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Bali is one of the most unique places of tropical beauty in the world. This is an evergreen island with its own special atmosphere, beautiful mountain nature and pristine beaches. Bali is called the center of spiritual life and heaven on earth. An island of inspiration for the famous American writer Elizabeth Gilbert ("Eat, Pray, Love") and millions of others. What is so special about Bali and what is the secret of its attractiveness? Everything in order later in the article.

General characteristics of the island of Bali:

  • Area: 5416.4 km²
  • Length: 140 kilometers
  • Width: 80 kilometers
  • Country: Indonesia
  • Population: about 4 million
  • Religion: Hinduism, Islam
  • Major cities: Denpasar, Ubud, Singaraja, Kuta
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Where is Bali

Bali belongs to the Lesser Sunda Islands of the Malay Archipelago. On the north side, the island is washed by the Pacific Ocean (Bali Sea), from the south - by the Indian Ocean. To the west of it is the large island of Java, on the east side of Bali is adjacent to Lombok.

More details about where Bali is located.


How to get to Bali

The island has its own international airport named after Ngurah Rai (Ngurah Rai International Airport), better known as Denpasar Airport, located 13 kilometers from the capital. Its opening in 1931 was a significant event for the development of tourism in Bali. It is one of the major airports in Indonesia. It is second in size only to Sukarno Airport. Hatta in Jakarta and Juanda in Surabaya.

Direct flights to Bali can be reached from the following cities:

  • Singapore
  • Kuala Lumpur
  • Istanbul
  • Narita
  • Doha
  • Melbourne
  • Sydney

Ngurah Rai Airport in Jakarta. This is the most popular flight option to Bali for residents of European countries.


History of Bali

Archaeological finds indicate that the paradise island was inhabited in the Paleolithic era. The exact age of Bali has not yet been determined, but it is known that the ancestors of the Balinese were attracted by fertile soil, which was ideal for growing rice four millennia ago. The culture and religion of Bali has evolved since around the 8th century AD. The found clay statues with Buddhist inscriptions belong to this period.

  • 13th -15th century. Bali is under the rule of the Javanese Majapahit Empire.
  • 15th -16th century. The island gains independence and hosts the first European expeditions.
  • Since the middle of the 19th century, Bali has been part of the Dutch colony in the Netherlands East Indies.
  • In 1949 it became part of independent Indonesia.
  • Since the 1970s, Bali has been one of the most popular holiday islands in the world.


How to choose hotels in Bali

There are a lot of options. Bali - tourist mecca of Indonesia, so the choice of housing here is appropriate. The main thing is to decide in advance on the area of \u200b\u200bthe island and preferences for recreation. "Beach" tourists most often prefer resort areas off the coast of the island. Those who are in pursuit of evergreen jungle, volcanoes and Balinese culture will prefer Ubud and other settlements closer to the central part of Bali.

On the island, you can stay in a luxury hotel, budget guesthouse , rent a small house or rent a villa for a month or more. If you plan to spend more time in Bali than a week of "quick" break, experienced travelers are advised to look for accommodation in the area. That is, upon arrival on the island, stop for some time in the guesthouse, and come to grips with the search for rental housing, examining possible options. There will be many offers, you will be able to navigate the area and consider the most advantageous offers.

In Bali, this type of housing is quite popular as "cos" - a complex of houses with a communal pool. Renting a house in such a cottage village, depending on the level of comfort and location, can cost 500-900 dollars a month.

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Tourism in Bali

In the first half of the 20th century, the development of Bali as a center of tourism was only gaining momentum. During this period water routes were established from Singapore, Makassar, Surabaya and Buleleng. The beautiful natural island was gaining more and more popularity, and there was a need to expand the tourist infrastructure. By 1960, only three hotels were open here. The number of offers for tourists has increased significantly with the construction of the Ngurah Rai International Airport in Bali in 1970.

In the 21st century, Bali beats its own records for the number of travelers from year to year. This is one of the world's top destinations for beach holidays and more.

The most popular are the southern regions of the island. Here on the chic coasts there are resort villages with hotels, restaurants and other infrastructure. We will talk about them further.


