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The Maldives for Christmas and New Year is a unique chance to spend an unforgettable Christmas vacation not among the white snows, but among the white sands washed by the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean. After all, only in the Maldives you can ride with Santa on holiday sleighs not along snow-covered trails, but along the sparkling waters of the ocean, while the sleigh will be carried not by reindeer, but by fast jet skis.

Maldives weather

All those wishing to travel to the Maldives for Christmas and New Years are welcomed by the weather with perfect days, sun-drenched beaches, clear blue skies, moderate humidity and fresh ocean breezes.

If in the first half of December the rains can be more frequent and heavy, then the second half of December, as well as January, are considered a dry season, so nothing will prevent you from enjoying the holidays to the fullest.

If it rains, it is short-term and fleeting, and the total number of rainy days in January, as a rule, does not exceed 5.

  • Daytime air temperature: 28-30 degrees.
  • The air temperature at night: usually does not drop below 27 degrees.
  • Water temperature: remains at around 28-29 degrees.

Asad Photo Maldives
Asad Photo Maldives

Maldives for Christmas

Since the Maldives is a Muslim country, visitors to the islands should be prepared for the fact that the Christmas mood here is somewhat different from the traditional one.

Some hotels are limited to festive decorations and inviting guests to a Christmas dinner.

However, there are resorts that start to create a festive mood long before the holiday itself. For example, guests can take part in the making of Christmas decorations and the Christmas tree lighting ceremony. The youngest guests are given the opportunity to create interesting Christmas tree decorations from salted dough with their own hands.

Since Christmas is primarily a family holiday, various events, quests, games and workshops for the whole family are organized for guests. For example, guests can unleash their creativity and create a gingerbread decoration for their villa with their own hands, search for holiday treats using clues hidden along the paths of the island, or write a letter to Santa.

Resorts can host cocktail parties on Christmas Eve, which seamlessly evolve into gala dinners with interactive cooking shows and a delectable selection of holiday delicacies. Some resorts continue to celebrate the next day with champagne brunch and gourmet snacks.

In addition, between Christmas and New Years, some resorts may host various sports events, marathons, football championships, tennis tournaments, water polo and bowling, yoga, badminton, family fitness, which includes family relay races, and others. fun and energetic activities for vacationers of all ages.

Guests looking for peace and solitude can spend Christmas in the Maldives on a quiet beach, relaxing and enjoying the wonderful weather and sightseeing with their loved ones.

In addition, some hotels offer holiday menus and barbecues on January 6, 7 and 14.

Kuredu Island Resort & Spa
Kuredu Island Resort & Spa

Christmas in the Maldives, price

The Maldives is a very desirable tourist destination during the Christmas and New Year holidays, so the prices for tours, in comparison with the summer period, can increase by 30-50%. However, this does not diminish demand, and some popular resort hotels are selling out well ahead of the holidays.

Those who are looking for an opportunity to purchase a quality vacation at the best price should pay attention to the last minute tours to the Maldives for Christmas. However, it should be noted that due to the high demand during the Christmas and New Year period, this opportunity is not provided so often. Therefore, if you want to relax in a particular hotel on selected dates, or if you are traveling with your family and expect a vacation that meets certain criteria, then you should not pin high hopes on last-minute tours. It is better to take care of purchasing the tour in advance.

The approximate price for three days of rest at the end of December with early booking is:

  • Around USD 200 for a room with breakfast at affordable guesthouses such as Banyan Villa Maldives Dhangethi located in the Ari Atoll area. Additional taxes and fees are paid.
  • About 800 USD for a villa with breakfast at the Sun Island Resort & Spa 5 *, located in the Ari area of ​​the atoll. Taxes and fees are included in the price.
  • About $ 5,500 for a beach villa with a pool and "All inclusive" meals in the popular resort of Dusit Thani Maldives 5 *. Taxes and fees are included in the price.

You can slightly reduce the cost of the tour by booking accommodation for Christmas in the Maldives near Male or in the capital itself. The fact is that in most cases a seaplane transfer to distant atolls can be a significant part of the tour price.

Sun Island Resort & Spa
Sun Island Resort & Spa

New Year in the Maldives: traditions and features

Travelers planning to visit the Maldives for the New Year holidays generally have two accommodation options:

  1. Stay in a hotel on a “common island” to take part in a variety of New Year's activities.
  2. Stay at one of the luxurious beach resorts, where separate programs and parties are organized to celebrate the New Year.

New Year at the resort islands

New Year's Eve celebrations at the resort islands often include sunset cocktail parties, a gourmet gala dinner and entertainment afterwards, grand fireworks displays, DJs and dancing at the beach bar.

The next day, the party can continue with a brunch with a rich selection of international dishes and pouring champagne accompanied by live music.

The Maldives are famous for their beach parties and provide travelers with the opportunity to celebrate the New Year in an island style: in shorts, light dresses, comfortable shoes or even barefoot.

Traditional Maldivian food

The Maldives in the New Year offers its guests to make a whole gastronomic journey. Delicious dishes are prepared with the freshest ingredients. Among the most popular local dishes:

  • Garudhiya is a traditional fish broth made with rice, lime juice, chili peppers and crispy fried onions.
  • Fihunu mas - fish fried in chili and grilled, can be complemented with rice cooked in coconut oil.
  • Kulhiboakibaa is a salted tuna pie with onions, grated coconut, lime juice and spices. This traditional dish is usually prepared for special and special occasions.

Kuredu Island Resort & Spa
Kuredu Island Resort & Spa

2. New Year on the "common islands"

Travelers who prefer to spend New Year's Eve on the “common islands” will not be bored either. They will be able to take part in the celebrations together with local residents.

Popular New Year's Eve events include festive barbecues, fiery dances on the beach to the rhythms of traditional boduberu drums, fire performances and, of course, large-scale fireworks.

Lily Beach Resort & Spa
Lily Beach Resort & Spa

New Year in the Maldives, price

When planning to celebrate the New Year in the Maldives, you need to know that the price of New Year's tours corresponds to the high season. Due to the large influx of tourists during this period, it is recommended to book accommodation in advance, about half a year in advance, in order to avoid inconvenience at the last minute.

Kandolhu Maldives Resort
Kandolhu Maldives Resort


Connoisseurs of outdoor activities who find traditional Christmas and New Year's entertainment not enough can go fishing or a submarine excursion, meet dolphins in the open ocean, go surfing, dine at a restaurant 5 meters underwater, or simply relax at the spa listening to the sounds of the waves. Diving will be a special pleasure, since during this period excellent visibility under water is maintained. Meeting with majestic rays, huge turtles, reef sharks or hammerhead shark, for sure, will adequately replenish the baggage of your New Year's impressions.

In addition, travelers can explore the attractions of the Maldives.

Meeru Island Resort & Spa
Meeru Island Resort & Spa


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