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Holidays in Seychelles have a number of seasonal peculiarities that must be taken into account when planning a trip. What to expect from a holiday in Seychelles in the summer, we will explain in this article.

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Seychelles weather in summer

The Seychelles Islands have a tropical climate characterized by fairly high temperatures throughout the year, elevated climate levels, dry and rainy seasons.

June, July and August in the Southern Hemisphere are considered the winter period, characterized by comfortable temperatures, a minimal amount of precipitation and the wind increase.

Temperature indicators in summer in Seychelles are:

  • daytime: +24…+28°C
  • nighttime: +23…+25°C
  • water temperature: +26…+27°C

Strong winds (southeast winds) blow in July and August, making this period perfect for surfers and windsurfers. The ocean can be rough, but many beaches are sheltered from the winds and are quite suitable for swimming and sunbathing. At the same time, an increased amount of seaweed may be observed on some beaches, which must be taken into account when planning a trip.

Also, don't forget sun protection during summer months, as the sun is quite active, although you may not feel it due to the wind.


Prices for holidays in Seychelles in the summer

In 2020, Seychelles was ranked the 19th most expensive country in the world to live in, out of a list of 132 countries according to business magazine CEOWORLD. Despite this, in Seychelles, as in many other tourist destinations, the cost of a holiday directly depends on the season, the desired level of comfort and the individual preferences of travelers.

Summer in Seychelles is the peak of the tourist season. In anticipation of it, prices increase significantly and remain at a high level for all three months.

The estimated cost of living during this period is:

  • budget housing - from 80 euros;
  • comfortable hotel - from 150 euros;
  • very comfortable hotel - from 250 euros;
  • expensive hotel - from 450 euros.

Here are some examples of hotels on the most popular tourist islands:

  • Sunbird Bungalow (Mahé) - affordable, tidy, fully equipped bungalow, 5 minutes walk from the beach. Upon the request of guests, car rental, airport transfer and a tour of Mahé in a private car with a personal guide can be arranged - from 85 euros for two.
  • Villa Roscia (Mahé) is a family run hotel whose motto is "come as a guest, leave as a friend". Located next to the popular Beau Vallon Beach. Offers 5 cozy rooms, good food and panoramic views of the most famous bay of Mahé - from 175 euros with breakfast included.
  • Crown Beach Seychelles (Mahé) - 4-star beachfront boutique hotel for a relaxing holiday. It offers a beautiful lagoon, lots of vegetation, a swimming pool, a restaurant serving creole and international cuisine, magical ocean views and the opportunity to watch colorful tropical sunrises - from 250 euros with breakfast included.
  • Savoy Seychelles Resort & Spa (Mahé) - located on the popular Beau Vallon beach, is one of the best resorts in the country and has everything you need for a luxurious 5-star vacation. It offers stylish spacious rooms with a minimum area of ​​50 square meters, 5 restaurants and 2 bars, as well as the largest hotel pool in Seychelles with an area of ​​700 square meters - from 440 euros with breakfast included.
  • Le Tropique Villa (Praslin) - located on a white sandy beach and surrounded by magnificent The rooms are self-catering, close to shops and cafes. Attentive service, parking, relaxation area with sunbeds and panoramic ocean views - from 120 euros.
  • Constance Lemuria (Praslin) - 5-star hotel on the first line from the beach, offers beautifully decorated rooms, swimming pools, gourmet cuisine and its own wine cellar with an extensive collection of wines from the best wine-growing regions, spa, kids club and the only field in the Seychelles for golf with 18 holes - from 940 euros with breakfast included.
  • Le Repaire (La Digue) is a 3-star oceanfront boutique hotel with 18 rooms. There is an Italian restaurant and a small pool. Near the port, shops, banks and bike rental - from 275 euros with breakfast included.
  • Le Domaine de L'Orangeraie Resort and Spa (La Digue) is a home away from home for couples and families. 63 luxury villas, a Spa on a hill overlooking the Indian Ocean, excellent cuisine and a private wine cellar. Cruises and tours are organized for guests - from 600 euros with breakfast included.
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What to do in Seychelles in the summer


In Seychelles, you can surf the whole year. However, the southeast monsoon (June-September) brings more windy days with rougher seas, so this period is well suited for experienced athletes. But this does not mean that surfing in summer is not possible for beginners. Instructors from local surf schools will select a safe place and time when the tide and conditions are optimal for those taking their first steps in this exciting sport. Therefore, safe classes for beginners are held throughout the year.

Estimated cost of surf lessons is the following:

  • for beginners - 250 euros;
  • intermediate level - 200 euros;
  • board rental - about 35 euros per day.


Water sports

Fans of water entertainment should definitely visit the popular Beau Vallon Beach, which is famous for a wide variety of water activities: from banana boat riding to surfing and parasailing.



The Seychelles are famous for their rich fishing grounds and are perfect for a great fishing. A well-organized activity will please both beginners and experienced fishermen with an outcome. Despite the fact that the active fishing season falls on the period from November to April, you can also count on a decent catch in the summer months. For example, just a short drive from the north coast, you can find bonito, red snapper and trevally. Also in summer, such species as marlin, sailfish, tuna and other species of the underwater kingdom are present.



Mahé Island is famous for large number of beautiful hiking trails. Dry and cool weather in the summer months provides an excellent opportunity for long walks. On the territory of Mahé is Morne National Park, which occupies more than 20% of the island and consists of a mixture of mangroves, lush tropical jungles and high mountains. An extensive network of hiking trails includes routes of different lengths and is designed for travellers with different physical conditions. During the walks you can meet rare species of birds and plants. Experienced hikers can hike up Morne Seychellois (905 meters) and enjoy breathtaking views of the surrounding area.



Excursions to the local islands are popular among tourists. For example, you can visit Curieuse Island, where there is a beautiful national park, La Digue Island, famous for its magnificent Anse Source d'Argent Beach, Eden Island, which can be undoubtfully classified as one of the most beautiful artificial islands in the world, North and Silhouette Islands , untouched by modern civilization, and many other interesting locations.


Helicopter ride

Such a trip will allow you to admire the exceptional beauty of Seychelles from an aerial view. Panoramic views, sparkling beaches, lush vegetation and mountain ranges will provide a strong emotional charge, memories of which will be remembered for a long time. Don't forget to bring your photo or video camera.

A picturesque 15-minute flight over the island of Mahé will cost approximately 90 euros per person.


Holidays and events

Throughout the year, Seychelles hosts many bright holidays and festivals. Let's get acquainted with the most significant events of the summer period.

Independence Day

Seychelles Independence Day is celebrated on June 29th. The holiday commemorates the day the country gained independence from Britain in 1976. The streets are decorated with national flags, a big parade is held in the capital. The event is accompanied by entertainment and performances by local artists, and in the evening the sky is illuminated with bright fireworks.

La Digue Festival

The festival is dedicated to Virgin Mary and the feast of Assumption is celebrated on August 15th. Locals decorate houses, church altars and statues. A key part of the event is the colorful procession with the statue of Virgin Mary, which is attended by worshippers  from all over Seychelles. Various cultural, dance and sports events are held on this day.

Classical Music Festival

The event is held in Mahé in June and brings together talented classical performers from different countries. During the event, you can enjoy great music, refreshing drinks and beautiful ocean views.

Beau Vallon Regatta

A bright event held annually in August-September in Seychelles on the eponymous beach. The program includes yacht racing, all kinds of beach games and entertainment.

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