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The Maldives in October continue to be at the mercy of the southwest monsoon, so the region, like last month, continues to experience rainy weather, accompanied by gusty winds and high air humidity. This period is suitable for travelers who prefer to relax at affordable prices.

Weather in Maldives in October

October marks the imminent end of the wet monsoon season and the onset of the so-called dry season. Showers during this period are not uncommon. Nature seems to be in a hurry to bring down as much moisture as possible to the ground at the end. The rains come out of nowhere and end as suddenly as they began. Do not be upset, because you can wait out the minutes of bad weather, enjoying the amenities of your hotel. For example, enjoy a cocktail at the bar or relaxing at the spa.

Going to the Maldives on average, you need to count for 10-14 rainy days per month. Therefore, to increase your chances of good weather, you should consider looking to book longer stays.

The undoubted advantage of the tropical climate is that after the rain the surface of the earth dries up quickly, and you can have a beach vacation as if nothing had happened. However, there are daredevils who are in no hurry to leave the ocean shore even during heavy rains, and continue to walk and swim in the pouring rain.

  • The air temperature during the day is an average of 30 degrees, while the cold wind makes it easier to tolerate high humidity.
  • The air temperature at night, as usual, does not drop below 27 degrees.
  • The water temperature remains at around 28-29 degrees.

Maldives in October, prices

October still pleases travelers with prices for tours and provides an opportunity for an economical vacation in the last year. Indeed, starting in November, the prices for vacations will steadily begin.

Estimated price for three days of rest in a global organization

Пляжное бунгало
Beach bungalow | Paradise Island Resort & Spa Maldives

Best places to stay in October in the Maldives

We need to take a balanced approach to the choice of an atoll; we are planning an autumn vacation, it is necessary to carefully approach the choice of an atoll.

Addu atoll boasts roughly the same black and cloudy days. The maximum number of rainy days here is no more than 10-11 per months, which, combined with moderate winds, makes this atoll one of the most successful locations for an October vacation.

On the Laviani and Raa atolls, there are about 7 solar days for 12 rainy days, the average wind speed is 4.7 ms.

On the atolls of Baa, Maafushi, as well as in North and South Male, 14 rainy days throughout the month alternate with 9 sunny days, while the weather is quite windy (about 5 ms). For these atolls, October is one of the rainiest months of the year. However, almost a third of sunny days throughout the month allows you to get a beautiful tan and fully enjoy your beach vacation.

Vakkaru Maldives
Resort Island of Baa Atoll | Vakkaru Maldives

Diving in the Maldives in October

Manta ray watching season is in full swing. These friendly giants are found throughout the year in different parts of the ocean in different parts of the Maldives.

In the cold, Hanifaru Bay in the Baa Atoll remains one of the best spots to watch manta rays, as well as whale and reef sharks. Travelers from all over the world come here to admire the whole flocks of large sea animals that come here in search of food.

In order to protect nature, diving is prohibited in Hanifaru Bay. However, here you can go snorkeling among the curious underwater inhabitants floating slowly in the water around tourists, as well as scuba diving in the surrounding area.

In the southeast of North Male Atoll, Manta Point is popular with divers and is a great spot to encounter manta rays. In addition to stingrays, you can also meet other inhabitants of the underwater kingdom, including barracudas, napoleon fish and turtles.

South Ari Atoll is also known as an area for whale sharks and manta rays all year round.

Milaidhoo Island Maldives
Diving in Hanifaru Bay | Milaidhoo Island Maldives

Surfing in the Maldives in October

The most popular surfing spots in October are the North and South Male Atolls. During this period, rather windy weather remains here, accompanying active rest on the crest of the wave.

Check out the specifications of surfing in the Maldives here.

Asad Photo Maldives

Holidays and events

Since the Maldives is an Islamic state, most of the holidays are celebrated here in accordance with the Muslim lunar calendar and their dates change from year to year.

One of the most important holidays in the history of the country is the National Day of the Maldives. This holiday is established in honor of the liberation of the Maldives from the colonial rule of the Portuguese.

In 1558, the Portuguese attacked the Maldives, killed the sultan of that country and established their rule. However, in 1573, the military captain Muhammad Thakurufaanu managed to end the fifteen years of colonial rule by the occupiers and became the ruler of the country, and later - the national hero of the Maldives.

Today National Day is declared a public holiday and a public holiday for most institutions. The holiday is celebrated with a flag-raising ceremony and lavish parades and processions in the streets of Male and other islands. Sometimes the holiday is accompanied by stage performances, activities for children and fireworks.

Male, capital of the Maldives

The approximate date of the event is October 7, 2021.

Another significant event for the population of the Maldives is the so-called Mawlid, or the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad (Muhammed). This holiday is celebrated with magnificent processions through the city, and in numerous mosques, they tell about the life of the prophet. This day is a public holiday.

Approximate dates October 18, 2021, October 8, 2022.


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