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The granite island of Curieuse lies across the strait 1 kilometer off the northern coast of Praslin , suggesting that the two landmasses were once one. Today it is a popular tourist site where you can go on an interesting excursion. Curiosity offers the incredible natural scenery of the Seychelles , with quiet beaches and mangrove forests, as well as encounters with giant turtles.

general information

  • Area: 2.93 km²
  • Length: 3.6 km
  • Width: 1.6 km
  • How to get there: 20 minutes by speedboat from Praslin


Name and history of the island

Previously, the island had a completely different name - Ile Rouge , which is translated from French as “red island”. The bulk of the soil here is exactly this color. Curieuse received its current name in 1868, in honor of the schooner of the same name by the navigator Marion Dufresne . Curieuse means "curious" in French .

The history of the island is very unusual and sometimes sad. The curiosity was burned in 1771 in order to destroy the bushes for the cultivation of coco de mer . As a result, the island took a long time to restore its flora, and many endemic plant species disappeared. Traces of a large-scale fire can still be seen here. In 1827, Curieuse became a place of isolation for leprosy patients who were brought from Mauritius. Until the mid-20th century, only a few doctors and their patients lived on the island. This period is evidenced by the remains of buildings and the old doctor's house, which now has a small museum collection.


Curiosity National Park and Turtles

Today, Curieuse and the surrounding waters are Seychelles National Park . The first thing you will notice when approaching the shores of Curieuse is the snow-white coastline with ancient stone boulders and dense jungle. And only here and in the neighboring Praslin is home to an ancient species of palm with huge coco de mer fruits , which are a symbol of the islands.

Curieuse is home to up to 300 individuals of giant land tortoises, brought here from Aldabra . Among all the places in the Seychelles where you can see these animals, the sightings at Curieuse will be the most impressive. There are really a lot of turtles here, and they are used to guests. Animals can be petted and hand-fed. Almost everyone roams freely around the island without any fences and looks curiously at tourists, waiting for a delicacy. Special enclosures house children and animals that require care. In addition, local waters are inhabited by hawksbill sea turtles , which lay their eggs on the beaches of Curieuse.


Excursion to Curieuses

A trip to the island is one of the most popular day tours in the Seychelles . It is not possible to stay in the reserve overnight, but it will not be difficult to make an exciting trip. From Praslin to Curieuse there are so -called taxi boat . You can also rent a catamaran for an independent trip. But a guided tour will be more informative.

Usually the price of a one-day tour to Curieuses includes :

  • Transfer by Speedboat .
  • Walking tour in English.
  • Meeting with turtles.
  • A hearty picnic on the coast.
  • Snorkeling on the way back.

Trip cost : depending on the organizer, from 25 to 40 euros per person. Children - 50% discount.

Duration : from 9:00 to 16:30.


Walk through Curiosity

At the beginning of the route through the island, have your camera ready. The path passes between huge boulders, to which the eye is not accustomed. These are the oldest landscapes on the planet. For safety and convenience, there is a wooden platform under which Seychelles crabs scurry in huge numbers. In general, the infrastructure necessary for comfort is available here: a biological station, gazebos with tables for lunch, and safe walking paths are equipped. Curiosity is uninhabited, but there are several houses where the staff who care for the island and turtles live.

Deep in the mangroves on the hill, you can admire the views from an equipped observation deck. You will have a couple of hours to explore the island on your own, swimming and snorkeling . The bravest ones go through the jungle to the wild rocky beaches.

The curiosity fully reflects the wild nature of the Seychelles archipelago. In addition, the local coasts are almost deserted, something that the tourist areas of the large islands cannot boast of . If you want to feel like Robinson Crusoe for a while, feel free to go to Curiosity!


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