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When planning a trip to Bali, of course, you will think about choosing the time of the year in order to spend your vacation in comfortable weather conditions. First of all, note that Bali is located below the equator. Like other islands of Indonesia, the equatorial-monsoon climate prevails here. That is, the weather is practically unchanged throughout the year. The only thing that divides the Balinese tourist season is the monsoon rains that prevail during the winter months. Thus, there are two conventionally designated seasons on a tropical island - dry and rainy.

  • Dry season is from April to October.
  • Rainy season - from November to March.
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Bali in summer

Summer in Bali, one might say, comes in the second half of March. This is a period of warm off-season, which lasts until the end of May. Every week the sea is getting warmer, and there are less and less heavy rains.

  • Pros. For connoisseurs of beach holidays, this is the "golden" period. The sea becomes gentle and transparent. You can swim, sunbathe and snorkel on the reefs.
  • Cons. Rising prices for accommodation, flights and vacations in general. During the high season, the demand for affordable housing increases significantly. Another point - you should not expect a secluded holiday in Bali at the peak of the beach season, that is, from July to September.
If you are planning a holiday in Bali in the summer, be sure to take care of booking a hotel or apartment in advance .


Bali in winter

Winter in Bali is considered the rainy season. But this does not mean at all that it rains endlessly from November to March. Usually they are short-lived, and after heavy clouds the bright sun shines again. It should be noted that the air humidity of the subequatorial forests in the winter months is much higher than in the dry season.

  • Pros. Winter in Bali is great for surfers and, of course, adventure seekers. Traveling around the island during the rainy season has its advantages.
  • Cons. Monsoons cause gusty winds and waves on the sea. This is not the most favorable period for swimming and diving.
The average air temperature in both summer and winter ranges from 22 to 24°C at night and from 30 to 33°C during the day. The water temperature near the coasts is always kept at around 28-29°C.


Things to do in the summer months in Bali

During the dry season, from April to October, the tropical stuffiness is not so felt on the island. Which is the main reason why holidays in Bali are most popular in the summer. First of all, these are favorable months for mountain hiking and climbing volcanoes, which is why, in fact, many people fly to Bali. On clear summer days, there are more chances to catch beautiful views from the peaks. Walks on lakes and canyons in sunny weather will be much more landscape, with vivid photos and videos.

It should be noted that the summer days on the island are hot, but the evenings and nights are quite cool. If you plan not only to bask in the sun, take a couple of warm clothes with you on your vacation in Bali.


Entertainment in Bali in winter

The peak of rainfall in Bali falls on December - February. The same temperature regime of the tropics is observed, only with more precipitation. Often monsoon showers pour in the afternoon, no longer than one or two hours. The rest of the time it is as sunny and good as in summer.

During the rainy season, it is interesting to observe the nature of the island, which acquires rich green hues. During the wet season, the coasts of Bali attract wave hunters. Surfing at this time here is the most excellent.

In January, there are more guests on the island than in other winter months. This is due to the popularity of Bali during the New Year holidays.

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