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Everyone wants to get to Cyprus in the summer. This is the height of sea recreation and bright loud parties. In addition, many have vacations in the summer, and the children do not go to school at this time. Therefore, summer in Cyprus is the best time to relax with the whole family.

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Weather in Cyprus in summer

The hottest months are July and August. At this time, the temperature can reach almost +40°, making the rest quite sultry. Especially the temperature is felt in the central parts of the island. But the Cypriot peaks can please you with coolness. The temperature difference between the sea coast and mountain ranges reaches several degrees.


One of the sunniest months in Cyprus is June. Daylight hours are the longest: its duration is almost 13 hours. At this time, the air temperature on average warms up to +26° near the coast. And in the central part of the island it can reach +32°. The warm sea will delight you with gentle +22°, at night it is a little cooler: up to +18°.


In July, the temperature is +30°, but the humidity is quite high, and the heat is felt well. At night, the water temperature is not less than +20°, and during the day it warms up to +25°. You can hide from the heat only high in the mountains, finding a saving +25 degrees.


The temperature in August during the day can reach +40° even near the coast. In the central part of the island it is even more difficult, but in the evening the thermometer can show a pacifying +25°. The water in the sea is warmed up to +27°. Paphos is a little cooler - up to +27°...+29°, and at night up to +21°. But these are average figures, so do not be surprised if you suddenly see more than +40 degrees in Paphos. Do not expect wind or rain in August. And the heat at noon is just murderous. The water in the sea is warmed up to +30 degrees, so it is difficult to escape there.


What to do in summer in Cyprus

  • Beach vacation. First of all, summer Cyprus is a sea shimmering with all shades of emerald and sapphire. Allow yourself a lazy beach holiday, enjoy the amazing beaches. It's high season after all! The cost of a sun lounger and an umbrella is an average of 5 euros. Entrance to the beaches of Cyprus is free.
  • Water activities. Sea activities in Cyprus during the season are easy to find on almost every beach. Riding on bananas, catamarans, sea excursions to the mysterious grottoes, "washers" - there is a large selection of entertainment right on the seashore.
  • Windsurfing and kitesurfing. There are many specialized courses and schools in Cyprus where they learn the art of catching the wind and waves. As soon as it's a windy day, grab a board and conquer the sea. And there is also kitesurfing in Cyprus: it is best to do it in Larnaca, where amateurs and professionals gather.
  • Yachting. It is becoming more and more popular on the island. In all cities you will find yacht clubs and schools, a huge number of parked luxury schooners. Some of the best ports are in Limassol and Larnaca: start your sailing journey from there.
  • Diving. Of course, here you will not find such colorful fish as in the Red Sea or the Maldives, but there are many interesting places in the Mediterranean. After all, this is an ancient coast, near which antiquities are constantly caught. And how interesting to see the sunken ships! Not far from Protaras is Nemesis III, a huge trawler that has sunk forever into the water. Zenobia is the most hyped place near Larnaca. Flooded ferry, which went under water in 1980, along with all the cargo. Here you can still see the same Zhiguli and other rarities that have become part of the Mediterranean Sea. Cape Cavo Greco is interesting for its caves. Diving depth up to 16 m: only suitable for certified divers. An amazing journey during which you can see the mysterious underwater grottoes and caves.