Bali beach resorts

Bali is an island of volcanic origin, so most of its beaches have dark, earthy sand. The most picturesque resort areas of Bali are concentrated in the south of the island, where there are coastlines with a wide coastline and even light sand. All resorts in southern Bali are equally convenient in terms of airport transfers.

  • Kuta. An excellent choice of housing in terms of price-quality ratio. Party center with noisy entertainment and shops. The wide coastline and sandy bottom provide excellent conditions for swimming and surfing. On the beach you can take lessons from instructors and rent water sports equipment.
  • Legian. A resort village between Kuta and Seminyak, 7 kilometers from Denpasar. There is a fairly good selection of hotels. Legian is characterized as a calm resort, but close to the central attractions of Kuta. Another "surfer" place on the west coast.
  • Seminyak. The beach of the resort is very similar to the coast of Kuta. The same coastline with soft sand and amazing waves. It has higher housing prices due to the excellent beach and entertainment infrastructure.
  • Nusa Dua. Amazing resort for families. Calm sea and gentle sunset. Hotels and villas for every taste and budget.
  • Jimbaran. Beautiful sandy coast in a calm bay. A cozy fishing village that has turned into one of the best seaside resorts. Quiet, not very crowded place for families.
  • Canggu. A beautiful resort area with rice fields, yoga studios and a relaxed atmosphere. Cenggu beaches feature more rocky bottoms and waves for the experienced surfers. One of the main surf spots Canggu is Batu Bolong beach, with rental centers, cafes and retail outlets. Near Canggu is the famous temple on the rock Tanah Lot, a kind of mecca for tourists and a visiting card of Bali.
  • Balangan. One of the central beaches of the Bukit Peninsula. Ideal for experienced surfers. Beautiful coastline with large gorges and the best surf spots in Bali.
  • Pantai Sanur. The beautiful and long coastline of the Sanur region in the southeastern part of Bali. This is one of the very first resort areas on the island. The atmosphere of a classic holiday has been preserved here, there are enough housing options and good hotels, beach infrastructure, cafes and shops.


Bali cities


There is only one settlement on the island, which administratively has the status of a city. This is the capital of Bali - Denpasar. For many tourists, the city is a transit point. However, walks around Denpasar can get you closer to the Balinese culture. Particularly interesting is the urban architecture, which intertwines Javanese, Chinese and European traditions. In Denpasar, it is worth visiting the Bali Museum, and the unusual temple of Pura located next to it. Also do not miss the opportunity to see the Balinese market Pasar Badung.

Denpasar has an excellent selection of hotels and apartments, so staying for a couple of days in the capital of Bali will not be troublesome.



A unique place that is considered the spiritual center of Bali. Resting on the island, Ubud cannot be ignored. The town is known for its yoga studios and meditation centers, as well as artisans who create exclusive interior items, and masters of painting. Cozy streets with many cafes, markets and shops. Ubud belongs to the central part of the island. It is surrounded by steep gorges, rocky landscapes and rice fields.

In the vicinity, among the incredible greenery of the local tropics, there are many tourist centers. The choice of guest houses and villas in Ubud is also quite diverse. Must visit Puri Palace Saren Agung, the Hindu temples of Ubud and walk through the Monkey Forest.



In the north of Bali is a port town and the former capital of Singaraja. A cozy settlement with an atmosphere of the Balinese hinterland is the administrative center of the Buleleng district. Locals often refer to their city as Buleleng, so tourists may have questions. The main feature of Singaraja is the incredible mix of religions. Here you can see mosques, Hindu temples and Catholic churches. You will not find resort entertainment, equipped beaches and expensive hotels in Singaraja. Tourists most often visit this place in the format of a tour.

Among the places worth seeing are colorful markets, Hindu and Buddhist temples, the Buleleng Museum and a couple of old palace buildings from former dynasties. In the vicinity of Singaraja, near the village of Sambangan, there is a waterfall Sekumpul, popular among tourists.


What to visit in Bali

The central attraction of Bali is, of course, nature. The island is called its main masterpiece. Vibrant rice terraces, mesmerizing volcanoes, mountain waterfalls, millennial caves, stunning beaches and evergreen landscapes. All this is in Bali at any time of the year. Therefore, many parks, gardens and zoos are equipped here. Since Bali is the center of Judaism, here you will find colorful temples unlike any other in the world.

