellent live house reef and good snorkeling conditions. From choosing a hotel with a good house reef in the Maldives always depends on the quality of underwater observations of its inhabitants.

Breakwaters surround Kurumba, creating an ideal snorkeling environment. Near the corals, you can always find colorful fish, turtles and stingrays. Snorkeling equipment and life jackets are available for rent at the water center free of charge. Experienced sea guides will teach you all the basics of diving if you are a beginner in this business. Do not miss the opportunity to go snorkeling at night with sea guides. This sight is worth special attention!

Kurumba Maldives
Kurumba Maldives

What Kurumba Diving Center has to offer

The resort has a branch of the world famous diving company Euro Divers. The center's experienced instructors conduct diving courses and scuba excursions. There are many stunning diving spots around the island in the Maldives, which can be reached by boat from 5 minutes to half an hour.

Dive site with manta rays, shipwrecks, and some of the most exciting drift diving spots. As well as modern equipment and a free trial dive in the lagoon. All this is offered by the Kurumba Diving Center.

Kurumba Maldives
Kurumba Maldives

Watersports at Kurumba Maldives

The Kurumba Water Sports Center will keep you busy. Here you will find a wide range of activities and equipment for practicing water sports in various directions:

  • canoe;
  • sailing catamaran;
  • water skiing;
  • inflatable tablet;
  • wakeboarding;
  • water bike tours;
  • parasailing;
  • inflatable boat "banana";
  • windsurfing lessons;
  • sailing lessons;
  • snorkeling lessons.

Kurumba Maldives

Kurumba Maldives

Surfing with Kurumba instructors

Take a short boat ride from the island and you are already at one of the best surfing spots in the world. Local instructors work with surfers of all levels. The surfing season in North Male Atoll usually runs from mid-April to mid-October. Make sure that surfing in the Maldives is second to none!

Entertainment at Kurumba Hotel

Kurumba Maldives is considered the ideal Maldivian family hotel. And it is true. There is enough entertainment on the island for both children and adults. The resort has the Majaa Kids Club, which offers free and very fun activities for children from 4 to 13 years old.

Adults can relax and keep fit at the Majaa Holiday Center. It offers board games, tennis courts, a 24-hour fitness room.

Kandu Beach Bar organizes live music evenings and DJ parties. Also at the resort you can see national dances to the rhythms of the boduberu, which bring them closer to the Maldivian culture.

Kurumba hosts a range of activities to ensure that hotel guests have the most vivid impressions of their stay in the Maldives on vacation!

Kurumba Maldives
Kurumba Maldives

What excursions does Kurumba Maldives offer?

Due to its proximity to Male, Kurumba offers its guests a guided tour of the capital. During the walk, you can see the sights of the city and devote time to shopping.

In addition, you can go to the Maldivian village to observe the culture and life of the indigenous people, visit the shops of souvenirs and handicrafts.

Sea travels include sunset dolphin hunting, snorkeling safaris, glass bottom boat trips and thrilling fishing trips.

Kurumba Maldives
Kurumba Maldives

Spa complex Veli Spa of Kurumba hotel

A sophisticated salon set amidst the lush palm garden of the Veli Spa, a place where you can find peace and recharge to the fullest. Among other methods - Dhivehi base - traditional Maldivian herbal treatment according to ancient recipes. Indulge in a magical spa ritual under the stars and signature hot sand massage.

Kurumba Maldives
Kurumba Maldives

Choose your room and book your Kurumba holiday at wiotto.com.

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