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Do you want to share vivid photos of your vacation in the Maldives on social networks? Worry in advance about how to stay in touch with loved ones. Find out how much internet will cost you on the paradise islands in this article.

Coverage in the Maldives

Although the Maldives are scattered across the Indian Ocean, there will be no problems with cellular communications and the Internet. Local providers cover almost 99% of the territory of the Maldives. Calls within the Maldives are affordable. However, the cost of mobile internet in the Maldives is high. On average, mobile Internet will cost a tourist from $ 15 to $ 70, depending on the chosen tariff plan. The fastest internet is in the central area (Male) and the airport.

If you are relaxing on a small island, buy a modem that supports 3G internet.


Roaming in the Maldives

Roaming charges in Maldives depend on your home operator. As a rule, the Maldives belongs to the third group of countries and the cost of calls and the Internet is quite high. Therefore, it will be more profitable to purchase a local SIM card upon arrival.

Wi-Fi in the Maldives

Almost all hotels in the Maldives have Wi-Fi. This applies not only to luxury island resorts, but also to budget hotels located on local islands. However, the Internet is often only available in the lobby or in bars and restaurants. There may also be problems with it on the beach. The availability of Wi-Fi throughout the hotel should be checked directly when booking a room. Internet use in the room can be charged about $ 20 per day.

In addition, the hotel Wi-Fi may not please at all with speed. Its quality is not the best, be guided by the reviews of travelers about the hotel you have chosen.

An alternative to Wi-Fi in the rooms can be wired internet with a laptop. Hotels often have internet cafes where you can use the internet and a laptop for an additional fee. The use of computers in hotels is usually paid and costs about $ 10 per hour.

In general, despite the presence of the Internet in the hotel, a sim-card of a local operator will not be superfluous at all. Especially if you are planning to go on excursions.


Internet on local islands

On local islands, there are so-called hotspots that you can connect to, in order to enjoy Wi-Fi. They are paid so you need to purchase a prepaid voucher. Wi-Fi costs 95 MVR ($ 6) per day. Also on some local islands, there are internet cafes.

Buying a SIM card

There will be no difficulties with purchasing a sim card in the Maldives. You can buy a card of local mobile operators at the airport, right upon arrival. You can easily find special kiosks that sell sim cards.

The sales office is located in the business center. To find it, turn right when leaving the baggage claim area. Here are the offices of mobile operators. The purchase of a sim card is carried out upon presentation of a passport during the purchase; the tourist signs a registration form.

However, beware Friday: is a day off in the Maldives and sales points may not work.

Also on the resort, islands in hotels there are small shops where you can buy a sim card if you did not have time to do it upon arrival. There are specialized points of sale on the local islands. SIM cards are often offered by the locals themselves or by the resort staff.


Major mobile operators

There are two mobile operators in the Maldives, Ooredoo and Dhiraagu. They cover 99% of the territory of the Republic of Maldives. Even if you are traveling by public ferry or between local islands, mobile communications and the Internet will still be with you in the Indian Ocean. Dhiraagu is believed to have the best coverage. And Ooredoo breaks more on local islands.

There are two types of tariffs prepaid and postpaid. Postpaid rates are more suitable for local residents who pay their bill once a month.

How to make cheap calls from Maldives

There are payphone cards in the Maldives. However, they are already in little demand. They prefer to call using instant messengers, leaving payphones in the distant past. Within the Maldives itself, the cost of calls is low. International rates are also available.


  • The cost of an Ooredoo sim card is 30 MVR (about $ 2). 20 MVR will be available on your account. The cost of calls in the Maldives depends on the time of day and ranges from 0.49 to 0.89 MVR per minute on the network. If you make calls to other numbers, then 0.69-0.99 MVR per minute. It is cheaper to call after 11pm and on Fridays on weekends.
  • The cost of one minute of international communication is one MVR.
  • Unlimited calls and messages to local operator numbers can be activated for 10 MVR per day.
  • To call with a discount to international numbers, you need to dial 00 011 instead. However, not all countries receive a discount.


  • The cost of a Dhiraagu sim card is 30 MVR. After purchase, you will have 20 MVR in your account. The cost of a call depends on the time of day and ranges from 0.55 to one MVR per minute, depending on the operator and time of day. It is cheaper to call after 1 am.
  • For international numbers, you can call with a 10% discount by activating the service of five favorite numbers; two of them can be international. You can also get a discount for international calls by dialing 019 instead of 00. However, the discount does not apply to all countries. The packages are valid for a month.


Mobile packages

Ooredoo. The minimum traffic volume is 500 MB for 99 MVR ($ 6), the maximum is 12 GB for 900 MVR ($ 58). The 2GB bundle costs 199 MVR ($ 13). To activate the card, you need to call 929 #.

Dhiraagu offers internet for your phone or tablet. The smartphone package offers unlimited packages for the day. However, it does include 2GB. After use, the speed drops, but there is no charge for additional megabytes. For the tablet tariff, the cost is about 200 MVR ($ 13), which includes a SIM card and a top-up voucher for 100 MVR. Next, you should choose a tariff of your choice. For example, 6 GB - 500 MVR ($ 32).

Travel packages

Both operators offer travel packages.

Dhiraagu Tourist Rates

  • Traveler Premium for $ 50 30 GB, 300 minutes of calls (in the country), 300 SMS + $ 9.50 on the account - the SIM card is active for 14 days.
  • Traveler Plus for $ 30 17 GB, 150 minutes of calls (in the country), 150 SMS + $ 6.50 on the account - SIM card is active for 14 days.

Dhiraagu has many different plans and plans. You can check it out on the official Dhiraagu website.

Ooredoo Tourist Rates

  • Tourist Plan 30 for 491 MVR (about $ 30): 17 GB, 150 minutes of calls (in the country), 150 SMS + 100 MVR on the account - the SIM card is active for 30 days.
  • Tourist Plan 50 for 818 MVR (about $ 50): 30 GB, 300 minutes of calls (in the country), 300 SMS + 150 MVR on the account - the SIM card is active for 30 days.

Ooredoo has many different plans and plans. You can check it out on the official Ooredoo website.


How to top up the balance of a SIM card

You can top up your balance at the offices of mobile operators, as well as using ATMs. To check your account balance, you should use the operator's application in the Maldives.

To always stay in touch, it is better to purchase a SIM card from one of the two mobile operators in the Maldives. Nevertheless, it is even better to completely turn off the phone and completely surrender to the relaxation of social networks will wait, and gorgeous photos from the Maldives will always have time to collect likes.


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