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The Seychelles is an exotic archipelago in the Indian Ocean, a scattering of 115 islands in the turquoise water. The archipelago is located slightly south of the equator. These islands are world famous, but many people still wonder, where are the Seychelles located? Here is more information.

  • The official name is the Republic of Seychelles. The capital is the city of Victoria, located on the largest island, Mahe.
  • Madagascar is located in the southwest of the Seychelles.
  • The Seychelles are washed by the Indian Ocean, and on the eastern outskirts - by the Somali Sea.
  • Seychelles neighboring countries are Zanzibar, Comoros, Mayotte and Mauritius.
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The Seychelles are divided into two groups of islands - external and internal.

The inner islands are located in the central part of the Seychelles archipelago. This is a granite rock, covered with lush tropical greenery. It resembles gardens hanging over the sea.

The inner islands occupy about 50% of the entire archipelago. They are inhabited and the whole life of the Seychelles is concentrated here.

The outer islands are atolls of coral origin. They are not fit for life.

Republic of Seychelles is divided into 25 districts located on the inner islands. The outer islands are not included in this division.

The bulk of the infrastructure falls on the island of Mahe. The metropolitan area consists of 8 districts, another 14 districts - occupies the rural part. Two districts are located on the island of Praslin, and one on the island of La Digue.

Seychelles on the map | Depositphotos

Climate in the Seychelles

In the Seychelles, summer reigns all year round, because the tropical climate does not allow cold weather to look into this corner of the world.

But winter is not the best place to relax here either due to showers and high humidity.

There are slight temperature changes throughout the year. During the day the average temperature is +30C and the low is +20C. In winter, the Seychelles rains heavily, but on some islands they are less. Humidity is high in the Seychelles, but it can be lower in areas dominated by the southeast trade winds.


Interesting facts about the Seychelles

  • The Seychelles are very small. We can confidently say that the number of tourists per year is greater than the local population. Only 82 thousand people live on the islands.
  • Seychelles – Is a Presidential Republic.
  • The population of the Seychelles is predominantly Creoles (85%), who are descended from mixed marriages of the colonizers with other nationalities. The rest of the population - Indians, Arabs, Malagasy, a few Chinese.
  • Almost 90% of the population is Catholic, which is explained by the origin of the population of the Seychelles.
  • The Seychelles has its own currency: the Seychellois rupee (SCR). However, US dollars are in use and you don't have to worry about changing money.
  • This is a paradise for diving enthusiasts, where over 900 unique specimens live in the underwater kingdom.
  • Almost the entire life of the country is concentrated on the island of Mahe and its capital, Victoria, which is one of the smallest capitals in the world.
  • Small islands are usually occupied by hotels and are private. In the Seychelles, as in the Maldives , they adhere to the concept of one island - one hotel.
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