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On the largest island of French Polynesia there are two types of beaches - with black volcanic and white sand. White beaches are a rare occurrence here. However, both of them offer breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean and the pristine beauty of tropical nature. Among the best beaches in Tahiti, the following are worth noting.


Bain Lot Beach​

The main beach of the capital of Tahiti, the city of Papeete. Shallow sandy coast, with a convenient location near the center. This place attracts calm beach lovers and water activists. From the shore you can see many sailboats and snorkelers. Bain Lot is a unique natural phenomenon in Tahiti. Due to underwater currents, the movement of waves here is two-way. There is a golf course next to the beach .

Location : in the center of Papeete.



Beautiful beach with light sand. The second name is KP18, which is directly related to the location 18 kilometers from Papeete. This is the main public beach of Tahiti, and it is also best equipped - there is ample parking, showers, toilets and even picnic tables. The shore is not wide, palm leaves hang over the sand, and the entry into the water is not steep. KP18 is easily accessible by bus. An ideal place for a family holiday on the coast.

Location : near Papeete.

Lafayette Beach

Beautiful black coastline of Matavi Bay. The place is very popular among tourists, as the landscapes are unusual and the location is very convenient. This is a public beach surrounded by green tropics. One of the most representative volcanic coasts of Tahiti. His photos will be the first to appear if you search for black beaches of Tahiti on the Internet. Sunbathing and swimming here is very comfortable - sandy shore and soft bottom, shallow water with a gentle slope. A great place to watch sunsets on the sand or at a local cafe on the wooden terrace.

Location : 20 minutes drive from Papeete.

Tahiti Lafayette Beach Lodge
Tahiti Lafayette Beach Lodge

Point Venus

Located in the northern part of Tahiti. A historical place for all Tahitians, because it was here that Captain James Cook and Captain William Bligh once landed. You can read about this on memorial signs installed along the route to the beach. The Point Venus lighthouse of the same name, built in 1867, rises along the coast. To this day it is the only lighthouse in Tahiti. The place is very cozy and picturesque - a black sand spit with crystal water and views of the island of Moorea. Suitable for beach holidays and walks. There is parking, shops with local crafts and cafes.

Location : northern tip of Maina commune.

Taharuu Beach

The southern side of Tahiti also has a popular black sand coastline . Taharuu is ideal for novice surfers, as this coastline has all the conditions for safe wave riding. The gentle shore with a gentle slope and soft sand is perfect for a beach holiday with children. There is parking, showers, snack bars and a children's play area. Despite the hot days, you can always hide in the shade of the dense tropics on Taharuu . Here you will catch amazing sunsets against the backdrop of the black coast.

Location : 27 kilometers from the center of Papeete.

Toaroto (Plage de Toaroto)

On the west coast of Tahiti, south of Papeete, there is a picturesque beach with white and clean sand, which is rare for the island. Great place for swimming and snorkeling. Snorkeling here is excellent, as calm waters create good visibility, and the bottom of the bay is very picturesque. In some places, when entering the water, it is better to use special shoes due to the small pebbles. There is natural shade under the lush trees. The infrastructure is not at the highest level, but there is parking, restaurants, toilets and showers. There is a park nearby where you can take a walk.

Location : 6 kilometers from the city of Punaauia.

Maui (Plage de Maui)

The most popular and beautiful white beach in Tahiti. Located in the southern part of the island, away from noisy areas. Families with children love to visit Maui, as swimming here is considered safe. Calm and picturesque lagoon, warm water, soft white sand, fringed by overhanging palm trees. Not only the beach, but also the tropical forest around it attracts with its pristine nature. Snorkeling in Maui can be a lot of fun. Due to its shallow waters and good natural conditions, this bay is an excellent place for beginners in scuba diving. It's usually crowded on weekends, so choose weekdays for a secluded getaway on Maui Beach.

Location : southwest side of Tahiti.



In the world of surfing, the name of this beach in Tahiti is causing a lot of discussion. Teahupoo is one of the ten most extreme surf spots in the world. The waves here are constant, incredibly powerful and huge - up to 20 meters. The resort village of Teahupoo, near the coast, is usually inhabited by professional surfers from all over the world. For more than 20 years, Teahupoo has been a permanent venue for international surfing competitions.

Location : in the south of Tahiti.



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