Where is it worth visiting without fail?

Monkey forest

Or the forest of a thousand monkeys. This is a unique place where approximately such a number of individuals live in their natural environment. Located Monkey Forest in Ubud. The garden in which the monkeys live is a Hindu sanctuary. On its territory there are three temples, sculptural compositions, jungle and nimble inhabitants that make this place an incredibly popular tourist destination. In Bali, besides Ubud, there are similar forests with monkeys in Tabanan, Badung and at the temple of Uluwatu.

Cost of visiting: 80,000 rupees (about 6 euros).


Bird and Reptile Park

In the Gianyar area near Ubud, one of the main points of ecotourism in Bali is located. This is the Bird Park (Bali bird Park), which is home to more than a thousand birds of all kinds and colors. From parrots of all varieties to red ibis, African turaco and albino peacocks. Most of the birds roam freely in the park and take pictures with tourists. Also here you can see different types of reptiles, turtles, iguanas and Komodo monitor lizards.

  • Admission fee: adult ticket - 385,000 rupees (about 25 euros).
  • Location: 13 kilometers from Denpasar.


Elephant park

Or the world's first park in which Sumatran elephants are kept in their natural environment. Great place for a family trip with kids. To Bali elephant safari Park & Lodge, you can ride good-natured animals, bathe with them, feed and pet them. In total, about 30 individuals live here. On the territory there is a hotel, in case you decide to linger, and a small cafe. Entertainment is not limited to elephants. Helicopter tours, jungle walks and rafting are organized in the park.

Fee: adult ticket - 395,000 rupees (about 26 euros).


Goa Gajah and the ruins of the Buddha Temple

Incredibly beautiful place among lush tropical vegetation. goa Gajah, or Elephant Cave, is a Balinese sanctuary, one of the oldest architectural monuments in Bali. An unusual cave was carved into the rock as early as the 9th-10th centuries. Quite a mystical place that attracts with its energy. Not far from the Elephant Cave there are the ruins of an ancient Buddhist temple.

Location: 5 kilometers from Ubud.


Bukit Peninsula

One of the main travel destinations in Bali is Bukit, the southernmost piece of the island. It is an area of beautiful wild coastlines, surf spots and rocky landscapes. There are several developed resort areas on the peninsula - Jimbaran, Kedonganan, Ungasan, Kutuh, Benoa and Pechatu. Among the most stunning places in Bukit are the Uluwatu Temple on the beach of the same name, erected on a 70-meter cliff above the sea, and the Garuda Vishnu Kenchana Natural Park with its huge pedestal of the god Vishnu.


Gunung Batur Volcano

There are two active volcanoes in the eastern part of Bali. It is best to visit such places as part of a group. A popular route among tourists is climbing the Gunung Batur volcano, the last large-scale eruption of which took place in 1967. The hike will take half a day, but it's worth it. Climbing usually starts at night so that you can enjoy the incredible spectacle of dawn from above.

Excursion price: 25-35 euros.


Tirtagangga Water Palace

In the vicinity of the coast of Amed in the east of the island is a beautiful water palace Tirtagangga. In Indonesia, palace complexes are called water palace complexes, in the gardens of which artificial reservoirs and waterfalls are equipped. An architectural ensemble in the Balinese style, surrounded by well-groomed gardens. This place will be an excellent option for an interesting walk.

Location: in the eastern part of Bali, 8 kilometers from the city of Amlapura.


Lake Bratan

It is located in a mountainous area, at an altitude of about 1200 meters above sea level. For the Balinese, this is an important reservoir, which is the main source of fresh water. And for tourists Danau Bratan is a place of stunning green landscapes, where, moreover, it is not as hot as in the southern resorts. On the shore you will see the beautiful Oolong Temple Dana, which can be viewed. The lake has excellent infrastructure for tourists. You can have a bite to eat in a cozy restaurant, go parasailing or water skiing.

Location: in the central part of Bali, 53 kilometers from Denpasar.


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