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Akamas peninsula-reserve is the pearl of Cyprus , one of its most unusual assets. It captivates with its nature, practically untouched by civilization. This is one of the most picturesque coastal areas on the entire island. The reserve contains many endemic plants, migratory birds and rare animals. This is also a nesting place for turtles.

Coast Lara Beach Beach, on the south side of Akamas, is popular with loggerhead sea turtles and green turtles, both of which are endangered. This is a unique place where you can personally see the miracle of the birth of little turtles. Adults are, of course, also found on the coast. At the beginning of summer, turtles swim to Lara Beach to give birth.

Location : Akamas Peninsula, southwestern Cyprus, north of Paphos.

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Lara Beach and Turtle Population

The beautiful 70 meter long sand spit becomes a nesting site for hundreds of Mediterranean sea turtles every year. Lara Turtles Reserve is one of the few coasts of Cyprus where you can witness the birth of these amazing animals.

Local biologists actively help babies survive in the natural conditions of the beach, because they are absolutely defenseless in the first days of life. Their first independent journey from the nest to the water is the most difficult. Most of the newly hatched turtles die and are eaten by birds and animals. But even those that reach the water can become food for underwater predators. According to sad statistics, out of several hundred turtle eggs laid, only two or three individuals survive.

The Lara scientific station operates on the territory of the reserve. Bay Turtle Conservation Station. Here, newborn turtles are kept in special aquariums for several days until they get stronger, then they are released into the water. On the beach you can see special fences that protect the egg laying sites. The approximate dates of the birth of the babies are written on them so that you can navigate by day and catch this cute sight.


Rules for visiting Lara Beach in Cyprus

Lara Beach is one of the best places for swimming in Cyprus. It is allowed to relax here, but it is strictly forbidden to place sun umbrellas. This rule is necessary for the safety of nests hidden by a layer of sand. It's almost always not crowded here. You can enjoy the natural beauty and watch the little inhabitants of the beach.

You are allowed to come to the beach at any time, the holiday is free.


When can you see turtles on Lara Beach?

The mating season for turtles begins with the arrival of summer, around the beginning of June. The birth period for baby turtles is at the end of July - beginning of August, when the coastal sand is very warm and favorable for the maturation of babies. Depending on the weather, the eggs hatch approximately seven weeks after being laid. Therefore, if you find yourself in Cyprus at the height of summer, be sure to include Lara Beach in your travel itinerary.

This is interesting. Turtles lay eggs once every three to four years, but they always find Lara Beach and swim to this shore in order to hide their future babies in the sand. According to scientists, animals can be guided by the smell and taste of water.


How to get to Lara Beach

There is no way to get to Lara Beach in Cyprus using public transport. By car from Paphos you need to take the E701 highway, passing the village of Peyia. At the fork you need to take the F706 highway, which leads to the entrance to the Akamas Nature Reserve. From the beginning of the reserve to the beach there are still about 10 kilometers of dirt road. There is a parking lot at the entrance with a Lara sign Area. In general, the journey from Paphos to Lara Beach will take about an hour.


Excursions to Lara Turtles Reserve

If you are unable to get to the turtle reserve by car, you can do so as part of an excursion group. Whatever resort in Cyprus you choose, tours to the Akamas Nature Reserve are organized from everywhere. The closest route is from Paphos. This will be an exciting journey through the natural attractions of the western part of Cyprus. Lara Beach is on the list of all possible routes along Akamas. In addition to meeting turtles on Lara Beach awaits you:

  • Bath of Aphrodite.
  • Aphrodite's Path.
  • Blue Lagoon.
  • Akamas Gorge.
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