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Thulusdhoo is a small local island with a population of about one and a half thousand people, located 27 kilometers from Male.

Characteristics of Thulusdhoo Island

  • Population - about 1400 people
  • Length - 1.58 km
  • Width - 650 m
  • Atoll - Kaafu
  • Distance from Male - 27 km

On the island there are several small mini-markets and souvenir shops, a pharmacy, a first-aid post, several cafes and restaurants, an ATM (only dispenses Maldivian rufiyaa, so it is better to bring US dollars with you) and even a playground for little fidgets. However, the main attraction of the island is the Coca Cola plant, which is unique in that it is the only plant in the world that uses desalinated water for the production of drinks.

Thulusdhoo has all the conditions for a good rest: clean soft sand and a turquoise lagoon, a beautiful house reef and world-class surf breaks, excursions and traditional Maldivian entertainment, the opportunity to communicate with the locals and immerse yourself in the culture of the Maldives.

Milada Vigerova
Milada Vigerova

How to get to Thulusdhoo

The most budget-friendly way to get to Thulusdhoo Island is the local ferry, which departs Male 'five days a week at 14:30 and arrives at Thulusdhoo at 16:45, stopping along the way at Himmafushi and Huraa islands.

A faster and more convenient type of transfer is a speedboat. In this case, the trip will take about 30 minutes and the cost will be about $ 30. You should talk to the representatives of your guest house about the possibility of booking.

Tourists who are not constrained in funds and who prefer to travel in comfort can use the services of a private transfer.

When planning your trip, it is important to keep in mind that ferry and speedboat schedules may change due to weather, holidays, COVID-19 factors, so be sure to check the latest information just before your trip.


Hotels and guesthouses on Thulusdhoo Island

  • Season Paradise is an award-winning, local by local standards, large 4-star hotel located a stone's throw from bikini beach. There is a restaurant, rooftop infinity pool, spa and gym (about $ 110 without meals or from $ 140 with breakfast and dinner).
  • Reef Edge is another excellent 4-star hotel with great food located next to Bikini Beach. There is an equipped barbecue area and free bike rental (about $ 120 with breakfast).
  • Surf Deck is a budget guesthouse near bikini beach. Popular surf spots Coke's and Chicken's are nearby. Several types of excursions are organized upon request (from $ 55).
  • Iru Maldives is a cozy and beautifully decorated guest house on the waterfront. There is no own restaurant, but it is possible to pre-order meals à la carte and organize some excursions. There is free bike rental ($ 180 with breakfast).
  • Akiri Surf Retreat is a modern three-room guest house about 300 meters from the bikini beach. There are free bicycles, on request they provide guests with local SIM cards, organize excursions (about $ 65 with breakfast).
  • Dream Inn is a 3-star hotel 5 minutes walk from the beach. There is a restaurant serving a variety of dishes and the possibility of booking excursions ($ 140 with breakfast).
  • Canopus Retreat is a two-story guest house close to the beach. There is a good restaurant, spa, bicycles and equipment for snorkeling and water sports.
  • Orimas Retreat is a nice guest house close to the beach, consisting of 5 rooms. There are boats, canoes, and water sports equipment for rent ($ 95).
  • Samura Maldives is a beachfront guest house with a common seating area equipped with awnings, tables and umbrellas. Meals and a choice of excursions are provided;
  • Villa Kudi Maldives is an elegant villa run by an Italian couple that has been hosting guests since 2017. Located a couple of minutes walk from the bikini beach. There is a possibility of food, and the hosts will help you plan your leisure time ($ 90).


On Thulusdhoo, as well as on other local islands visited by tourists, most guesthouses have their own cafes or restaurants that will never let you go hungry.

One of the most popular restaurants on the island is the Fusion Restaurant, located in the Canopus Retreat. The menu features local cuisine (in particular, its flagships mas huni and roshi), as well as dishes from different peoples of the world, curries from Southeast Asia, seafood, pizza, pasta, sandwiches, fresh fruit juices, smoothies, soft cocktails, tea, etc. coffee, of course.

At Aveli Restaurant and Grill, guests can dine indoors or outdoors surrounded by nature. In addition to tasting Maldivian and international cuisine, guests have the opportunity to enjoy performances by local musicians on Friday nights.

Tourists looking for a budget snack with locals can check out the RSR Diner. For lovers of a more comfortable atmosphere, we recommend visiting the Santa Rosa restaurant, which is part of the guesthouse of the same name. It serves European, Asian and Maldivian cuisine. If there is no time or desire for a full meal, you can limit yourself to snacks, juice or ice cream.


