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All tourists who are going to the Maldives are presented with a choice: a beach or an overwater villa. Which villa in the Maldives should you choose? We weigh the pros and cons so that you do not have to regret your choice when you arrive to the resort.

Hurawalhi Island Resort
Hurawalhi Island Resort

Beach Villas Maldives

There is no view more beautiful than a white beach and sea horizon from your panoramic window. The Maldives Beach Villas offer this luxury in the first place. Compared to traditional island and overwater bungalows, villas tend to be more spacious. The size of a beach house can range from a small cozy villa for two to a royal residence consisting of several structures.

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Whichever composition you enter the Maldives, a beachfront villa will do the trick anyway. The versatility of this category of housing is its main advantage. Whether it is a romantic vacation or a family vacation, the main thing is to find your way around the area and the number of sleeping places.

Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa Maldives
Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa Maldives

What is in the beach villa?

As a rule, beach villas are more comfortable due to the external area. The private courtyard can have a private pool overlooking the ocean, a shady garden, an outdoor shower or Jacuzzi, gazebos, wooden terraces with sun loungers, Maldivian swings, and so on. The list expands depending on the hotel offers.

A Maldivian Beach Villa usually has:

  • one or more bedrooms, the main of which is equipped with a large bed;
  • all necessary furniture made from natural materials;
  • bathroom with bathtub and outdoor shower;
  • modern technical equipment;
  • panoramic windows overlooking the coast;
  • a terrace with sun loungers or a seating area;
  • private pool overlooking the ocean or on the patio;
  • direct access to the beach;
  • household supplies for a comfortable stay.

Kurumba Maldives
Kurumba Maldives

Cons of beach villas

  • Distance to the reef. Beach villas, especially if they are garden villas, can be located at a certain distance from the reef. Accordingly, in order to snorkel, you will need to go to the shore, and then along the lagoon or pier to the reef.
  • Insects. Set in lush tropical greenery, villas can be a bit uncomfortable with insects. Good resorts take care of a comfortable stay and, if necessary, treat the island from pests.

Beach Villa What to Look for

  • Distance to the shore. If the distance to the coast is important for you, check before booking how many cherished meters of land you need to overcome from the villa's terrace to the beach. Such a category of housing as Beachfront Villa may differ from Beach Villa precisely by the distance from the coast. The Garden Villa does not offer ocean views at all.
  • Privacy. If the villas on the coast are closely spaced, pay attention to the presence of a separating wall. You can get along great with your neighbors. But if in the Maldives you want to relax in a secluded atmosphere, please remind to be told in more detail about the level of privacy.
  • Vegetation. Dense greenery creates a more intimate atmosphere and cool shade. The presence of tropical greenery around the villa will be an important asset that you will appreciate.
  • Private beach and direct access. A beachfront villa in most cases assumes direct access to the coast and the territory of a private beach, where only you will swim and sunbathe. Guests of the water villas also spend time on the coast. How close the overwater rooms are to your beach home can help you enjoy a relaxing stay. In addition, it is advisable to have your own sun loungers on the beach, assigned to the number.
  • Sunset and sunrise villas. Sunsets and sunrises on the islands are worthy of special attention. Therefore, villas can be divided into this category as well. If you wake up at dawn and enjoy watching the sun over the ocean with a cup of coffee, opt for a Sunrise Beach Accommodation. Please note that sunrise in the Maldives starts at approximately 6 am and the sun sets at around 6 pm. Sunset Beach Villa offers a direct view of the sunset, for admiring the pink sky while relaxing in the evening.
  • Remoteness from infrastructure. For those who are interested in the proximity of bars, restaurants, discos and other entertainments. Check how far the resort center of the island is from the villa you would like to book.

Anantara Dhigu Maldives
Anantara Dhigu Maldives

Maldives hotels with the finest beachfront villas

Tourists celebrate several popular resorts in the Maldives with a selection of excellent beachfront villas:

Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa
Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa

Water villas - the highlight of the Maldives

Villas on stilts can hardly be called an exclusive type of housing in the Maldives. On the resort islands, there are almost no places left where above-water numbers have not yet been built. This is because they are in great demand, although the prices for living here are much higher. It is all about real unity with ocean nature. It is much easier to escape from the bustling civilization when there is only the great Indian Ocean around.

What are the advantages of overwater villas?

  • Confidentiality. There are more chances to hide from prying eyes and relax in a secluded atmosphere in a house above the lagoon. Therefore, this type of housing is often preferred by newlyweds and couples who have come on vacation without children.
  • Direct access to water. Water villas are mostly equipped with a staircase that leads directly to the lagoon. This is very convenient for those guests who like to snorkel on the house reef and explore the underwater world. Please note that steel ladders can be slippery. Wooden descents into the water are less safe.
  • Calm rest. Away from the bars and discos of the island, you can sleep much better. If you are not a regular at night resorts and not a fan of unnecessary sounds, except for the sound of the ocean, of course, overwater villas are for you.
  • Sunrises and sunsets. Many water villas in the Maldives offer spectacular sunrise and sunset views. What could be more romantic! Be sure to check before booking if you have a sunrise or sunset view, or if you are lucky enough to enjoy both.

Park Hyatt Maldives Hadahaa

What to look for in Maldives water villas

  • Distance from the coast. Overwater villas in Maldivian resorts can be located off the coast or enclosed by a wooden platform at a decent distance from its beginning. Check the location, because the distance from the coast and the main infrastructure can be considerable. Choose the best option.
  • Terrace. It is available in any case. But a comfortable terrace should have a covered area so that there is room for the sun lounger to move into the shade.
  • Private pool. A more budget-friendly overwater bungalow option does not include a private pool. But you shouldn't deny yourself this pleasure. The overwater infinity pool will be your favorite spot in the villa and the envy of Instagram.
  • Glass floor. Some overwater villas can be fitted with sheer floor panels to give guests another perspective to view the ocean.
  • Sandy terrace. A piece of the beach on the territory of the above-water room. Some hotels are ready to offer tourists such a joy. Feeling coral sand under your feet is still nice, even if you are relaxing in the most luxurious overwater villa.
  • House reef. The more beautiful the house reef below your overwater villa, the more fun your snorkeling will be.

Six Senses Laamu
Six Senses Laamu

Cons of water villas

  • Remoteness from the main facilities of the resort. This aspect can be counted as a disadvantage only if you do not like walking. To get to restaurants, bars, a water center and other infrastructure of the island, you need to walk to the shore.
  • Ebb and flow. An obligatory part of the holiday program, which does not depend on the resort. If a villa on stilts is located close to the shore, at low tide you will not notice either the depth or the underwater life under your number.
  • Limited space. In an above-water house, you only have its rooms and a terrace. Unlike a beachfront villa with a shady garden or patio.
  • Not family friendly. Most Maldivian resorts do not allow families with small children to stay in overwater villas for safety reasons.
  • The lapping of the waves. Some tourists do not like water villas, because at night you can hear the waves hitting the piles. If you have a light dream, weigh the pros and cons.
  • Price. Water villas are slightly more expensive than beach villas.

Maldives resorts with stunning water villas

Joali Maldives
Joali Maldives

Quite a difficult choice, isn't it? Both beach and water villas in the Maldives are attractive in their own way. Some travelers prefer to book both types of accommodation equally for one vacation or leave the last few days in a water villa. A convenient option for a varied vacation.

Como Maalifushi
Como Maalifushi

Choose and book with wiotto.com the very best villas in the Maldives!


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