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  • Hiking and mountaineering. How about winding trails in the cool emerald Troodos mountains? It is there that you can get a lot of impressions! An additional plus - high in the mountains is much cooler than near the sea. Amazing mountain walks, where waterfalls, ancient monasteries, shrines meet, and picturesque slopes attract many travelers. There are many jeep safari tours in the mountains: this is an interesting way to spend a walk through the protected areas of the island. So you can go to Mount Olymbos and take a selfie from the top of the mountain.
  • Trips to holy places. Pilgrimage in Cyprus has become especially common with the release of the novel The Da Vinci Code. More and more people want to see the temples of the Middle Ages with their own eyes. Many of them are located in the Troodos mountains. Go to the Cypriot monasteries, see the icon of the Virgin Mary, painted by St. Luke - one of the main shrines of Cyprus.
  • Extreme activities. Cyprus offers a lot of entertainment, among them bungee jumping. This fun is especially popular in Ayia Napa, where you can jump from a high cliff on Cape Greco. Breathtaking jumps and incredible beauty enhance the sensations.
  • Retreat. The island hosts many seminars and yoga tours, wellness detox programs that help put your body and mind in order. They are arranged in beautiful natural locations, where it is easy to relax and immerse yourself in meditation. Most often, such events take place near large cities such as Limassol, Ayia Napa, Larnaca.
  • Golf. Game of the Chosen. This sport has always been considered the lot of aristocrats. Do you want to join the entertainment of millionaires? Many Europeans come to the island just to play golf. Because there are several great golf clubs here, offering quite loyal prices. The cost of training for beginners will cost from 300 €. Several respectable golf clubs are located near Paphos.
  • Look at the little turtles. At the end of summer you can witness the birth of tiny turtles. The beach, where rare green turtles come every year to lay their eggs, is located near Paphos. It is called Lari or turtle beach. Future offspring appear at the end of summer.
  • Meet the donkeys. Zeus, Napoleon, Rasputin and Schumacher live in Cyprus! And you can ride on everyone: after all, these are the nicknames of donkeys from a farm located in Ayia Napa.
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Cyprus festivals in summer

In summer, Cyprus is filled with events. They try to saturate the tourist season with events so that as many tourists as possible can take vivid impressions from the sunny island.

  • The Ancient Greek Drama Festival traditionally takes place in July. Groups flock to Cyprus with performances from different parts of Europe. It's time to immerse yourself in ancient culture, being in Cyprus, covered with legends.
  • The Cypriot Animation Festival is also held in the summer, when cartoonists from all over the world come to Cyprus to share their latest creations.
  • Fengaros. This music festival of Cypriot culture is traditionally held in August. Get acquainted with the national music of Cyprus.
  • Wine festival in Limassol. One of the most favorite holidays among tourists. It starts at the end of August and runs for almost two weeks. At this time, you can taste Cypriot wines for free.


Where to go in Cyprus in the summer

Let's make a reservation right away that trips in Cyprus in the summer are complicated by the heat. Therefore, getting out for a walk, plan your time so that the sun does not take you by surprise.

  • Akamas Peninsula. The extreme western point of Cyprus, away from the hustle and bustle of the big city. There are no paved roads, making the peninsula ideal for mountain biking or hiking. In Akamas you can enjoy wild nature. A place with a rich history is associated with Aphrodite: she not only emerged from the foam in these surroundings, but also took baths - baths, for rejuvenation. Stretching over an area of 230 square meters, the name of the peninsula pays tribute to the son of Theseus, the hero of the Trojan War.
  • Protaras. If you want to enjoy life to the maximum and relax at the same time, go to Protaras. The city pleases with several beaches with white pleasant sand. Protaras, with its crystal clear blue waters, is a tourist resort and one of the favorite diving spots on the island. The most famous place to stay in the city is Fig Tree Bay. Protaras boasts many beachfront hotels, villas and restaurants, as well as beach bars where you can sit and relax.
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  • Kyrenia. It is a port city run by the Turkish government. It boasts mesmerizing sights, mountains, unique architectural buildings that are over 1300 years old. Take a trip to the Museum of Decorative Arts, the 7th-century Byzantine Castle of Kyrenia, and the Shipwreck Museum, where you can admire 2,300-year-old artifacts. And also Kyrenia is the abode of the turtle family and many golf courses.
  • Larnaca. The oldest city in Cyprus has a rich history that goes back over 6,000 years. It is almost impossible not to drive at least through the city, since it has the largest international airport. The resort is perfect for a family vacation: appreciate the small beaches and the huge promenade that stretches across the city!
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  • Troodos mountains. This is one of the most visited non-urban and non-beach areas of the island. An ideal place to breathe in the cool air with the smell of pine needles in the middle of a hot summer. The Caledonia waterfall and the medieval Milia bridge, emerald greenery and authentic villages lost in the mountains - the mountains are made for contemplation! If you want to experience Cypriot traditions, the nearby villages will provide you with a great opportunity. Major tourist attractions in the area include the Byzantine church of Timios Stavros in Pelendri, the Church of the Archangel Michael in Pedoulas, or Troodotissa Monastery, famous for the miraculous icon of the Virgin Mary with the infant Jesus. She helps couples have children!
  • Ayia Napa. Loud beach resort, suitable for the adventurous and party all night. During the day, the beach is full of people and music, you can play beach volleyball, or lie in the sun and cool off in the crystal clear waters of Nissi Beach. And after sunset, bars and restaurants come to life, it's time for parties. All bars are open until dawn, offering the opportunity to enjoy live music, invigorating cocktails and dancing the night away.
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  • Paphos. On the southwest coast of the island lies the city of Paphos, which, according to legend, is the birthplace of Aphrodite. Today the city is divided into two parts: Kato Paphos, where many hotels and archaeological sites are concentrated, and the upper city, which is a shopping center. Most of the shops and restaurants are located in the upper part of the city. The main attractions of Paphos are the ruins and archaeological remains of ancient human existence.
  • Limassol. It is the capital, the main business center of the island and the most beautiful place in Cyprus worth visiting. The main trading port, Limassol , has become a major tourist destination over the years. The old town, with its narrow streets, brick-walled houses and souvenir shops on almost every corner, is the perfect place to start exploring the city. And luxury yachts moor in the harbor. The promenade of Limassol is the best in Cyprus, it surprises with turquoise decorative pools and a lot of entertainment. Almost all beach bars along the promenade, discos and clubs can offer entertainment until the early morning.
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How to escape the heat in Cyprus in the summer