Things to do

On the local islands, as a rule, there are no animators and regular hotel entertainment programs. However, the owners of local guest houses and hotels try to do everything possible to organize interesting leisure for their guests. On request, Maldivian cooking and painting lessons, playing national drums, and making products from palm leaves can be organized for tourists. However, Thulusdhoo is not limited to introducing guests to Maldivian crafts and traditions. So, be sure to take your chance and try the best that this wonderful island has to offer:

  • snorkel at Coral Garden, home to sea turtles and reef sharks;
  • go fishing on a local fishing boat-dhoni, accompanied by an experienced fisherman;
  • join an exciting safari with funny dolphins;
  • discover the beautiful underwater world while scuba diving into the depths of the Indian Ocean;
  • take a look behind the scenes of the national Coca Cola factory;
  • Purchase a luxury resort island day pass or visit nearby local islands;
  • indulge in a candlelit dinner on the beach;
  • swim with mysterious mantas;
  • go for a banana ride, jet ski or glass bottom kayak;
  • observe the life of the island from the inside while cycling;
  • catch your first (or best) wave at one of the best surfing locations in the country.

Be sure to visit one of three sandbanks located about 20 minutes by boat from Thulusdhoo: One & Only Sand Bank, Asdho Sand Bank and Infinity Sand Bank. Here you can spend time on a picnic, admiring endless landscapes and all kinds of shades of blue, sunbathing and snorkeling.

Estimated prices:

  • a trip to a sandbank - $ 30-35;
  • visit to Coral Turtle Garden - from $ 20;
  • dolphin cruise - from $ 20;
  • snorkeling - from $ 20 per person;
  • visit to Manta Point - $ 45;
  • barbecue - $ 15.

Sebastian Pena Lambarri
Sebastian Pena Lambarri

Bikini Beach

Since almost all of the island's inhabitants are Muslim, walking along its sandy streets, it is recommended to wear closed clothing as a sign of respect for the local culture. However, Thulusdhoo has a small Bikini Beach (GPS 4.375496487241624, 73.6539292818711 ) where you can sunbathe and swim in a swimsuit. Here you can go snorkeling or relax on a sun lounger while enjoying the beautiful view and a refreshing drink. It is worth noting that sightseeing boats dock here, so vacationers should be careful in the water.

Diving and snorkeling

Thulusdhoo Island's home reef is home to a variety of corals and fish, turtles, moray eels and other marine life.

You can practice snorkeling on your own or purchase packages offered by guest houses. Having bought such a tour, you can use the services of a guide, and also get the opportunity to arrange an underwater photo session, having discussed the conditions of its holding in advance.

Since the Maldives pays great attention to the issue of preserving the environment, guests of the islands are asked to respect the representatives of the underwater kingdom and not break corals.

If diving is the main focus of your Maldives trip, visit the Feenaa or Sea Star Diving island diving centers , which are within walking distance of Canopus Retreat. Professional instructors will be happy to share their experience and show you the best diving locations in the North Male Atoll area, including:

  • Meeru Corner;
  • Long Reef;
  • Lankan Manta Point;
  • Aquarium;
  • Colosseum;
  • Kani Corner;
  • Miyaru Faru and others.

The estimated cost of one dive for a certified diver is $ 65, and two dives will cost about $ 105. Discover Scuba Diving for beginners will cost $ 100.

As for the PADI courses, their approximate cost is as follows:

  • Open Water Diver - $ 520;
  • Advanced Open Water Diver - $ 450;
  • Rescue Diver - $ 550;
  • Dive Master - $ 1100
By the way, on our site there is a lot of useful information about diving for adults and children in the Maldives.

Shazmyn Ali
Shazmyn Ali

Surfing on Thulusdhoo

Male Atolls have long been popular with surfers. Thulusdhoo Island is one of the most famous surfing spots in the Maldives. After all, it is here that such popular surf breaks as Coke's are located, where there is direct access from the island, and Chicken's, located a few minutes away by boat.

In addition, Thulusdhoo Island is in close proximity to other famous surfing spots including Ninja's, Jailbreak's, Sultans, Honkey's and Tombstones.

The best period for conquering the waves in the Maldives is from April to October. Nevertheless, despite the fact that March and November are considered transitional months, surfing during this time can be quite good too.

You can learn more about surfing in the Maldives from this article.
Jailam Rashad
Jailam Rashad

Island trips

Near Thulusdhoo there are island resorts open to the public such as Club Med Kani and Cinnamon Dhonveli. During visits to such resorts, travelers get the opportunity not only to enjoy all the benefits of a fashionable vacation, but also to taste alcoholic beverages, the use of which is strictly prohibited on the inhabited islands. You can find out the cost of such a trip and additional information about it in your guesthouse.

In addition, Thulusdhoo Island is close to other inhabited islands such as Dhiffushi, Himmafushi and Huraa, which can be visited by public ferry or speedboat transfers at your guesthouse.

Cinnamon Dhonveli Maldives
Cinnamon Dhonveli Maldives


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