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The Maldives are islands of eternal summer. They are close to the equator, so the paradise islands are warm all year round. In spring and summer, rains and winds fall on the Maldives. Is it worth going to paradise islands in May?

Weather in May what to be prepared for

May is not the most favorable period for a trip to the Maldives. The last month of spring brings the beginning of the season of winds and rains. Weather conditions are changing.

May can be rainy, with precipitation about 15 days per month. This is two times more than in April and three times more than in January.

In late spring, the southwest monsoon hits the archipelago. It is he who brings showers and waves, and the sea begins to storm. This is the start of the wet season.

According to the folk calendar of the inhabitants of the Maldives

  • The buruno period lasts until May 5, bringing storms and blizzards.
  • The keti period lasts from 5 to 20 May and brings rains with it.
  • And from May 20, Roanu begins a mixture of rains and winds.

Temperature readings in the Maldives in May

  • The level of importance is increasing more than 80%. It's getting harder to breathe.
  • Daytime temperature up to +32 degrees. At night: +29 but because of the high humidity, it feels hotter.
  • Most often it starts raining in the evening and can last at night. Everything will dry out by morning.
  • During the day, the rains are short and can last only 20-30 minutes.

Nattu Adnan

Where is the best place to relax in the Maldives in May?

The weather conditions on the placers of the Maldives are almost the same, but there are still minor differences

  • In North and South Male, there are 12 rainy days per month with strong winds.
  • The northern Haa Alif atoll is the rainiest one, rain can be seen for almost two times weeks. The temperature is one degree lower than in other atolls.
  • The least rainy is the Siinu Atoll. It is much less rain, but could be cloudy at times.
  • In the rest of the atolls, the rains do not stop for 13-14 days.

All this is a matter of luck some tourists, even leaving in May, enjoy the turquoise of the calm ocean and the warm sun.

Sebastian Pena Lambarri
Sebastian Pena Lambarri

The cost of housing in the Maldives in May

In the Maldives, May is a low season, which is reflected in the cost of housing. You will have a significantly greater choice of hotels, because there are not as many people wishing to come to the Maldives in May.

  • The cost of a guest house or a three-star hotel per night starts at $ 30. Including taxes, the minimum price per night for two is about $ 40 on such a crowded island as Maafushi.
  • Bungalow on the water - from $ 120. This is not the best option for May, as the sea will be stormy and the sound of the waves will not let you sleep at night.
  • Three Star All Inclusive Hotel - $ 158 (up from $ 186 in high season) + $ 50 taxes and fees.
  • Four-star hotel - from $ 190 (instead of $ 370) + $ 56 taxes and fees.
  • Five-star hotel - from $ 330 (instead of $ 470) + $ 90 taxes and fees.
By the way, at WIOTTO all taxes and fees are already included in the price.

Anantara Dhigu Maldives Resort
Anantara Dhigu Maldives Resort

Water activities in the Maldives in May

Due to bad weather, not all types of water activities are available, but it depends only on the weather

  • The underwater life in the Maldives is rich with some of the largest fish in the world. You can also swim with dolphins and manta rays. In the last month of spring, snorkeling is difficult. The reason is rather strong winds, which, although they bring freshness to a humid climate, make water activities unpleasant. Snorkeling is also difficult due to waves and poor visibility. A coral reef can be easily overlooked and injured.
  • Diving. In fact, it ends in April. The sky is cloudy, the rule of the monsoons comes. The Indian Ocean is not suitable for diving in May despite the warm water heated to + 29 degrees, it becomes cloudy due to the sandy mixture and plankton. Visibility is significantly reduced.
  • Surfing. It may be the only activity that is worth doing in May. This is the start of the high waves season, which is interesting even for experienced surfers. The waves are different in the Maldives, but as a rule, professional surfers should try their luck on the outer reef of a particular atoll. You can get there only by water transport.
  • On quiet days, special trips to the high seas are organized for tourists. This pleasure is not cheap (at least $ 1500 for 8 hours), but what excellent photos from exotic fishing!
  • Desert island. Many people want to feel like Robinson Crusoe and visit an island where there is not a soul. Such a trip can easily be planned in May.
  • Excursion by seaplane. Fly over part of the Maldives for a bird's eye view of the islands.

Ice Tea
Ice Tea

Things to do in the Maldives in May attractions

Unfortunately, there are no national holidays in the Maldives in May. May, which is not conducive to water activities, is suitable for exploring the sights of the Maldives. Almost all of them are located in the capital, so it's time to go on an excursion to Male. A third of the country's population is concentrated in the densely populated capital of the Maldives. It is there that you can get acquainted with local sights.

Visit the National Museum in Sultan Park, Jumuri-Maidan Garden. See the tomb of the Maldives' folk hero, the ancient Great Friday Mosque made of coral stone.

Wander through the colorful fish market, drop by the fruit market. Take a photo at the "Republic of Maldives" sign, see the large mosque. Admire the architecture of the new and old presidential palaces.

Мале, столица Мальдив
Male, capital of the Maldives

What to take with you to Maldives

May holiday due to changeable weather has its own characteristics. Things to keep in mind when traveling to the island paradise:

  • A must have when you travel to the Maldives in May. Make sure that every family member has an umbrella: you never know where the rain will come.
  • Useful if you decide to leave the hotel grounds on a rainy day. Despite the fact that the rains are frequent, they are short-lived and do not intensify until a tropical downpour.
  • Windbreaker, waterproof jacket.
  • Light clothes. Feel free to put sundresses, T-shirts, shorts and flip flops in your suitcase: the rains will not last forever. Bring light cotton clothing to the Maldives, because not only rainfall, but a mixture of heat and high humidity awaits you.
  • Sunscreen: Despite the possible cloudiness, the ultraviolet level on the paradise islands is still high. It is necessary at least to protect the face, shoulders, neck. After all, the sun shines almost all day, although there is some cloudiness and rain. Sunglasses and SPF-50 products are needed. Take a burn remedy.
  • Bathing accessories (mask, fins, snorkel, swimming trunks / swimsuit), coral slippers.
  • UV clothing that protects from harmful ultraviolet radiation will not be superfluous.
  • Make sure you have closed clothing for going out. In Male and on local islands, open clothes are not welcomed: this is a Muslim country.
  • Dresses, sundresses, trousers for an evening out in a restaurant.
  • If you are flying with a child, be sure to bring baby food and diapers. In the Maldives, they are difficult to find in local stores; in resorts, they cost $ 20 for a small package.
  • Bring a change of clothes in case of rain. If your things get wet, you will have something to wear. Please note that due to high humidity, clothes dry for a long time.

A vacation in May can spoil the rain, but this is a matter of luck: many tourists enjoy the sunny Maldives even in the last month of spring, and the May vacation itself is much cheaper than the high season.


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