Beautiful beaches, rich history and delicious cuisine make Cyprus the perfect summer destination for those looking to unwind. But be careful: from June to September, the temperature on the island often exceeds the 40°C mark. Here is our guide to surviving hot summer climates.

  • The hottest time of the day is from 12 noon to 3 pm when the sun is at its most active. Find shade or go indoors. Relax in a cafe, in a swimming pool, in a hotel, go to a museum.
  • Drink water. The sun, sea and salt dehydrate the body, so it is extremely important to nourish our body during the hot months. Always carry a bottle of water with you. Coffee culture is widespread on the island, but don't forget that coffee dehydrates the body, so opt for a smoothie from time to time for a refreshing vitamin boost.
  • Sunscreen, hats and sunglasses. These are indispensable summer accessories that should always be in your bag. Find a sunscreen that suits your skin tone with the right sun protection (SPF of 30+) and put it on when you leave the house. Protect your eyes by wearing sunglasses, especially if you are driving. When leaving the hotel, be sure to wear a hat, otherwise you risk getting sunstroke.
  • Carry a fan with you. You will notice many Cypriot women with Spanish style fans. They use them often in transport. Don't neglect their experience.
  • Light food. Avoid heavy meals that include meat. They may cause drowsiness. Instead, opt for a lighter meal like a salad or fruit. Many cafes and restaurants offer original salads that satisfy hunger but do not make you sleepy.
  • Sleep at noon. There is a siesta in Cyprus: be like a local and take a nap.
  • Don't play sports. Yes, you read everything correctly. In the summer in Cyprus, it is better to limit physical activity, as training in such a high temperature will be physically tiring. Stay active, but exercise either in the early morning (between 6:00 and 8:00) or in the early evening, from about 19:30.
  • Escape to the mountains. Visiting the mountains may seem counter-intuitive when the island is filled with sandy beaches, but if you want to avoid the crowds and find some shade, the mountains are the way to go. Keep in mind that the sun can still be strong outdoors, but you can easily cool off in the woods or by the waterfall. During the day and in the evening, the climate is definitely cooler compared to the city or sea coast, so you can enjoy the Cypriot landscape in comfort. Thanks to the rental of various agritourist houses, staying in the mountains will be a new experience.
  • Due to the fact that the weather in Cyprus is so hot on an August day, real life begins closer to 16:00, when tourists wake up after a lunch nap, and bars, cafes open on the island and nightclubs begin to prepare for work. That's when it's time to put on evening dresses and stylish summer trousers and shorts.

Summer is the brightest season in Cyprus, the most crowded and long-awaited. Sea holidays on the island will definitely be remembered for a lifetime.



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