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A wedding in Bali is an amazing experience that will long remain in the memory of not only the newlyweds themselves, but also all those involved in this solemn event.

On secret white sand beaches or on bounty islands, on romantic cliffs with panoramic views of the surroundings or at picturesque waterfalls, surrounded by tropical jungles or on luxury yachts, at the wedding venue of a luxury hotel or in a secluded villa, in a cozy chapel or in an authentic Balinese temple - there are a lot of places for a wedding ceremony in Bali. And numerous wedding agents will pay attention to every detail and take care of all the organizational chores: from developing a scenario for the celebration, taking into account all the individual wishes of the newlyweds, to organizing a honeymoon trip.

But those who want to seal their relationship with marriage in the idyllic atmosphere of tropical islands need to know that the marriage procedure in Bali has a number of subtleties, which we will discuss in this article.

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How to organize a wedding in Bali

The wedding ceremony can be both symbolic and official.

The algorithm for organizing a symbolic wedding ceremony in Bali is quite simple and can schematically look like this:

  • study of proposals and selection of the organizer;
  • preliminary consultation, selection of a wedding package, its customization, inclusion of additional components if necessary;
  • conclusion of a contract for the provision of services for the organization of the event.

Services for organizing wedding events are offered by both specialized companies and many hotels. As a rule, the organizers provide enough information to make all decisions remotely. Some of them offer the opportunity to observe the preparations for the event in real time, providing clients with access to special online platforms. It is enough for the bride and groom to arrive in Bali a couple of days before the wedding to relax, get to know the island and prepare for the big day.

But if desired, future newlyweds can agree with the organizer on a preliminary inspection of the villa or other venue for the ceremony live long before the event.

Collaboration with a wedding agent will help not only save yourself from possible stress and hassle associated with organizing a wedding, but also have a "plan B" in case of unforeseen circumstances, such as rain or strong winds.


What you need for a formal wedding in Bali

If everything is very clear and simple with holding a symbolic wedding in Bali, then organizing an official wedding ceremony may require some additional effort.

The procedure for concluding an official marriage in Bali may have some differences depending on the nationality of the bride and groom, as well as the presence of a consulate or embassy of their country in Bali or Indonesia. In addition, it may be difficult for people who do not speak Indonesian to communicate with local civil registrars and religious officials. Therefore, to facilitate the process, as in the case of a symbolic ceremony, it is easier for persons wishing to marry to use the services of an agent who will act on their behalf. Agents can provide information needed in specific cases, negotiate with a religious minister and registrar, arrange flowers, photo shoots, submit documents and pay fees on behalf of the client.

As a rule, persons of any nationality can marry in Indonesia, provided that they profess one of the five religions recognized in the country: Buddhism, Catholicism, Hinduism, Islam and Protestantism.

For the official ceremony, it is necessary to send a number of documents to the organizer 2-3 months before the desired date, including:

  • copies of passports and birth certificates of the couple;
  • copies of witnesses' passports;
  • a copy of the death certificate of the former spouse (if applicable);
  • certificate/certificate of no obstacles to marriage (CNI) obtained from the relevant embassy or consulate of the couple's country of nationality and confirming that the person is eligible to marry;
  • baptismal document;
  • completed civil registration form.

The above list is not exhaustive and may be adjusted depending on the religion, nationality of the couple and other individual circumstances. The exact list of documents must be checked with the organizer of the event before submission.



The cost of a wedding ceremony in Bali will depend on the type of wedding, area, venue, type of villa, number of guests and other individual wishes of the couple.

So, prices can start from 1300-1500 US dollars for a simple ceremony on the beach or a cliff with a picturesque view of the ocean. Typically, such a ceremony includes a basic set of services, including: decoration / flower arch, hairstyle and makeup for the bride, host services, wedding photo session, cake and champagne, transfer for the newlyweds.

A wedding on a luxury yacht will cost from $ 2,000, while in addition to basic services, such a ceremony may include a small cruise and a romantic dinner for two or a fun party for the company.


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A large-scale event for 100 people at the stunning Sky wedding venue, located 35 meters above the ocean, accompanied by live music, with refreshments and accommodation in rooms, will cost from $23,500.


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